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Introduction to Swarovski Crystal AB

You should know Swarovski first if you want to get familiar with Swarovski crystal AB. Swarovski is an Austrian company which is one of the most renowned crystal brands all around the world. Swarovski crystals have been known for their precision cut, clarity and unique sparkle. There are many different finishes used in making these crystals, one of the most utilized coatings is Aurora Borealis, simply known as “AB”. Now let’s have a look at the detailed information about what the crystal AB is.


In 1956, Swarovski introduced the AB crystal which reflected multiple colors when exposed to light due to a special coating. These special crystals were named after the Aurora Borealis or AB for short.


To create AB crystals, special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of clear crystals through a particular steam treatment. A special film is typically coated only on one side of a clear crystal for a more brilliant effect. A crystal with an AB coating reflects light spectacularly and gives off a rainbow-like effect which is permanent.


The characteristics of Swarovski AB crystals are unparalleled. Not only are their cuts distinct, but the colors and shapes are varied. Among all kinds of shapes, bicone is the most popular. Almost all imaginable colors can be found in AB crystals, including jet black, black diamond, sapphire, hyacinth, aqua, emerald, peridot, red coral, rose, garnet, amethyst, jonquil, topaz, Padparadscha and so on.

Basically all above can explain to you what the Swarovski crystal AB is and how it is manufactured, as well as its history. I hope you can find the answer to your confusion here!


Important Jewelry Making Supplies for Beginners

Jewelry making supplies from Panda Hall can be classified in some major sections. There are tools, stringing materials, beads and gemstones and lastly jewelry findings. These four categories may not fully encompass the items that are used in jewelry making, but they represent at least eighty percent of what is used in this crafts.


A craftsperson is nothing without his/her tools. Jewelry making tools are the items that are used to put things together to make pieces such as jewelry items. In jewelry making, some of the basic tools required are wire cutters. These are essential for the purpose of cutting wire when making wire jewelry. They are also used to cut eye pins and head pins.

Other important tools are pliers. These come in different types and they are used to make loops, in crimping or to hold jewelry items when designing them. You can buy them based on the task that you want to do. There are flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and flat end pliers just to name a few.

Cutting tools

You do a lot of cutting in jewelry making whether it’s cutting wire or plastic, there are tools for each purpose. You have wire cutters which are used to cut jewelry making wire. There are end cutting nippers that are often used to trim the ends of jewelry items such as the posts of studs. There are also flush cutters which are used to trim eye pins, beading wire and head pins.

Stringing material

Stringing material in jewelry making is diverse; we have the stringing wire, which can be made from different types of material. The favorite is made of fine stainless steel cables covered with nylon coating that can be found in different brands such as Accu-Flex and Soft Flex. Cord is jewelry stringing material made from items such as hemp, leather, suede and even nylon.  You can also use chains as stringing material depending on the items being strung.

Beads and gemstones

When it comes to jewelry making supplies, bead and gemstones are items you cannot do without. These are the focus of jewelry pieces; they bring color to the item. There is so much to choose from as you can get precious stones, glass beads, crystals and so on. They are also made of different materials which offer a variety.

Jewelry findings

Jewelry findings complete your jewelry making supplies stash from Pandahall. They are made up of connectors and finishing items that will complete any jewelry piece you make. They include crimp beads, bead caps, jump rings and hooks among others.

These are the supplies you should purchase from pandahall. Combined, they will help you to make nice jewelry pieces. Once you become an expert at jewelry making, you will find other supplies that you need to make exceptional pieces, but these are the basics that you should start with.


Make Beads into a Perfect Link- Herringbone Wire Wrap

If you love jewelry making, you should master wire wrap technique well. Herringbone wire wrap is often seen in jewelry making. You may think it's hard to do. But you'll find it simple to make after taking a look at below steps...

You'll need aluminum wires, glass bead (or any beads is OK), round nose pliers, and wire cutters.

Step1: Make a loop around round nose pliers.

Step2: Wrap wire around the longer piece.

Step3: Thread a bead onto the wire and repeat wrapping wire the other end of the wire, like the previous steps.

Step4: Weave from the wire around one side of the bead and lay the wire cross the glass bead.

Step5: Make one wrap around the wrapped coil.

Step6: Form the wire around the other side of the bead and make one wrap around the wrapped coil.

Step7: Repeat the pattern until you have reached the top of the coil.

Step8: Make one extra wrap around the wrapped coil and cut off the extra wire with wire cutters.

Step9: Use round nose pliers to squeeze the end of the wire.

Step10: So you get a wrapped herringbone!


Make Wire Wrapped Hair Accessories with Wood Beads

It’s ridiculously easy to make this wire wrapped hair accessory. The concept is simple, just wrap the wires, thread the wood beads. Here, detailed steps will be listed below. Feel free to DIY it and wear it out proudly.

Jewelry making supplies required:
2mm Aluminum wire
0.3mm copper wire
6mm wood beads
Wire cutting pliers
Round nose pliers

Cut down 2mm aluminum wire of length about 15cm, wrap circles on both ends, like the pic showed. 
Start wrapping 10 circles of the 0.3mm copper wire close to aluminum circle made before. Thread a wood bead then wrap 10 circles. 
Repeat this procedure until use up 14 wood beads. 

Cut down 10cm aluminum wire and bend a loop on one end with round nose pliers. 
Make one wood bead go through 0.3mm copper wire of the length 8cm. 
At last, fix the wood bead by wrapping circles.

The pretty wire wrapped hair accessory is finished. Now you can wear it out proudly and tell your friends that it’s all handmade by you!


Buying Tips for Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Buying wholesale jewelry supplies means ordering them in bulk for your jewelry making project or for resale. If you are thinking of buying a large stock, opting for wholesale buying means that you are able to get them at very cheap prices. However, just like with everything else, it is essential that you know about the best places where you can purchase these supplies and get to carry out your project in the best way possible as described here below.

Buying online

With the recent advancement of information technology, the internet has become the number shopping destination. The internet technically provides you with wholesale jewelry supplies at your fingertips and you can purchase them at any time that you want. While the variety of supplies you can buy online is quite large, the downside of this is that you really have no idea of exactly what you are buying and as such, you will need to be very careful and smart when making your purchase. Before you order your supplies from an internet based store, it is essential that you check the seller’s reviews and ascertain their credibility. Check and confirm that they have a positive image as well as a great exchange or return policy just in case you are not pleased with the order that you get.

Comparable shopping helps a lot

It is essential that you take advantage of the fact that there are so many sellers of wholesale jewelry supplies on the internet. To find the best one, you will need to engage in comparable shopping as this is the only way that you can be able to find the best deals possible on your purchase. There are many things that you will essentially need to compare before you finally make up your mind ranging from price to the quality of the supplies that you will be getting among others. However, you will need to keep in mind the fact that just because a certain supplier is offering you a great deal don’t really mean that their offer is the best as there are many more important things that you need to consider rather than price. Before you invest your hard earned money, just be sure that you are getting only the best from the seller.

With so many online stores competing for your business, buying wholesale jewelry supplies shouldn’t really be a hard thing as such. You just need to be a smart buyer and you will surely be amazed by the many fantastic deals that you stand to get. Make sure that while you want to save big on your purchase, avoid compromising on the quality of the supplies you are buying as this is essentially what matters most.

If you love making jewelry, then it is in your best interests that you know about the best places and ways to buy wholesale jewelry supplies. is the leading online store when it comes to sale of jewelry supplies in bulk and you can be sure to get great deals from the site.


Easy Bracelet Ideas

I always believe the simple is the best. The simplest items can give a refreshed stunning look. To those who want to start jewelry making, these easy bracelet can be a great examples for your knock off, and the result can yet be fabulous!

Rosary charm bracelet with gemstone beads always have smoothness and glossiness, giving a sense of quietness and purity. You can make an unique by adding some funny charms or pendants on. 

Bright bracelets out of colorful wooden beads can give a bohemian or rustic style.If you've learnt how to thread wooden beads into rosary style like the 1st one below. The latter 2 are no problem at all.

Like wooden beaded bracelets, they are colorful but lightweight, plastic bracelets are also one of the favorite jewelry accessories.  

Special beads like electroplated or neon ones have been popular among jewelry makers.

All in all, new jewelry makers can try the easiest jewelry patterns to whip up gorgeous jewelry, as long as you know how to match the beads colors! A simple string of beads can end up with pretty look, yet add finishing look to your daily outfits. Apart from beads colors, beads shapes and beads quality are the top things to be kept in mind. Finding some trustful wholesale beads suppliers online is easy. But you will also need to do some investigation before purchasing!


What You Should Know About Wholesale Charms

Recent times have wholesale charms being produced in mass in efforts of matching the great demand that exist on the market. The unique style and elegance that comes with the charms has been a fascination for many and everyone strives hard to enjoy it. You can use them for creating some special jewelry pieces such as bracelets and if you are in this activity for business, selling them will earn you some good amount of cash.

Know your options for charms

Before you buy wholesale charms, it is essential that you have an idea of what is available on the market so that you can know exactly what you need to buy. Generally speaking, charms are usually sold in sets which comprise of 20s and 50s e.t.c. Charms are available in a wide range of designs and it is essential that you know what will please your clients the most. Heart shaped charms for example are very popular not to mention a wide range of things can be made using them. The good thing is that most people are able to relate them to so many things and you can be sure that your customers will really like what you make with them.

Different varieties available

If you intend to buy wholesale charms and resell them at a profit, it is essential that you have as many varieties as possible. This is also the same case for those who buy them to make their jewelry pieces as this will help ensure that you are able to create unique jewelry pieces. Buying the charms in bulk assures you that you will be able to find at least every design of them included in the package you buy. Having different designs means that there are so many ways in which you can use them in making your creations.

Buying charms online

There are so many great online stores that sell wholesale charms and you can find all the many different varieties that you want. However, you will need to do your homework very well and ensure that you find the best stores where you can buy the charms from on the internet. While it is always a good idea that you look for those stores charging you the least amount of money possible, make sure that the quality of the charms you are buying is high. This will greatly influence the outcome and nature of what you make using these charms and you will need to ensure that you are using the best right from the word goes.

Look for stores like that offer quick delivery times for the purchases. The last thing you want is to have to wait for ages for the charms you bought to be delivered to you. There are so many things that you can make using these charms such as bracelets and you have every reason as to why you should consider buying them and taking your beading to the next level. 

Dishfunctional Designs: Bohemian Emerald Inspiration

Great post! I love the Curtain from "Memories of a Butterfly most"! It looks so fresh and pretty.

Dishfunctional Designs: Bohemian Emerald Inspiration: This week I seem to be in the mood for green...  Myrtle Stedman 1917  These are Hydrangea, not Shamrocks, but at a g...


Wholesale Jewelry Supplies and How to Make The Most Out of Them

When you have decided to take up jewelry making as your hobby, it is essential that you know about wholesale jewelry supplies and what they mean for you. Buying jewelry supplies in wholesale is a great way to save money on your purchase and ensure that you get the best value possible for your money. You might be amazed to know that ordering the supplies in bulk might save you as much as 50 percent or even more. This can be achieved without in any way compromising the quality of supplies that you are ordering.

Buy from a reputable supplier

It is crucial that you order your wholesale jewelry supplies from a wholesale supplier who is reputable and credible. While it is possible that there are many wholesale suppliers operating at your locality, the internet is home to the best companies of this nature. You can order them easily through the internet and a reputable supplier will ensure that he delivers them to you on time so that you can undertake your projects. No matter what your motivation is, you can rest assured that you will be able to buy the supplies and use them to make the kind of jewelries that you want.

Compare prices

While wholesale jewelry supplies are in most cases sold at fantastic prices, it is important that you do everything you possibly can to get the best deals possible. Engaging in comparable shopping is something that you must do as this is the only way in which you will be able to find those suppliers offering the best deals possible on the web. Make sure that you compare offers from at least three big wholesale stores before you finally make up your mind on exactly who you are going to purchase from.

Buy your supplies online

The benefits of online buying are many and varied and there is no reason why you should hesitate placing your order on the web. The internet is home to many great stores that sell wholesale jewelry supplies and there is no better place of getting what you want than from them. Buying online is something that you can do right at the comfort of your home and you can order everything that you want with just a single click on your computer. Ensure that the kinds of supplies you buy are exactly what you want for your jewelry making project.

The good thing about purchasing wholesale jewelry supplies is that you get to have all the jewelry pieces you want for your project. In fact, you can even turn your hobby into a business right away since you will be buying the supplies in bulk and you will also be getting them at fantastically low process. In the end, this means that you will be able to sell your products at an awesome profit margin. Order all the jewelry making supplies you want in wholesale from and get fantastic deals. 


Pink Glass Beaded Bracelet!

An easy beadweaving project starts from this one! First weaving the glass beads with easy pattern, then wrap the seed bead strands around the basic pattern, and you will get the special beaded bracelet, great accessory for any outfit.

You will need: 

12/0 Glass Seed Bead
Gemstone Bead
Abacus Glass Bead
Bicone Glass Bead
Crimp Bead
Brass End Piece
Brass Lobster Claw Clasp
Iron Bead Tip
Tiger Tail
Nylon Wire
Side Cutting Plier
Wire-Cutter Plier

1, prepare 100cmm long tiger tail wire;
2, string 2 bicone glass beads to the center, add two 12/0 glass seed beads on both sides respectively;
3, cross both ends through 1 pink gemstone bead;
4, repeat the procedure to get the basic beaded bracelet;

5, string the seed beads on the wire and lead the wire through the adjoining pink gemstone bead, and repeat to the last pink gemstone bead;
6, add jup ring and lobster claw clasp for closure.
So easy, right?