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Fabulous Earrings You Shall Never Miss

Happy Monday dear readers, how is everything going? Today I’d love to share you some fabulous earrings worthy of your attention. Now let’s start to see.

    1. Colorful Beaded Hoop Earrings
Wow, so many cakes! Haha, just for joke! Frankly speaking, I really thought they are cakes at first sight. So do you know what are they made from? These colorful charms are wooden beads! Can you believe your eyes now? Love the adorable earrings~
2.  Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings
Stunning! It really shocks me a lot. Its whole appearance gives me an impression of magnificence. What allures me most is its acrylic beads used and alloy findings. I think using acrylic beads to match alloy findings is so special! Do you think so?
3. Mushroom Earrings
Hey guys, how do you feel like the pair of earrings? Anyway, I love its mushroom shape so much, which is so cute and exquisite in my eyes~ apart from the Tibetan style mushroom, you also can’t neglect the Middle East rhinestone charms used. It’s so clear. Imagine how sparkling it will be if put under sunshine!
4. Stunning Chandelier Earrings
What a fantastic pair of earrings! Its unique pattern attracts me so much! Have you noticed the square alloy links? Which looks so pretty gorgeous, I like the red copper color. Then I’d like to say something about the handmade polymer clay beads. It matches the earrings perfectly! In addition, its red copper horn and wing pendants are also pretty unique!

Hey guys, have you fell into love with these fabulous earrings? You must have I guess~ because they are so nice. Which style impresses you most? Anyway, hope you like it and wish you a happy day~


Easy Tutorial about How to Make Gold Dangle Earrings

Hello guys, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, you are lucky enough. Today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make cheap gold dangle earrings. Let’s see together.
0.3mm copper wire, 0.8mm copper wire, brass chains, earring hooks, iron bead spacers, transparent drop beads
Steps for how to make the long gold dangle earrings:
Step 1: prepare the dangles of the long dangle earrings
Firsttrim off a length about 10cm 0.3mm copper wire, thread the wire through a transparent drop bead, wind the wire about 1cm and shape a loop. Then wind the redundant wire around the bead. Prepare another 3 transparent drop beads according to the same way.
Second, trim off 4 strips of chains about 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm and add the wrapped transparent drop beads to the chains.

Step 2Finish the long gold dangle earrings
First, trim off a length about 10cm 0.8mm copper wire, shape a loop at one end, then wind the wire to form a circle and keep the redundant wire straight, showing as picture below.
Second, add an iron bead spacer to the 0.8mm copper wire, pass the shortest chain dangle through the wire, and slide an iron bead once again. Prepare the left 3 chain dangles in the same way. Be sure of that they are placed from short to long.
Third, trim off the redundant wire and make a loop at the end, then add earring hooks to the loop.
Our final look of the gold dangle earrings:
How do you feel like about it? It looks very nice and delicate, right? Besides, it's also pretty easy to make. If you wanna do it yourself, just take action! Hope you like it~ and wish you a good day.


Organize Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry making is an art that is loved by many but only a few understand its real importance and do it with passion. The reason I make jewelry is because of addiction of the jewelry making supplies. Without these supplies, we simply cannot accomplish our jewelry goals. I always make sure that whatever supply I use is all assembled with me. When the addiction and passion of the jewelry supplies becomes strong then for a person like me all those supplies needs to be assembled and organized. This is a situation that comes up in the mind for every jewelry maker to keep his things in an organized manner.

Jewelry supplies are what make any jewelry item look good and attractive. It is not only how you make them but also the quality and kind of supplies you use along. As the jewelry making supplies are small thus they need some protective environment to keep them in one place. You may have tried different storage ideas but none of them would be working for you. Trust me, I have been there and done that. But by doing tons of experiments and trying out different ways, I have reached the point where I figured out how this is going to go.
I finally came up with the right solution to keep my jewelry making supplies right in place and in an organized manner. Well, for the artistic type people being organized is like asking a fish to come out of water and climb a tree. The struggle is real but with the way I’m going to introduce will make things a lot easier. You don’t need much money to do this as it can be done with a small amount.
There are plenty of containers available in the market from small to big shallow to tall that can be used to store anything you want. But when it comes to the jewelry making supplies, you would require something open and direct.
What would you need?
To store your supplies, you would first require storage boxes for beads and tools. So a shelf with drawers would pretty much do the job. It is actually a scrapbook storage cart with four shelves.
On this shelf cart I have got the storage boxes lined up one over the other so I can use them instantly whenever I want. The carts I have got in the shelves have got tags on them which help me recognize what thing is where and in which box. I take the box out which I need, use the things inside it and then put it back to the scrapbook shelf. The box has got small sections inside it which makes it easy to house in the supplies. They never get mixed up and stay where I want them to.

I love the look of the beads assembled with their colors when I take them out of the shelf. This is how I organize my jewelry making supplies. You can do too. This scrapbook shelf is available in the market pretty easily. Go out there and get your supplies organized.  


Stunning Beaded Earrings That Deserve your Attention

Hello dear friends, do you love wearing beaded earrings? If yes, how about making it by yourself? So today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make handmade beaded earrings~ let’s start seeing HOW!
8mm purple glass pearl beads, 2mm green round seed beads, 4mm clear bicone glass beads, earring hooks, tiger wire

Steps for how to make the simple beaded earrings:
Step 1: prepare the stem of the handmade beaded earrings
First, trim off a length of 60cm tiger wire and thread 29 seed beads through it; slide an 8mm pearl bead and then add 4 seed beads once again. By the way, stay a length of 45cm wire as the working wire.
Second, cross the tiger wire back to the 5th and 6th seed beads from the bottom, and then keep the wire tight.

Step 2: prepare the branches of the simple beaded earrings
First, add 2 seed beads and an 8mm pearl bead and 2 seed beads, the keep the wires tight, cross the wire to the next 2 seed beads one more time
Second, add 2 seed beads and an 8mm pearl bead on the wire, and slide a seed bead again. Cross the wire up through the pearl bead and 2 seed beads, then keep the wire tight. Cross the wire to the next 2 seed beads once again.
Third, do the same procedures as point 1 and point 2 mentioned before 2 times.
Fourth, make the downside grape and upside grape with the same way;
Fifth, add 2 seed bead and a 4mm glass bead on the wire, and slide a seed bead once again., cross the wire down through the 4mm glass bead and 2 seed beads, and keep the wire tight. Then cross the wire to the next 2 seed beads. So far, one leaf of the handmade beaded earrings has been done!
Sixth, prepare a downside leaf with the same way.

Step 3: finish the simple beaded earrings
First, slide 2 seed beads on the wire, cross the wire through the first seed bead of the other wire and keep it tight.

Second, pass the beading path to cover the wires
Third, connect earring hooks to the beaded loop.

Here is the final look of the handmade beaded earrings:

Wow, fantastic! The purple grape beads are so attracting, do you think so? If you have an interest in jewelry making, why don’t you try it yourself? If you have any confusion, please feel free to ask me or leave a reply. Hope you a happy day!


Do You Want To Add Color In Wooden Beads?

There is something about wood that makes it engaging. A home or office can have all the earmarks of being upgraded with the expansion of hardwood floors or deliberately set wood-framing. The most sweltering pattern in outline of numerous extravagance autos will incorporate some kind of wood impacts, as a feature of the trim.
Wooden beads can be utilized as a part of gems making, yet the claim may not be the same. These beads are modest and can be purchased in mass amounts. They may be accessible in different sizes, and shapes, however the presence of unfinished wood worn around the neck as an accessory may not make the fancied impact. Wooden dabs are supplied in unfinished conditions to furnish the client with the capacity to tweak them as is important.

A jewelry made of wooden beads can without much of a stretch turn out to be a great deal more alluring if the dabs are colored. Coloring wooden dots is an exceptionally basic process that can be finished in almost no time. To make the dabs more porous, you can absorb the bubbled water for no less than 30 minutes.
Pour some bubbled water into a blending bowl and include two teaspoons of your shade of nourishment color. Add the drenched dots to the water color blend. You can change the shading, by altering the measure of color that you utilize. Absorb the wooden beads the color for no less than 30 minutes, before uprooting them with an opened spoon or net or strainer.
The wooden beads ought to be set on a paper towel and permitted to dry for no less than 24 hours, before they are utilized. The wooden dots can then fixed with a light splash of polyurethane covering, that can likewise some assurance from impacts, for example, light and dampness. Your dots may be prepared to use after the covering has dried, and by hanging the dots on a cowhide rope, with end ties, you can have an extremely appealing jewelry that can be worn with a large portion of your most loved dress things.

The utilization of these wooden beads in making adornments offers a great deal of adaptability as you can without much of a stretch alter your things to any shading. Blend wooden dots with others of diverse shapes and sizes to make and mixed blend of things. You can utilize these globules for gems, as well as you will seat covers, blinds and decorations made of wooden dots. The wood utilized for making globules utilized as a part of adornments is light, yet the dots can withstand some wear and tear, and your jewelry can be a treasured thing for quite a while, the length of you deal with them. Your gems ought to be kept in gems confine when not utilize. Keep them far from daylight, and abstain from absorbing them water. When you have wrapped up your jewelry, you can clean it with a delicate dry fabric. It ought to be altogether dried, in the event that it has been in contact with dampness. 


How to Utilize Christmas Beads?

Have you generally needed to make your own beaded trimmings yet have little involvement with globule work? Given in this article are some basic tips that will offer you some assistance with creating staggering and delightful handmade beaded Christmas decorations that will make your home bubblier this Christmas season.
On the off chance that you have never made globule Christmas trimmings, you will initially need to choose either an example or a pack. There are numerous packs of Christmas Beads accessible that commonly incorporate the dots, needle, string, paste and some other materials required to start making dab Christmas adornments. The following step is to collect the best possible apparatuses.
Instruments Required for Your Hand Made Christmas Beads:
Pincers are the most imperative apparatus for beginning in making your hand made globule Christmas adornments. Essential forceps that are utilized with dab making incorporate Level Nose Pincers, Round Nose Forceps, Chain Nose Pincers, Crease Nose Pincers, and Split Ring Pincers!
Another instrument you will need for Christmas Beads is a decent combine of wire cutters. On the off chance that you are making wire dab Christmas trimmings, then wire cutters are completely vital. At the point when selecting wire cutters it is vital to choose the proper quality wire cutter for the wire that you will be utilizing. Wire cutters come in both lightweight and substantial obligation qualities. Light measure cutters will suit your essential requirements for the beading wire you will be utilizing.
Ultimately, when making handmade Beads trimmings buy dot needles. These needles arrive in an assortment of sizes. Pick needles relevant to the task you are making.
Diverse Sorts of Hand Made Christmas Beads:
A basic globule adornment prescribed for a youthful kid to make may comprise of minimal more than hanging "horse dots" or other suitable dot onto funnel cleaners. Kids can basically put the globules on the channel cleaners then turn them into different shapes, for example, ringers, stars, confection sticks, and Christmas trees.

Here is another way that you can make shining and excellent handmade Christmas globule decorations no experience required. In the first place assemble your supplies. These will incorporate fabric paints (or other dimensional paint), little glass dots (or seed dots) glossy silk completed adornments, a little plate, and a little container. To begin with portrayal straightforward shape on the trimming with the fabric paint! Thoughts for shapes regularly incorporate basic snowflakes, trees, and stars, at the end of the day the decision is dependent upon you. Make your example as straightforward or as extensive as you prefer. After you have drawn your outline on the glossy silk trimming with the fabric paint, hold the adornment over a little plate, and sprinkle the modest globules over the decoration utilizing a little container. This is like tasks where you apply paste and after that sprinkle sparkle over the past. After your decoration completes the process of drying, you can hang it with an excellent rope or complimentary glossy silk strip. You can make your Christmas a wonderful time with beautiful Christmas Beads.

A Roundup of Gorgeous Christmas Ornaments

Hello everyone, as you know, Christmas is coming! People are expecting it for so long and devote themselves to decorating their houses. What occurs to you when mentioning Christmas? Santa Claus? Jingle bell? Or Christmas tree etc. Today I am going to share you a roundup of gorgeous Christmas ornaments~ let’s start to see.
1. Bright Red Pearls And Sparkling Rhinestone Bracelet
When Christmas is coming, a festive atmosphere spreads everywhere! Shops, restaurants, amusement parks are all decorated colorful and make people feel jolly. So this bright red bracelet is very suitable for Christmas! It looks so festive~
2. Candy Cane Bow Necklace
Yes. How can you forget candy canes when it comes Christmas? They are a traditional symbol of Christmas! I would like to say, how creative idea to use candy canes as necklaces! It’s amazing. I guess this candy cane bow necklace must be adored by little girls~ buy it for them now~ it will be a big surprise!
3.  Christmas candy earrings
Here I love to introduce another ornament referring to candy design. It like the yummy fruit candy, wanna take a bite on it, because it’s so alluring. In addition, its earring hooks also absorb me so much whose luster looks so nice, you just have no reason to neglect it~

4.Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Christmas Tree
Wow, so gorgeous! I was absorbed in its transparent and colorful rhinestone beads. Generally speaking, Christmas trees are green. I never see so stunning Christmas tree before, so love to share it with you strongly! How do you like it guys?

After seeing so beautiful Christmas ornaments, do you wanna own one of them or all? If yes, you could also make it yourself. It’s not difficult to make, if you have any confusion, you could search a tutorial to learn, good luck guys and wish you a jolly day, see ya next time.


Cute Baby Girl Lace Bow Headbands You Shall Never Miss!

Good afternoon our lovely friends! We have introduced lots of jewelry for you before, today I’d love to share something new— baby girl lace headband! Yes, you must be curious about that. That’s fine, let’s see how to make cute lace bow headbands together~
Materials needed for making the lace bow headband:
28mm and 38mm black lace trim, 6mm purple bon, 10mm round jade beads strand, 12mm faceted round jade beads strand, green; black sewing thread, plastic headband, needle, scissors, hot glue gun.
Instruction on making a cute lace bow headband:
Step 1: prepare a lace bow and get the headband ready;
(1)     Trim off a length of 38cm wide black lace, which is 2cm longer than the headband;
(2)     Wrap the headband wholly using the lace and paste them with glue;
(3)     Trim off 3 bands of lace, which are 28cm wide;
(4)     Circle one lace band and glue on both ends, then form a bow shape showing as the picture below;
Step 2: prepare another 2 lace bows and slide the beads
(1)     Fix the bow with thread and glue on the headband in proper place and make it look nicer;
(2)     Prepare another 2 bows as the ways mentioned above, and fix them on the headband too;
(3)     Add an indigo bead and a green bead in the middle of each bow with glue. You must be sure the beads are added firmly;
(1)     Wrap a purple ribbon around the headband and fix it using glue.
That’s all. Here is the final look of the cute lace bow headband:
Hey guys , what occurs in your mind at sight of it? It’s very cute and easy to make, right? Make one for your baby girl! Come on, she will love more if you do so~ wish you a happy day~


How To Make Jewelry Using European Beads?

European beads are the modern creation that has made the jewelry making process much more fun and creative. These beads can help you in making your own unique and newly styled ornaments that will speak of innovation and fashion as well. I have used European beads in a variety of my own jewelry items. They look wonderful and trendy. You must also try using them to heighten your jewelry collection.
In necklaces and Brooches making:
You can use them in making brooches and necklaces. I made fancy jewelry with sterling silver strings and chains with these beads. In the market, there is a no. of designs and colors available for you to choose from. These beads are perfect for bracelets making, rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches that looks very elegant and are a prominent addition to the jewelry collection of any women. A jewelry box of a woman is always incomplete without these things.  You can design brooches in any design and style that your creativity lets you; you just need to keep them unique and fascinating because people observe them very carefully. European beads can add to the beauty of your brooches and make them more fancy and rare. Your whole personality will be going to be magnified when you wear a necklace made by these beads as they look very trendy and elegant. Earrings and rings can also be designed using different these beads..
In Bracelets and Anklets Making:
You can make anklets and bracelets using European beads. However, you can make bracelets more heavy and bulky by loading them with beads and charms and they will still look classic and stylish but you can’t do the same with anklets.  Bracelets look funky when they have multiple strings and a lot of beads and charms in them and are loved by many young teens. The theory of anklets is different especially in this term, the fine and delicate the anklet, the more it will look elegant. To design an anklet you should try to use as minimum material as you can. Use small beads in a small amount, a silver thin chain, and 2 or 3 different size beads to make a perfect looking anklet.
In Other Different Projects:
European beads are lighter in weight so you can make heavy looking jewelry by putting these in your jewelry project. Any ornament that is made of these beads is light weight and comfortable to put on. You can also use these beads in decoration your handbags, shawls, shirts, decoration pieces, etc. you can also use them in crafting different wall hangings and gifts for loved ones.

These modern and fashionable beads have transformed the idea of artificial jewelry in everyone’s mind. The jewelry made up of these beads costs almost nothing and can give you a good amount of margin when you sell your handmade jewels in the market. They provide high-end elegance and style to the looks of the person wearing them.


Easy Tutorial - DIY White Pearl Bracelet

How are you doing guys! Do you have a special love for pearls? Pearls are adored by a large number of jewelry makers and women, since they have sleek surfaces and great lusters. So today I am going to introduce a kind of white vintage pearl bracelet. Do you wanna know how to make the cheap pearl bracelets? Please follow me to see HOW!   

Instructions on how to make the white vintage pearl bracelets:
Step 1Please prepare pearl beads (the colors are at your own will) ,aluminum wire, brass wire and Tibetan silver charm.
Step 2: trim off a proper length of brass wire and thread pearl beads through it. Then twist 2 loops on both of 2 ends respectively and keep winding the wire around the stem of it, showing as the picture below~
Step 3: trim off a proper length of aluminum wire using as the bangle and twist 2 loops on the ends.
Step 4: connect the white pearl dangle and Tibetan silver charm with the bangle.
Here is the final look of our white vintage pearl bracelet!
Hey guys, it’s so easy to make the white vintage pearl bracelet, right? Why don’t you make it for yourself or give it away to your friends and family? I guarantee that they will love it! Besides, you will get a great sense of satisfaction~


4 Exquisite Bracelets with Different Styles

Hi friends, nice to see you again. Pretty bracelets are indispensible for stylish girls. So today I’d like to introduce 4 exquisite bracelets with different styles for you. Let’s start to see~

 1. Personalized charm bracelet
So gorgeous charm bracelet! i am absorbed in its antique bronze charms. it looks very vintage. The knife charm lets me think back to the Primitive Era, in which people in different tribes always wear a knife to protect themselves or make a living. The bronze coin represents Chinese traditional cultures.

2. Pink beaded bracelet
This one is totally different from last bracelet mentioned before, it’s so sweet. I guarantee that it must appeal a large number of fashionable girls. Meanwhile, pink color is also pretty girly. The cat eye beads look so stunning!
3.Red Shamballa bracelet
I believe that a large number of people are familiar with this style bracelet. Shamballa bracelet is famous for its exquisite making ways-- real Shamballa bracelets are made from Shamballa beads which are threaded or knotted onto a cord by macramé knots, these are then pulled to close. But now, Shamballa bracelets can be used with any materials, such as wood beads, clay beads etc.

4. Green wrap bracelet
  What a fabulous masterpiece! The green color brightens my whole day! The feeling is so great, love it soooo much! Besides, the main material is cowhide leather cord, which is very enduring, so don’t worry its quality.

How do you think of these exquisite bracelets? Hope they light up your inspiration!


4 Collections of Adorable Rainbow Jewelry

Happy Friday guys, when it comes to rainbow, a colorful picture usually emerges in my mind in which cute birds are singing, flowers with various colors are swinging along wind, green grass is filled with dewdrops. What a wonderful scene. So how do you think about rainbow jewelry? Today I am going to share you 4 collections of gorgeous rainbow jewelry~

1.       Rainbow button necklace
Are you surprised by the necklace design at first sight? How creative and fabulous jewelry making idea! As usual, most of people will throw the discarded buttons away, what a pity! It’s amazing to recycle the colorful buttons making a bracelet! Certainly, you can also make other jewelry with these buttons, such as rainbow button bracelet, rainbow button earrings etc.

2.       Rainbow earrings
Wow, I can’t wait to try the pretty rainbow earrings! This one is easy to make, we just need to prepare copper wire, mixed color acrylic beads, fake jade glass beads strands, earring hooks and transparent oval acrylic beads. The materials are easy to find, if you wanna try, you can also search a tutorial to learn.

3.             Decorative hangers with acrylic beads and metallic bell

How cute and exquisite decorative hangers, the most eye-catching part is the adorable bell pendants with different animal shapes—rabbits, bears, penguins, i think these decorative hangers must be popular among  little kids and young girls~

4.               Rainbow bracelet with wood beads

 Stunning and colorful rainbow bracelet with wood beads! If other people didn’t tell me, I must think the cute wood beads were candies, really wanna take a bite of it. Maybe you don’t  know the fact that wood beads can’t only be used for keychain decoration besides, wooden beads are so light and colorful and they are perfect materials for making doorway curtains or other decoration.. Really fantastic!

 Bright colors are inclined to bring good mood to people, why don’t you try it now? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave your comments below. Have a wonderful day!


How to Make a Statement Necklace out of Wooden Beads?

Are you glad that now the statement necklaces are back in the trends? Thank God!! Now you can wear something different than just plain and boring pendant necklaces. You may find a large amount of variety in the market now but there is always one thing anyone would love and it is making a necklace out of wooden beads at home.

Who says you cannot make anything good out of the wooden beads? I would like to share with you one of my personal favorite projects on making a statement necklace.
Materials Needed
You will need beads in different sizes i.e.
·         12 beads of 25 mm
·         12 beads of 20 mm
·         6 beads of 16 mm
·         12-24 beads of 12 mm
·         4 to 7 double rings
·         2 to 3 strand end bars
·         Nylon monofilament
·         Chain
·         Nose pliers
·         Scissors
·         Now here is what you need to do. Follow the pattern below to string the beads into the nylon monofilament. You can also make your own variation in the pattern, it is never harmful to use your own creativity. You can fill the chain with more beads in case you do not want to show the chain much.

·         Once you are happy with the length, it is time to tie the monofilament into a knot on each ring having 3 strand end bars. Make sure you leave 2 inches overhang of the knotted monofilament so that you can tuck the strands of beads back in.

·         You have to attach a chain with the 3 strand end bars in case you are not adding enough beads in the necklace. After this, you have to attach a toggle clasp to the chain.

It is a simple necklace but it is surely enough to let you make your own style statement. It all depends on you to introduce some variations in the style by adding more beads. You can also play with colors and sizes. It is going to be a wonderful idea to gift this amazing necklace to your best friend. She will love your effort and as it is an elegant piece, she is never going to say No to it.

When choosing the wooden beads, you are required to be a lot careful in terms of quality. In different marketplaces, you are going to come across different quality in beads and jewelry findings. If you are a beginner then you might have trouble in picking the right quality but if you into jewelry making, the only thing you will be overwhelmed by is variety itself.

Many people think that nothing can be made out of wooden beads so they avoid using them; instead they use some luxury beads so that a nice and luxurious jewelry item can be created. As long as you are using the best quality beads, you can make a lot of stuff out of the beads made from wood too. All you need is ideas and the jewelry making supplies and you can create more projects likes this right from the comfort of your home.


Pretty Wire Wrapped Rings You Never Miss!

Happy Monday guys, would you like to get some refreshment? Making easy diy wire wrapped rings is a right choice. Today I am going to share you a tutorial about how to make DIY wire wrapped rings. Please follow me to see in details.
Jewelry making supplies:
0.8mm silver copper wire, 20mm mixed acrylic buttons, 17mm mixed acrylic buttons, wire cutter pliers, flat pliers.

Instructions on making wire wrapped rings.
Step 1: prepare ring circles of the wire wrapped ring.
(1) Trim a length of 20cm copper wire.
(2) Add 1/4 length of the copper wire to an object, whose size is the same as your finger’s size, then, wrap the other end of the copper wire around the object 4 circles.
(3) Bend both of the adjustable ends upright, shaping an angle of 90 degrees against the ground.

Step 2: prepare a decoration of the button ring.
(1) Thread 2 buttons through both of the adjustable ends, according to the sequence from big to small.
(2) Wind both of ends together and twine them to the center shaping a spiral.
(3) Loop the remaining wire to one side of the ring circle, and wind the end around it.
(4) Continue to wrap the other wire showing as picture below.

The final look of the easy diy wire wrapped ring.

I guess you must be attracted with the pretty wire wrapped ring! Why don’t you try it yourself now?