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Easy Tutorial - DIY White Pearl Bracelet

How are you doing guys! Do you have a special love for pearls? Pearls are adored by a large number of jewelry makers and women, since they have sleek surfaces and great lusters. So today I am going to introduce a kind of white vintage pearl bracelet. Do you wanna know how to make the cheap pearl bracelets? Please follow me to see HOW!   

Instructions on how to make the white vintage pearl bracelets:
Step 1Please prepare pearl beads (the colors are at your own will) ,aluminum wire, brass wire and Tibetan silver charm.
Step 2: trim off a proper length of brass wire and thread pearl beads through it. Then twist 2 loops on both of 2 ends respectively and keep winding the wire around the stem of it, showing as the picture below~
Step 3: trim off a proper length of aluminum wire using as the bangle and twist 2 loops on the ends.
Step 4: connect the white pearl dangle and Tibetan silver charm with the bangle.
Here is the final look of our white vintage pearl bracelet!
Hey guys, it’s so easy to make the white vintage pearl bracelet, right? Why don’t you make it for yourself or give it away to your friends and family? I guarantee that they will love it! Besides, you will get a great sense of satisfaction~