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Jewelry That Have Magnetic Clasps Sell Faster

As a jewelry designer, you very well know the importance of magnetic clasps. Such clasps are simple to operate and it is what most customers prefer when it comes to operating their jewelry. Hard to open clasps are a put off and customers will always avoid jewelry that has such clasps. The jewelry you design should be simple to wear or remove, and if the wearer consumes a lot of time just trying to fit in the jewelry, then your pieces will always be avoided like plague by the customers.

Clasps that are made of magnet are simple to unclip and they lock well to keep the ornament secured in place. When purchasing the clasps you should also be keen on the attractiveness of the clasps. Female customers to be specific will not only go for easy to wear jewelry but also stunning pieces that will make them stand out from the rest. With wholesale online store like, it is easy to get the best magnetic clasps at very affordable prices.

Go for Quality

Most products have imitations and hence you need to check the clasps that you are buying, and here you will need to concentrate on the quality of the magnet. Genuine magnetic clasps have strong magnets that will not get weak with time, and so the jewelry that you will design will serve the customers for long, making them come for your brand whenever they want to purchase more pieces. Good quality keeps customers coming back for more.

Why these Clasps are better than other fasteners

Customers love these magnetic clasps because they are easy to fasten or unfasten, the bother of fiddling around with tucks and screws is eliminated and what they simply do is to place the clasps together and the jewelry is secure in its place. Other clasps are very small making it difficult to operate them, but these magnetic fasteners are comfortable to handle.

Designing your jewelry with these magnetic clasps will eliminate the problems that people often have of depending on whoever is around them to assist with the fastening of bracelets or necklaces, and it gets extremely hard to fasten such jewelry when there is no assistance. The magnetic fasteners you will use on your work will require the wearer to simply pull the two ends closer and they will stick together automatically. They remain stuck until enough force is applied to pull them apart.

Make Your Jewelry Strong

Magnetic clasps can be effective and simple to use when embedded on jewelry, but when the pieces are not designed properly they create a weak point at the area of the contacts. You should therefore ensure that you design your pieces with strong points of contact otherwise, they will be snapping off after just a few uses. The problems come at the time of unclasping where a bit of force has to be applied.

Design your jewelry with these clasps and you will be amazed at how fast your products will be flying off the shelves.


2 Steps on Making Tassel Earrings

No need to doubt, tassels are high up in our fashion accessories category. The best part about these simple yet elegant tassel earrings is that they are completely customizable, which means you never copy anthing someone else was wearing. Okay, let's begin to make this easy and fun craft.

Jewelry making supplies needed in tassel earrings tutorial:
Rhinestone Beads
4MM Glass Beads
Eye pins
Brass Chains
Earring Hooks

Directions for making tassel earrings tutorial:
Step 1: Make bead dangles for the tassel earrings
1st, slide 4mm glass bead onto t headpin, then cut off the extra part, and make a loop at the end. Then repeat to make another 9 bead dangles.
2nd, prepare 10 pieces 8cm length brass chains.
3rd, attach these 10 brass chains to a jump ring, then attach these 10 bead dangles to each end of these 10 brass chains.
Step 2: Finish long chain tassel earrings tutorial.
1st, make a bead link with an eye pin and a rhinestone bead
2nd, connect the chain tassel and earring hooks by the rhinestone bead link.
So, there is the gold long chain tassel earrings, so easy!


Christmas Break Craft: Ribbon Pearl Bracelet

Everyone is celebrating Christmas.Merry Xmas!! I wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, happiness and life.
The new year first craft - Christmas break craft - ribbon pearl bracelet. After contemplating a few ideas and gathering inspiration ideas from pinterest, now I decide to share with you.

Jewelry making supplies you will need:
20 inches of ribbon - about 3 times the length of your wrist
pearl beads - I will use 12mm beads in the tutorial
stringing material like stretch cord
a needle
{How to}
Step 1: Thread the stretch cord through your needle. And then sew through a fold of ribbon.
Step 2: Thread the needle through a pearl bead
Step 3: Repeat step 1, thread the needle through another fold
Step 4: Then repeat step 2 & step 3, till you have all your pearl beads strung.
Step 5: Tie the ends of the cord ends and tie the ribbon into a pretty bow.

You can choose different color pearl beads, and different color satin ribbon, it depends on yourself. Nice crafting and Happy break!


Christmas Break - Beaded Holiday

Wahoo! A whole week of simple Christmas projects to make with your kids. Christmas break prjects, Christmas beaded crafts with kids will be shared below. Enjoy!
1.Beaded homemade Christmas Tree - ornaments for kids
2.Pretty ornament with pearl beads, seed beads, etc. 
3.Christmas Gingerbread House hama perler beads by cupcake cutie
4. DIY Beaded Christmas Bauble with kids. Enjoy this simple craft, and try if you like this...
5.An easy craft to do with children: Create pipe cleaner candy canes to hang on your Christmas tree...
6.Make a Jingle Bell Necklace with jingle bell & red/gree seed beads

7.DIY Beaded snowflake ornaments with kids.
To me, Christmas break is a beaded holiday too. I will enjoy the happy time with my kids when crafting. If you also like this kind of happiness, play with your child with these cute beads: seed beads,European beads, glass beads, pearl beads, fuse beads, etc... large beads also suit well.Nice holiday!

Source from:


Wooden Beads and What You Can Do with Them

The versatile nature of wooden beads means that they can be put into so many uses than you would probably imagine. These beads can be used for making many different types of projects and crafts. In fact, some people make use of them nearly on daily basis and there are certainly some very good reasons why this is the case. If you are considering buying these beads at pandahall but are short of ideas of what you can possibly do with them, you can relax as here is a more detailed look at the many incredible uses that you can put these beads into.

Jewelry making

Of course the main use of wooden beads is in the world of making jewelry and you can be sure that you can be able to make some incredible jewelry items with these beads. There are many benefits associated with these beads especially when you use them to make some jewelry. For instance, these beads are very easy to work with and are in fact the best options of beads for introducing your lovely kids into the art of making jewelry. You can use them to make a wide range of jewelry items such as necklaces and you can be sure that everyone who sees these jewelries will certainly not hesitate to buy them.


While this might come to you as a surprise, wooden beads can be used in so many different hairstyles than you might imagine such as braids and dreads. When they are used for this purpose, the beads are used for ensuring that the hair stays in the desired shape and you can find the beads in so many different sizes and this is essentially what makes them fantastic hair accessories that you shouldn't hesitate to use. Whether you have wispy and thin braids or those thick dreads, you can be certain that these beads are perfect for restraining your hair and will make you look even much more beautiful.

Making Christmas tree decorations

As Christmas comes calling, perhaps it has never dawned on you that you can use wooden beads for making some cute decorations on your Christmas tree. To achieve this, you can strung together the beads and use different sizes of the beads on your tree. Alternatively, you can even pain the beads in various colors such as red, silver or gold and you will certainly be able to bring out the best out of them.

As you can see, there is so much that you can do with these beads than you might imagine. Most people opt to use wooden beads as there are so many incredible advantages associated with them compared to other different types of beads found out there. For instance, if you are shopping for beads on a limited budget at, these beads are the best to choose since they are incredibly cheap and will definitely not cost you a fortune to buy. 


Nicole Romano's Resort Collection

Nicole Romano's resort collection. What a special collection! Love these pieces, could be possible DIY ideas. A very special way to SHOW jewelry. Love it! Get prepared some jewelry making supplies, and try one out. :)

More here.


3 Crafts with Red Heart Glass Pendants

Today, I will share three crafts with the same materials which called red heart glass pendants. Let's begin.

Craft 1 : Making a charm bracelet for girls
If you plan to make a special eye-catching bracelet, you can think about it. It is easy and fun to make a charm bracelet for girls. Try it with us if you have interest.
Prepare the jewelry making supplies:
heart glass pendants
drop acrylic pendants
lobster claw clasps
iron cross chain
Tips: You can use other different shaped beads instead to make your own charm bracelet.

Craft 2: Making a red bead moblie chain
By using bicone glass beads and red glass pendant, you may creat this mobile chain to decorate your iPhone or Samsung series mobile phone.
The materials you will need:
bicone glass beads
red glass pendant
brass chains
mobile phone strap
Easy tutorial to follow by the picture steps below. The finished chain is very stunning.

Craft 3: Making red heart drop earrings
Handmade jewelry with glass pendants is a precious and attractive elegant ornament. Coz, they are quite eye-catching!
Beads materails you will need:
2 red glass pendants
2 headpins
2 earring hooks

All the 3 crafts shared above are easy and fun. You can have a try!


DIY Beaded Double Wave Bracelet

Yes I am obsessed with beads. It is such a special materials to work with jewelry making. Here's an easy way to make a beaded double wave bracelet, you can make it in any color! Now watch this video to learn one of the basic technique in beaded double wave bracelet making. It will show you how to use agate beads and seed beads to make double wave bracelet. Let's start to make it.
Here are the jewelry making supplies used in the video plus related products.
2mm bronze seed beads
8mm orange red agate beads
3-strand slide lock
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier


Beginners DIY: Rhinestone Safety Pin Necklace

O-M-G, winter is really coming with the below-freezing temperatures. And it is time to snuggle up in our warm bed. :( Though I hate cold,  I love wearing beautiful clothes and fun jewellery. I'll keep on making jewellery myself. Today, let's make something with beginners. DIY: Rhinestone Safety Pin Necklace
And I've created an easy tutorial for making this kind of necklace. The beauty of this project is that you can use rhinestones which are bling bling.
Jewelry making supplies and tools:
Sew-On Crystal Rhinestones (3 rectangles and 12 ovals)
Gold Chain (2 x 20cm pieces)
8 Gold Jumprings & a Clasp
5 Gold Safety Pins
Jewelry Pliers
Then simply follow the steps in these pictures below. I'd like to see your works. :) Please send me pictures or comments below.


Beading Supplies Every Jewelry Maker Must Buy

When you have finally decided to venture into the world of making jewelry, there are many different types of jewelry making supplies that you should have at your disposal. There are certain beading supplies that are a must have regardless of whether you are a newbie in the world of designing jewelry or a seasoned jewelry designer with many years of experience in this business. Buying these supplies in wholesale from is a great way to ensure that you have everything you need at all times. Here are some of the most important supplies that you must have in order to be successful in this endeavor.


It is needless to stress out on the importance of beads when it comes to making beaded jewelry items like bracelet and necklaces. Pretty beads are available in many different types and you can always be sure and certain that you will have everything that you need. Considering the many options of beads available, you must do your homework very well so that you can be able to tell the ones that are the best for your jewelry making endeavor. Some of the most common types of beads include wooden beads, European beads, acrylic beads and others. Also, you should know that the price of these beads varies a lot as well and you should be able to research on the ones that you can afford easily. Make the best decisions possible based on the colors, shapes, styles and sizes of the beads that you should purchase.

Beading Wire

After buying beads, the next beading supplies that should be next on your must buy items is the beading wire. You will of course need the material for stringing your necklace or bracelet and this wire is very essential. The material used in making this beading wire could be a threading string, leather cord and chain. Most importantly, you mist select beading wire that you can work easily with and should have less complications if any. The best beading wire should essentially be strong, clean and flexible.

Jewelry Making Findings

Your jewelry making project can never be successful or complete if you don’t have the right findings for the job. These are very important types of beading supplies and there are lots of different options available at your disposal to choose from. The most common ones that are certainly a must have include ear wires, jump rings, eye pins, head pins and claps. The good thing is that these supplies are always available in a very extensive selection and you just need to shop for the most appropriate one for you. most websites will usually stock a wide range of these findings and regardless of what your need are, you can always be sure that you will be able to find one that is more appropriate for you. If you are a jewelry designer, has all the information of the supplies that you should buy for your beading project. 

When I meet these multistrand necklaces

Hi everyone, I've found these gorgeous necklaces while browsing on pinterest coz they are so admirable!! I couldn't be happier to meet these necklaces. They are lightweight, beautiful and unique! When I meet them, I thought it would be fun to make a similar one out of them.

Main Materials below:
The red multistrand necklace Materials: Monofilament, seed beads...
The green grassy necklace Materials: Czech glass beads, seed beads, denim thread...
The golden multistrand necklace Materials: Monofilament, glass beads, seed beads, supplies...
The Turquoise mulistrand necklace Materials: Monofilament, turquoise, seed beads, turquoise natural stone, jewelry making supplies...
If you are interested in knowing more about these necklaces you can click here.


You can do it! A Ribbon Bracelet

Last week, I showed you how to make a suede cord necklace. Today, I will share a 1-minute DIY project - ribbon bracelet. Well, here's the bracelet I promised you - the first of many more projects to come using this lovely soft ribbon. You can do it!
This type of ribbon is known as Satin ribbon which has got soooooo many colors for choosing. In this blog, I show you step by step how to make this bracelet, including dividing the ribbon, braiding them, making two cord ends, etc.
Jewelry making supplies:
Wide Satin Ribbon
Faceted Round Glass Bead
Metal Pendant
Bead Caps
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.8mm Copper Wire

How to:
1, divide the satin ribbon into three equal strips, then braid a 3 strand plait, and end plaiting when it gets a comfortable bracelet length.
2, make two cord ends out of 0.8mm brass wire.

3, diy a decorative dangle with glass bead, bead cap and headpin.
4, open a jumpring, then attach the clasp, decorative dangle and metal pendants on one end of the bracelet.

5, connect the other jumpring on lobster clasp with other end of bracelet.
Are you ready to make this adorable ribbon bracelet?