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DIY A Valentine's Day Bracelet

Not only are bracelets happy to make but they are great to give as gifts. When I first saw this bracelet on Youtube and I knew I had to make one. Coz this bracelet is sure to add some  sweet to your day - Valentine's Day. It is a quick and easy bracelet to make for less than 6 minutes. But it loooks  great and different from all your other bracelets.
Supplies to make your Valentine's Day bracelet DIY:
4/6/8mm beads(any cheap beads are okay)
joggle clasps

Now watch the video to see step by step tutorial.

The Ever Increasing Popularity of Steel Beads

Increased innovation in the world of beaded jewelry has led to the introduction of many different types of beads that you can be used for jewelry making. Ranging from glass beads to wooden beads and others there in such as plastic beads and now the steel beads, you can always be sure that you have a lot of options available at your disposal when you want to purchase any of these beads. Regardless of what you intend to make, you can always be sure and certain that you will be able to find the right kind of beads for you.

Advantages of Steel beads

It is needless to say that one of the main reasons why these beads have become increasingly popular in recent times is the fact that they come with a large plethora of advantages that other beads available out there can’t really boast of. As such, you can always be sure that choosing steel beads for your jewelry making endeavors is one of the best decisions you can ever make and they will certainly never disappoint you at any given time. They are a sound type of beads that will essentially make your beaded jewelry making project more successful and enjoyable.

Perhaps the most important thing worthy noting about steel beads is that their hardcore properties certainly make them a type of bead worthy reckoning with. In other words, these beads are practically indestructible and the same is also translated to the jewelry items that are made with them. Steel is perhaps the hardest metal you can find out there and beads made with it can last for ages. As such, the durability and longevity of jewelry items made with these beads is perhaps one of the top reasons as to why investing in these beads is something you should take very seriously.

Buying Steel beads

Ideally speaking, buying steel beads is not different as such from buying other kinds of beads that you can use for your jewelry making endeavors. The advancement of internet in recent times has provided buyers with a remarkable platform where they can find all the different types of beads they need in a much easier way. The emergence of many online vendors who sell these beads means that it has never been much easier for people to buy beads than it is today.

Even when you are buying steel beads on the internet, it is essential to know what you should do and get the best deals on them. Engaging in comparable shopping is highly advised as this makes you a smart buyer who is able to compare what different retailers are selling and get to select the most ideal one for you. By doing so, you are able to compare the different the quality and prices of these beads and you are thus able to get the most satisfactory one for you and you will be able to make your beads with the best beads possible.


Wrapped Bracelets with Jade Beads

Hey girls! Who doesn't love a wrapped bracelet? I fell in love with the wrapped bracelets with jade beads and would like to share with you. This is the easy craft that works best for me but there are many different ways out there to make them. You can choose your understood way.

Main materials for these wrapped bracelets making:
Jade Beads
Nylon Thread
Leather Cord
Sewing Thread Cord

The fantastic thing about these is that once you learn how to wrap, you can wrap with any kind of beads and cords you want to make it as long, or short, as you want to wrap it! If you have wrapped a bracelet too, share with me! They would be great gifts for friends too!


Valentine Gift Craft Collections

Every year, I struggle over what to send my girl friends for Valentine's Day.  I find that the best gifts are difficult to buy. That's the main reason I would try to make some gifts by myself. I'm really excited to share these handmade flower crafts with you. They are simple to make, but a great gift to give. Now I am going to show these handmade Valentine gift.

The first craft is a watch bracelet with blue flower beaded chain. LOVE it seriously!! It's "time" to make a watch bracelet to update your friends' old watches now. The key materials are watch head, assorted gemstone beads, resin beads, chain, etc.

The second craft is a handmade flower hair clip. Making simple flower hair clip may be a piece of cake for you guys now. This must be a good gift for your sweetest girl friends who always dressed herself up like a princess. Main jewelry making supplies: head band findings + flower polymer clay beads

The final craft is flower hair clip with resin beads and seed beads, which is a simple and quick Valentine gift craft for you. Must say, I love blue, so I love to make crafts used blue color materials. :)You can also choose your own interested color as the main handmade craft theme. Happy crafting!

Designs all from Customers Show at Pandahall.


Why Buying Magnetic Clasps is Such a Good Idea

Recent times have seen the magnetic clasps become one of the most popular types of jewelry making supplies available out there for jewelry makers. Generally speaking, these closures are neither too cheap nor are they too expensive as such but the truth of the matter is that they are certainly worthy consideration. They are relatively attractive and this is yet another reason explaining why they are incredibly popular and have become a top fascination for many people. Keeping all these in mind, you have more reasons as to why you should opt to buy them instead of other types available out there.

How they work

The way magnetic clasps work when it comes to fastening your jewelry pieces is just self-explanatory and there is nothing complicated about it. Ideally speaking, these clasps work on the principle of magnetism and each end of the closure automatically clings on the other end. What this in other words means is that they will make sure that the connectors don’t fall off since the closing mechanism they use is very strong. As such, you can always be sure that your jewelry piece won’t be slipping off and you can expect the most out of it at all times.

When it comes to price, you can be thrilled to know that the magnetic clasps are among the most affordable types of closures that you can ever buy on the market. This is something of great importance considering that as a jewelry designer, you need to ensure that you use the least amount of money when making your jewelry creations. So, you can always be certain that the last thing you should really be worrying about is to have to pay a fortune to buy these types of claps.

Incredible attractiveness

Perhaps the main reason that makes magnetic clasps a top favorite for many is the fact that these are among the most attractive types of closures you can ever find out there. So, you can always be sure that every time you are using these clasps to make your jewelries, you will have some of the most beautiful creations that you can ever wish for. This is something of great importance especially if you are in this business to make jewelries for sale. You can always be sure that your customers will be very fascinated with the stunning creations.

So, when you are thinking of buying magnetic clasps in order to reap all these benefits associated with them, the internet is certainly the best place to start shopping for them. Here, you can always be sure that you will be able to get the best quality clasps at highly affordable prices and you won’t really have to cough a lot of money in order to buy them. Besides, the internet is still the place where you will be able to find a wide range of other clasps such as the lobster claw, hook n eye closures and others. 


DIY Handmade Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Hi,hi,hi....I love this photo which shared by Evgeniy Slomintsev on , including finished Turquoise beaded bracelet and detailed materials.
Lobster claw
Turquoise beads
Iron chain
Bead caps
And these cost-effective Tibetan style pendants
I bet you love this kind of bracelet, am I right?


Crafts, Names, And Things!: Panda Hall Website and Products Review with Video

Crafts, Names, And Things!: Panda Hall Website and Products Review with Video: Pandahall Reviews Hi Everyone, I excited to share a review of a wonderful company, called PandaHall . PandaHall sells beautiful j...

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O.M.G!!! You received so many lovely treasures!! Just waiting for your new crafts with these items!

Krafty Max Originals: What's New Wednesday 1/14/15 (Panda Hall, Maria Ma...:  A little bit ago I told you about a new sponsor I had - Panda Hall.   I received some amazing things from them to try out...and I just ...


How to String Beads for Jewelry Making

Stringing beads for jewelry making is fun and very easy. However, many people have concerns on who will teach them the basics, the things to do, where to start or end and many more queries. That is understandable because a beginner will always doubt his or her capability but you are sorted out in this article. It will touch on the key steps for stringing beads for your clear understanding. It is something that you can do on your own without seeking any professional help.

  • Design layout- your first step will be coming up with a dummy design of how the stringed beads will look like at the end of the process. It will lay the foundation on how the whole stringing will proceed thus should be taken very serious.
  • Cut the wire- there are specifications given on how the wire should be cut and this will be the step to actualize that. You can alternatively come up with your own specifications just to make it more personalized other than depending on what the manufacturer has given out. Ensure all the measurements are cut out precisely.
  • String beads- the third step will be actual stringing of beads for jewelry making. You should string the entire beads in an orderly manner in relation to size, design or color for uniformity purposes. Every bead should be stringed at a time so don’t have too many beads at the same time as it will be tiring. On both ends of the wire, you can make a knot to prevent the beads from falling off.

  • Check design- once stringing is over, it will be time to have an overview of the work done and determine whether it has obeyed the set out design. If the design has not come out as you had wished, don’t feel the pressure of re-starting again because you just want to have a smart piece of jewelry. Stringing of beads for jewelry making has to be precise and any necessary adjustments must be effected at this stage.
  • Prepare clasp- this will be the last step for stringing your beads. The clasp is made of two different halves that will be prepared and attached differently. You will attach the first half and then draw beads against it before attaching the second one. If you are unable to draw the beads using your fingers, you can use pliers which are equally effective. When that is successful, stringing of your beads for jewelry making will be through and ready for use.  

This step-by-step guideline will do away with the need for an expert when stringing beads for jewelry making. It has all the basics that are required so you should not have any worries or concerns. The most important thing is sticking to the given instructions without any omission. Do not give up before you start stringing which is the problem with many people who are into jewelry. You must take up the challenge for even the unknown.   


DIY Monogram Glitter Necklace

In this video, you will learn how to make a monogram glitter necklace for your girlfriends! This style is so worthy to make, and the necklaces are so glitter and special you will want to wear them yourself. Glitter sparkle monogrammed necklaces! Watch the video to see how to make them.

As Lindsay mentions in the video, you will need to prepare these jewelry making supplies below:
flower toggle clasp
tiny glitter bottles
chandelier earring findings
What do you think of this Monogrammed glitter girlfriend gift tutorial? Must say, I loooove it! That's why I share it. :)


Easy Wire Heart Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Have you got the same experience that ever see something, love it, and then realize... Then I will say "Hey, I can make that!" I can make these easy wire heart jewelry, including wire heart rings, wire wrapping heart earrings, wire heart necklace, wire heart bracelet, etc... They are really pretty easy to make!!
As to the wire we will use for making these wire heart jewelry, copper wire must be the best choice. Get prepared your jewelry making supplies and tools, diy your own wire heart jewerly for this Valentine's Day.
Now I will share the picture tutorials below. Enjoy!

DIY Love Wire Heart Earrings



Holiday Craft: Button Earrings

I love making easy and quick jewelry, like this button earrings for under $5.  It doesn't take a lot of jewelry making supplies, and you can make really pretty earrings for less money!
Oh! and take care of the glue... To make these pair of earrings, you will need:
buttons (plastic buttons, shell buttons, or else)
earring backs (earring hooks are also okay)
jump rings
pliers and glue

So simple, so easy and so pretty - it would be a great craft in holiday with your kids or friends if you are willing to invite them to take part in. Image source from here. Happy holiday!


What to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Enough supplies for any project that you may have ensure that you are not stuck in the middle of it because of running out of supplies. The same happens to jewelry designers and that is why you should get yourself wholesale jewelry supplies to keep you working until you have enough stock of jewelry. Apart from ensuring that your project is not interrupted, you will have different ideas of designing eye catchy jewelry when you have enough supplies to mix and match as you balance their attractiveness.

Things to consider when doing the Purchases

Purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies can be a daunting task if you are not used to searching and learning the right sources for these supplies. There are decisions you need to make in this endeavor, the first one being e amount of the money you need to spend on the wholesale supplies. You will need a wide range of products to help you design complete and attractive jewelry pieces. You will then have to ensure that the supplies are of top quality, so that you can finally set the quantity you require for each product.

The assortment of wholesale jewelry supplies consists of many things that range from product components to the tools you will use to design the jewelry. In most cases, you will want a mixture of the jewelry components and specific tools for the job.

After determining the things you want, the next step will be to check the source of the supplies. Local sources may not be the best to purchase from because not only do they sell their things at a higher cost but also do not have the variety that you want. In that case, it is prudent to search online and order your wholesale jewelry supplies from a genuine source. They have a wide variety of the jewelry supplies, and the best thing about them is that they stock genuine products because they know what matters in this line of business.

When you are doing your online research, check the feedback left by previous buyers so that you can understand the reputation of the online store that you want to do business with. You should come up with a list of the reputable companies that you have information that they can supply you with the best wholesale jewelry supplies at an affordable price, and then sort them out to remain with the most appropriate based on the standards you want.

Good for Seasons

In addition to the mentioned advantages of purchasing jewelry supplies in bulk, another advantage affects the season that you are in at that particular time. When designing jewelry, you have to understand the market and know what designs are selling. There is the general jewelry that is characterized by the quality and cost of the gemstones included, and there is jewelry that is meant for festivities. When you have enough stock of supplies, you can design enough jewelry to serve the market at that time comfortably.