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Bicone Beads for Jewelry Making

Bicone Beads for Jewelry Making

Wow, wow, wow, I love these designs of bicone beads!!

Do these bicone beads give your eyes a surprise look? Bicone beads are one of the most popular shapes of beads in jewelry making. The irregular forms bicone beads are in different materials, colors, and sizes, so you can use them to make different styles of beaded crafts with your favorite colors and sizes. Bicone beads are mainly available in different materials, such as glass (including electroplate glass and glass rhinestone), acrylic and crystal. In general, people love to use crystal bicone beads to make bling bling beaded bracelets and pendants. These bicone crystal beads with fine faceted surface shining even under dark light, so that you can match these unique beads with other items to finish a charming jewelry.

In addition, bicone beads come in a wide range of rich colors and sizes to choose, in common, 4mm bicone beads are mainly used for jewelry making by crafters. You can use them for your jewelry decoration will enhance all designs. Now let’s enjoy some bicone bead craft ideas that we shared with you.

Bicone Beads for Jewelry Making


Bicone Beads for Jewelry Making

Bicone Beads for Jewelry Making
Do you love these beaded jewelry ideas? They are easy but excellent.If you are trying beading with bicone beads, hope these can help you.Come on! Try a fresh summer craft with bicone beads.

PS: For design using bicone beads you will also need beading supplies such as needles and thread to string the beads on, such as thread.These jewelry making supplies are also available at Pandahall.


Top 10 Creative DIY Ring Ideas

Would you like to wear a catchy ring which will increase your elegance and enhancing your beauty? What about making an adorned ring by yourself? Handmade is unique, you can create your own rings on your own and you do not need to waste your money on other expensive rings that are worn as old jewelry. There are lots of jewelry makes who are interested in making their own jewelry to wear out. You should have a look at these creative diy ring ideas that are presented to you here.

All these rings can be created in different materials, colors and designs. You can create your own one with beads (such as glass beads, seed beads, acrylic beads, wood beads or other kind of cheap beads), cheap buttons, jewelry wire or else materials.

Try to choose the colors that your friends like and if you want to use mixed colors for your rings, then you have to bear in mind that the colors should match each other.


Shopping for Snap Jewelry

Before you embark on shopping for snap jewelry, it is always advisable to first determine the type of snap jewelry that you are looking for. Given the fact that there is a wide variety to choose from, always have your ideal type etched in your mind. Compare and contrast what is available in various stores both online and locally.

Factors to Consider when shopping for Snap Jewelry
  • Versatility – While a good number of snap jewelry is versatile, you should always consider how flexible that particular jewelry is. Versatile jewelry makes it easier to combine various elements of clothing.
  • Price – Snap jewelry is inexpensive but you will have to comb through the various stores in a bid to get the best deal. Given that various stores both locally and online vary in pricing, it does not hurt to always compare and contrast.
  • Colors – When purchasing snap jewelry, always consider the colors. Alternatively, you could purchase a wide range of the jewelry so that you have a variety to choose from. Thankfully, buying jewelry in bulk will earn you smart discounts.
  • Shipping – When buying jewelry online, always ask about the shipping policy. While some sellers will cater for the shipping expenses, a few will not pay for the service. It is therefore important to first agree with the seller on the terms. Note that some sellers will agree to split the shipping fees with their buyers and you can always negotiate.
  • Local versus Online- Buying jewelry locally exempts you from the shipping fees. However, most local stores do not have a wide variety to choose from and that is why most shoppers always prefer to shop online.
  • Return policy – It happens that sometimes when you buy a product, you find that it does not meet your ideal criteria. In that instance, you might want to return the product and that is where the return policy comes in. While a good number of companies will require that you return the product within a given time, some companies will refuse to accept any returned products.
  • Quality – Always prioritize quality when buying snap jewelry. In some instances, you will have to part with an extra buck when looking for quality jewelry. As a matter of fact, never compromise quality over price.

Is Snap Jewelry En Vogue?

You might have noticed trendiness as far as snap jewelry goes. Yes, they are in fashion and various stores are stocking them in bulk. You can buy snap jewelry that defines your style or have it custom made. The beauty about this jewelry is that it comes in various forms, styles, colors and design. It incorporates versatility, which is a plus for jewelry lovers.

You can also bestow this kind of jewelry upon your loved ones of jewelry and you can be sure that they will remember you for years to come. If stored properly, snap jewelry can serve you for years to come and you can hand it down to your family members.


Woven Bracelet ~ DIY

There's nothing better than a bit of delicate flower on your wrist to get you through the beautiful season. With that in mind, I recently crafted a kind of woven bracelet, which is available to wear everyday.This woven bracelet is simply used glass beads and jewelry wire, you can make it instantly.It also is perfect for making for friends who love delicate jewelry. Read on see how I made it.

You need:
8mm Blue Glass Pearl Beads
3mm Blue Glass Pearl Beads
0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire
How to make this woven bracelet with glass pearl beads.

Happy crafting! xoxo


DIY A Wire Rose Necklace

DIY A Wire Rose Necklace

Original post -
Hey my DIY lovers! Today, I will share a cute wire rose necklace with
you. This graceful rose necklace is perfect for creating with jewelry wire
and this is such a simple project that you can learn to make elegant
wire roses in no time at all. As it is know to all, rose always means
love, passion and eternal beauty! So rose crafts are sure to please your
mother in this coming Mother’s day! Would you like to have a try?  Now
let’s begin to learn how to make a wire rose necklace!


Inexpensive Jewelry with Help of Cheap Buttons

There are many ways now to add or multiply to the charm of your regular jewelries like necklace and others. There are options to furnish and equip your jewels with embellishments and valuables that will bring out the best from your what would otherwise be just routine wearable. Off late buttons have become very popular in this field. Cheap buttons are now available on the stores and they come in such diverse ranges that you will left amazed at the number of choices on offer for you to choose from.

What are the buttons?

Buttons are mostly wooden carvings of different shapes and sized with holes pierced in their centers. Cheap buttons are available in so many forms. You can pick them from any shape or material. Choose wooden buttons carved in varying models or if you believe more in your own designing abilities create one yourself. There are options for you to customize the product just for your own liking.


The appearance of these cheap buttons is really unique. They are coming now with such diverse surfaces, carvings made from the vision of the best designers, protrusions in the carving at just the right places have added to the beauty. Once you add these valuables to your necklace or ornament you will find their beauty enhanced by miles. They come in all short of sizes. These will help you to look for the best one depending on your body. Whether you have a small neck or a thin one stretching upwards, you will find a button that will work best for you. These buttons are so easy to make that you can always design them just for your own sake. Then order them at any store and they will come back to you to get dressed and adorn these really cheap buttons to come out like a diva at every occasion when you step your foot out the door.

Are these buttons durable?

There is always a doubt in a buyers mind if the product is not very durable when coming at low prices. You can stop worrying about that particular issue in case of these buttons. Made up of wood, they have a very long life. You can get as many of them you want and they will ensure that you have a rich wardrobe from where you can choose the furnishings for every particular occasion of your life. They will reciprocate your mood and will instill a sort of confidence on your face that only comes when you turn up looking fabulous. With not much costs involved, these buttons are among the safest bet for women who want to do something extra with their jewelry because jewelry, however good it is seems just plain after you have wore it for a few number of times. But those days are now past.

Now come out of your inhibited selves and show the world how confident you are with your body and attires. What you want to say would always be conveyed and reciprocated through these ornaments of yours.


Handmade Pearl Bead Earring Ideas

Pearl beads are regarded as the synony of elegance and natural. That's the main reason why I share these handmade pearl bead earring ideas with all of you. If you are looking for a unique and exquisite accent for your mother as a mother day's gift,in the following part, you will get  6 handmade pearl bead earring ideas which are simple but amazing.
After you prepare the main jewelry making supplies and tools, you only need the basic wire wrapped techniques of creating simple loop and wrapped loop. Or you can wire wrap pair of dangle hoop earrings embellished with some pink and ivory pearls beads for a romantically dream-like look.Have a nice crafty day!


DIY Needle Tatting Earrings

I'm calling these pair of earrings Needle tatting earrings. I'm a sucker for earrings. If you are looking for an easy earring project, these needle tatting earrings are a simple way to bling out an old pair of hoops. 

All you need is beads, cabochons, jewelry wire, thread and earrings. The importmant part is beads. It's cheap, but colorful and versatile. Here are the materials for elegant needle tatting earrings:
4mm Golden Brass Smooth Round Bead
4mm Blue Glass Pearl Bead
Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochon
Iron Earring
Tiger Wire
2mm Nylon Thread
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier
How to make elegant needle tatting earrings:

Want more detailed tutorials for these earrings? Click here.


Chain Bracelets for Women

In order to make yourself cathier, and more fashionable, you should be adware of the latest trends of jewelry. Take these chain bracelets for example, do you like them? So cathier and elegant, right? One of the hottest trends that are presented for this year is wearing chain bracelets instead of wearing just beaded bracelets. Must say, this trend inspired me, how about you? Would you like to use this kind of special jewelry making supplies for spring jewelry making? Collected chains to start now!


A Collection of DIY Flower Jewelry

With the spring weather outside, I love using flowers in crafts. Lately I like making flower jewelry, specifically bracelets, earrings and rings. So why not share my love of flower crafts with all of you? I pull together a collection of DIY flower jewelry you are going to love. Hope you will have fun making them as well.

Multi Strand Bracelet with Porcelain Flowers
This is a ribbon jewelry with glass pearls and porcelain flower beads (very special beads for jewelry making), which can be worn as either a multi-strand bracelet.

Flower Beaded Rings
A simple diy flower ring with pearl and clay beads, which is very beautiful and different. Come and follow me!

Pink Rose Bead Earrings with pearl beads, seed beads and clay flower
Here I want to show you beaded flower earring patterns. Hope this pair of pink rose earrings can bring you more happy.

Make Use of Seed Beads to Make Beautiful Jewelry Piece

It is not uncommon to use beads as a part of Jewelry making, history suggests that all the old and luxury ornaments worn by the elegant and rich class made the use of beads in them. There are so many uses and beautiful designs of the seed beads that make suitable jewelry making option. The options are many these beads may be used to make Jewelry for self or sometimes one may even start a business with the same. The seed beads in case of a business opportunity should be bought in bulk and stored to save on the expense and have suitable piece available when needed saving on time.

Availability of seed beads

Seed beads are available in various colors and they are highly useful for Jewelry making. The beads add to the look of the Jewelry item, they are most often seen being a part of the necklace but are not limited to the same.

The beads that are available under the umbrella are two cut beads that have a unique look and are highly lustrous. The variety of colors that are available range from all the prominent colors to special rainbow ones, that are used when a combination piece of Jewelry is being made.  It is known that any piece of jewelry is incomplete without the use of Beads.
There is a lot of stuff that one can make using different forms of beads which are present in the market. Beads should be purchased in various designs and styles in order to ensure that there is variety in what one is making. There should also be creativity and uniqueness in designs and make when the Jewelry piece is being made. This is as the world of jewelry is ever changing and the demand in the market is also volatile thus one will find making use of his intelligence and far-sightedness to come up with something that is unique and appeal to the customers that one is catering to.

Someone who is creative and have a thing for Jewelry will understand how important these small pieces of seed beads are. The whole market is filled with beautiful designs and when one plans to make a suitable piece for self then there are raw material that are used along with these beads to make the piece look great, course this calls for better color coordination and placing of the beads that the designer will finalize according to the need. The beads are made into many other forms of jewelry along with a necklace, which are- bracelets, anklets, armlets etc. Beads are put on to metal strings or unbreakable strings that provide them the shape and keep them together. If the beads are purchased in bulk then they bring the cost down and that also becomes beneficial as a business idea. When making jewelry for self the bulk purchase does not come into play as one does not need so much material, but still variety is one thing that is common. 


You Can Never Go Wrong With Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Jewelry making is a practice that many people do as a hobby, without the realization that it can thrive to be a huge moneymaking endeavor. Most people give it up even before they have experienced the beauty of their effort, because of lack of raw materials and motivation that comes from selling completed jewelry.

You may wonder how one can make it as a beginner without a speck of experience or a source for the raw materials, but with the advent of technology, all the answers are now on the internet. For slightly over eleven years now, pandahall has been in this jewelry making industry providing different materials to many jewelry makers, and you can be among the successful jewel makers if you contact them to see how they can assist you. They supply various supplies like beads, jewelry findings, charms and pendants, which are very hard to find in the local shops around you.

When searching for wholesale jewelry supplies you ought to look for an affordable source that sells top quality supplies, because you do not want to start a trade that people will identify with as a low quality brand. Pandahall will always sell you the best supplies at very competitive prices.

They Maximize Creativity

Wholesale jewelry supplies improve your creativity because when you have all you need to create different jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and rings, you can try out a number of techniques to come up with amazing pieces of jewelry. Perfect pieces of jewelry are achieved only when you start working on them with a specific design in mind. Wholesale supplies offer you the freedom to play around with ideas and create unique designs. For instance, when you buy a long chain you can cut it into various lengths to give you a set of jewelry that includes a bracelet, necklace and earrings, with an addition of matching charms and pendants. Choose from a plethora of wholesale jewelry supplies from pandahall and you will never run out of ideas in creating your jewelry.

Hunting for the Right Supplies

When it comes to getting the right supplies for your projects, you can never go wrong if you are shopping at pandahall. It is a one-stop-shop for all that you require in jewelry making. Check all the top quality findings, beads, wires and tools on their online catalogs before you make the move of ordering what you need. However, you need to be alert not to be spoilt of choice because you might be attracted to buy what you had not planned to buy.

Set your needs right and plan on the perfect wholesale jewelry supplies stock to order, and requests for the basics of jewelry making if you feel a bit lost. You will find new products in your search, which is a plus to your designing, but ensure you know how to incorporate them in your projects. A personalized service will be the best idea because, apart from getting to know how to put the wholesale jewelry supplies together and create great designs, you will receive your goods in one piece and at a very affordable cost.