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Making Chain Tassel Anklet with Colorful Acrylic Beads and Turquoise Beads

Hey friends, as the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, you may quite wanna have fun on the beach. At that time, is it will be better to wear a jewel fit the sun and beach? So here I will share a chain anklet with you all. Follow me to see!

Jewelry making suppliers you’ll need in making the tassel anklet:
14x16x5mm Starfish Turquoise Beads
9x10x7mm Frosted Heart Acrylic Beads
10mm Round Acrylic Beads
Silver Headpins
Silver Lobster Clasp
Silver Twisted Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Step 1: Prepare several acrylic beads (round, heart), starfish turquoise beads, and headpins, silver a bead to a head pin and make a loop at the other end of the headpins.
Step 2: Cut about 11 pieces of twisted chains (one is long, and others are short).

Step 3: Attach the 10 short pieces of chains to the long piece of chain one by one, and then attach all the bead patterns to the chains as pictured.
Step 4: Attach a lobster clasp to one end of the beaded chain anklet while attach a heart bead pattern and a starfish bead pattern to the other end of the chain anklet.

Now, this tassel anklet is finished quickly, love it? Such a beads anklet is so easy yet nice that your time on beach will be colorful as well, how do you think of it? Have a nice try and see you next time!


Making Cute and Beautiful Wedding Pink Flower Hair Accessory with Beads

Hey, lovely readers! We often see mane beautiful bridal hair accessories in store or in the TV, and have you thought make cute hair accessories by yourself? Here I wanna share a pearl beaded garland with you guys, and you can also make it follow me. Well, let’s see together~

Supplies you will need in making the wedding hair garland:
6MM White Glass Pearl Beads
Drop Wheat Glass Pearl Beads
Abacus Clear Glass Beads
Pink Satin Ribbon
0.3 mm Copper Jewelry Wire
Glue Gun
Step 1: Cut a part of aluminum wire, twist a loop at one end, then cut a part of jewelry wire and wrap it to the aluminum wire.
Step 2: Wrap 2 6mm pearl beads and 2 glass beads to the wire, and add a drop pearl bead, then wrap 2 glass beads and 2 6mm pearl beads to the wire.
Step 3: Continue to wrap more 6mm pearl beads, glass beads and drop pearl beads to the wire, twist a loop at the other end of the wire and connect the wire ends together.
Step 4: Cut some ribbon chips, fold them 2 times and glue the ribbons with glue gun as pictured.
Step 5: Roll the ribbon petals one by one and glue them together to make a flower, and then glue it to the wire.
Now, this wedding hair garland is finished, it is really beautiful, yes? If you also like this pink flower hair accessory, follow here to DIY your own now! Have fun~


What You Need To Know About Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

There are quite a number of benefits associated with wholesale jewelry supplies, of which should be considered at all times. In case you’ve been thinking of starting a jewelry business, then definitely bulking in bulk is something that will offer you many opportunities. First off, you will be able to get variety at rock-bottom prices. Secondly, there are high chances that you will get quality jewelry that will make your project standout. Last but not least, you will experience freedom of choice and get tons of information on different types of supplies.

Where to buy

There are quite a number of places that you can actually buy wholesale jewelry supplies. While some will offer you high discount rates, others will not even give you holiday offers. Therefore, make it a point to do some research prior to parting with your money. This said, you should consider buying these supplies from reputable stores that are registered with relevant authorities. Additionally, the stores should be insured with recognized firms and members of professional organization. You can also get the supplies from hobby clubs-joining one can help you a great deal. Trade shows are another venue where you can get high quality jewelry supplies that don’t compromise on quality.

What you can buy

If you do good research, then definitely you can get jewelry supplies that are great. This is not only in regard to aesthetic value they offer, but also the quality of materials used to make them. If you are not coming up with substantial information during your online research, consider contacting an expert who has years of experience. In this way, you will get the best possible information on pendants, findings, charms; different types of beads, and of course, jewelry tools. There is nothing so important as ensuring that the everything is ready before you start embarking on any project.

Buying Wholesale jewelry supplies

If you want your project to be a success, you are advised to start by take note of availability of supplies in your area. There are chances that someone is selling these supplies, but if you want to get something unique contact online experts. Always ask the following;

  • ·         Price of the supplies
  • ·         Durability of materials used
  • ·         What jewelry the supplies are best suited for

The above mentioned questions are a must-consider, irrespective of whether you’re doing it for money or not.  


DIY Fresh Yellow Flower Seed Bead Bracelet

Hello, friends! Fresh flowers bracelet is always popular, and it is really great for hot summer, so, do you wanna make flower beaded bracelet? If yes, follow this instruction about a flower seed bead bracelet to make one. Ok, let’s start~
Supplies you’ll need in making this yellow flower bracelet:
6MM White Glass Pearl Beads
8MM White Glass Perl Beads
Yellow 2-Hole Seed Beads  
2MM Purple Seed Beads   
Jump Rings
0.3MM tiger tail
Tibetan Style Toggle & Tbar
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Step 1: Cut a part of tiger tail, slide 9 yellow 2-hole seed beads to it and cross both ends through another yellow seed bead as pictured.
Step 2: Slide a 6mm pearl bead to both ends of tiger tail, and cross them through the opposite seed bead.

Step 3: Cross on end through the outer hole of the bead and add a purple seed bead to it, cross it through the outer hole of next seed bead and add a purple bead again.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 to add more purple seed bead around the yellow beads and cut off the excess tiger tails.
Step 5: Repeat the same steps to make other 12 seed bead flower patterns.
Step 6: Slide an 8mm pearl bead to an eye pin and make a loop at the other end of the eye pin, then make other more such pearl patterns.
Step 7: Connect 4 pearl bead patterns with 4 flower patterns alternatively, and continue to connect other bead patterns together as pictured. Add a Tibetan style toggle to one end while add a Tibetan Tbar to the other end of the bracelet.
I finish this DIY flower bracelet within a short time, and such a yellow flower bracelet is quite fresh and clear to wear in hot summer, so do you wanna have a try? Have a wonderful day! 


The ABC’s of Making Jewelry Using Pearl Beads

There are quite a number of things you need to know about jewelry making process using pearl beads. However, before delving into the nitty gritty’s, you need to understand the very basic facts about pearl beads. To begin with, pearls have been in existence since time immemorial.  There are two main types and these are cultured and natural types.  If you know the aforementioned facts, then understanding the essentials become pretty easy.  If you understand how to choose and make jewelry using these types of beads, you are likely to get the best possible end result.  Here are some important factors that you must have on your finger tips;

Choosing pearl beads

It is ridiculous if you don’t understand how to choose the best pearl beads, when you want to come up with an outstanding jewelry.  While choosing these beads you must consider the shape, surface perfection, luster, and nacre thickness. Importantly, look at the color and size as these two will have a direct impact on the aesthetic value of the jewelry. If you have no idea about the finer details it is essential that you consult with the experts, way before you make a purchase.

Shape of the jewelry

It matters a lot the type of jewelry you want to make, as this determines what kind of pearl you will go for at any given time.  The geometrical shaped jewelry is a great and popular choice-and so you must ensure that you know about the weave squares and anything related. Also, you need to have an understanding of embellishment process so that quality of the jewelry is not compromised whatsoever.  If you are a beginner jewelry maker, then this is something that will definitely help you a great deal.

Other pertinent factors

The Jewelry making process is not all about choosing beads and shape of the jewelry. The other things you must factor in include;
  • Design of the jewelry you are trying to make must be stylish and fashionable
  • If you are doing a necklace project ensure that the vintage metal used complements the pearl bead color
  • A lariat should consider color and texture as these tow dictate quality
The above two are only but a few considerations that you need to have in mind. Overall, the type of jewelry you’re making ultimately determines the finer details of the process. If you are just starting out, you’re advised to ensure that you get the best possible advise from experts.



Fashion 2-stand Chain Necklace with Heart beads

Hey, wanna make fashion beaded necklace at home? Here I will show a 2-strand necklace with heart turquoise beads and glass beads to you guys, hope you will like it.
Supplies you’ll need in making the heart beaded necklace:
15x10mm Clear Drop Glass Beads
Heart Synthetic Turquoise Beads
Chips Synthetic Turquoise Beads
8x6mm Clear Glass Beads
Golden Cross Chains
Golden Twist Chains
Jump Rings
Lobster Claw Clasp
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Step 1: Prepare many heart turquoise beads, clear glass beads, drop glass beads and headpins, slide each bead to each head pin respectively and make a small loop at the other end of the head pins.
Step 2: Cut a piece of golden twist chain, and attach all the bead patterns to the chain as pictured.
Step 3: Prepare many clear glass beads, chip turquoise beads and headpins, thread each bead to each headpin respectively.
Step 4: Cut a piece of golden cross chain, and attach all the bead patterns to the chain alternatively as pictured.
Step 5: Cut other 2 pieces of cross chains, attach the beads cross chain and the beaded twist chain to one end of the cross chain through jump rings and put the twist chain under the cross chain.
Step 5: Attach 2 jump rings and 2 lobster claw clasp to the other end of the chains.
Now this chain beaded necklace is finished. The materials and tool in making such a chain necklace with beads are really common to see and they can be found easily on our web, so if you also like the heart beaded necklace, just try to make one yourself now~


What You Can Expect From Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

There are so many benefits you can get when you decide to purchase wholesale jewelry supplies. Apart from the reduced prices, buying in bulk means that you can access variety of products. In fact, you’re able to compare and get high quality beads not to mention better promotional products. This said, there are other important facts that you should know about whole supplies and these include, but not limited to the following;

Bead Caps

These are also known as bell caps, and are best used for accentuating and framing beads. It is only in whole stores that you can be able to choose that will best meet your unique needs. They come in many different styles and designs, too. In fact, it is pretty easy to find the ornamental types that can make your jewelry making processes a breeze. The best ways to use bead caps is by pairing them with plainer beads. As a rule of thumb, do not compromise on the quality. The one thing about these products is that they can help you reduce bead holes without necessarily interfering with the quality of beads.

Bails and Cones

It goes without saying that with the best wholesale jewelry supplies, you can get the best possible bails. In a nutshell, bails come in handy when connecting and position any pendant on a necklace using clips, glue, or ring that is embedded in the very pendant you’re using. For the cones, these are great in regard to covering as well as securing the end of strands of beadings. It is highly recommended that you choose the best materials so that quality is never compromised at any given time. As such, the jewelry you’re making will always be quite stylish and fashionable.

Bell caps and other wholesale jewelry supplies

It is equally important to note that bell caps are some of the most widely used wholesale jewelry supplies. As a matter of fact, the bell caps are usually great for not only accentuating beads, but also ensure a professional finish that can stand the test of time. The others that fall in the same range include;

·         Bead tips
·         Bookmarks
·         Brooch pins
·         Brooch backs
·         Calottes
·         Chain tags
·         Clasp tags

Take note that the above mentioned are only but a few supplies that reputable stores sell at very competitive prices. If you are thinking of buying jewelry supplies, ensure that you do a little bit of research before spending your hard-earned money.