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4 Steps to Choose Wire for Jewelry Making

Making jewelry needs many jewelry making supplies like beads, tools, wires and so on. Wires are one of the most important materials for making fancy jewelry. There are different kinds and sizes of wires. You may wonder what kind of wire you should use in the jewelry making. Sometimes, wire plays an important role in the jewelry. It can make your jewelry attractive and stable. You can use it as links for chains, create stone settings and make pendants, earrings and bracelets. Next, we will offer your more information about wire choices.

4 Steps to choose wire for jewelry making:

Step1: Choose your project.
You should know different wire suits for different jewelry. So we should decide what kind of jewelry we are going to make before we choose wire.

Step2: Choose the wire hardness: soft, half-hard, and hard.
Soft wire can be easily bent into many shapes by your hands. It is great for making spirals, loops and round shapes.
Half-hard wire is a bit harder than soft wire. It is designed for making sharp angles or wrapping around itself.
Hard wire is difficult to bend. It can be used to make pins, jumprings, hooks and clasps. It can’t be bent into round shapes.

Step3: Choose the wire gauge.
14-gague and 16-gauge are good for supporting large, heavy jewelry.
18-gauge and 20-gauge wire can be made into most bracelets. We can also use them for clasps, rings and pins.
20-gauge or higher can be used for making earrings and wrapping bead.

Step4: Choose the wire color.
There are many colors of different wires. You can buy the wires in the color suitable for your main jewelry project.

Now, you know the wires better. You can choose the right wire in your jewelry making in future. Hope the above information can help you to create more beautiful jewelry.



Vintage Buttons and Why They Are So Popular

Vintage buttons are great collector items and are among the few antiques that have been able to stand the real test of time. Both their unique look and requisite beauty seems to be approaching in value as days go by thus making them a great fascination for many. Created nearly a century ago, this buttons are made of many different materials such as Bakelite, glass, celluloid, gold, silver and even enamel as well. Their nostalgic appeal continues to explain why they are such awesome collector pieces. As people across the world continue appreciating them greatly, their sales have increased considerably as well.

Unique shapes and designs

One of the reasons behind the great popularity of vintage buttons today is their unique shape and unmatched designs which they are available in. some of these buttons actually have a shape of realistic items like animals, flowers and faces and these ones are known as realistic or figurals. Most collectors of these items are actually more interested with buttons featuring such unique shapes and can be made in a large selection of materials than you would probably imagine. With their unique look, you can be sure that these buttons are very different from the usual buttons that you are used to.

Uniform buttons

Another interesting type of vintage buttons is the uniform ones which are even much more popular than you might probably imagine. Military veterans and history buffs have in recent times been showing a very great interest and admiration for metal buttons that were found formerly on fire department, police and military alongside other uniforms. A particular type of them is the carved buttons which feature an insignia or design that is carved at the center. For the large carved buttons, you can find them being made with different materials.

Finding vintage buttons

Considering the treasurable nature of vintage buttons, you can be sure that these ones are not found at every other place. In case you need these buttons, it is essential that you know the best places to buy them where you can be sure that you will get an incredibly great deal. Among the most excellent places where these beads can be discovered include antique stores, estate sales, garage sales and flea markets. You can also look into if you want to get a much better deal on their purchase. It is always important that you order them in bulk.

Vintage buttons are ideally very different from modern day buttons and when you compare the two, you will realize that a great difference does really exist between them. These buttons are unique and are an interesting piece of collection that you really shouldn't hesitate to have. Most of the collectors of these buttons are particularly more attracted to their insignia's and design which are embossed on them. The internet is undoubtedly the best place to shop for vintage beads and you will get them in a large selection from different vendors who sell them and are also of high quality as well.


Common Types of Embellishment Beads for Clothing

Throughout history, men and women have been tended to add embellishment beads to clothing, jewelry, and other items to make them more beautiful. A plain garment can be rather gorgeous after being added with dazzling decorative beads. Generally there are 5 types of beads that are favored and prized by women, and clothing designers, which are crystal/glass beads; pearl beads; rhinestone beads; sequin beads; and seed beads.

Crystal beads are perfect for embellishing clothing and accessories. They can add sparkle to your clothes under the light.

Pearl beads are popular beads for wedding gowns along with crystal beads, to create an effect of romance, purity and happiness.

Rhinestone beads with glitters can add shimmer to your clothes. They are one kind of top popular beads for decorating and jewelry making.

Sequin beads can be shinning and sexy for dress. If you are attending an evening Prom or Party, sequin beaded dress should be your first option. 

Seed beads with colors and tones are ideal decorative beads for summer/spring clothing. They can make the dull clothing more vibrant in the sunshine.

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Wholesale Charms: Top Options You Should Consider

When you are thinking about starting the art of making jewelry, you will always find a large plethora of incredibly decorative products available on the market. Some of them such as wholesale charms have always been a top favorite for many as working them is always very fun. Charms together with other decorative items have been around on the market for quite a long time now. Even so, charms have always remained fashionable and trendy and this is the reason why it is always important that you include them in your creations.

About wholesale charms

When it comes to wholesale charms, these ones are available on the market in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You will find them in so many different kinds of materials and you can always find the most suitable one for the styles and designs that you intend to make. With these charms, you can be able to achieve an aspect of individualization when working with them and their appearance is always topnotch. Even though these charms don’t come with an aspect of functionality, they have nevertheless remained as one of the most common embellishments used in the world of jewelry making nowadays.

Medical charms

If you want to create your jewelry using wholesale charms, one of the top options that you should consider is medical charms. This is the most ideal choice for professionals in the medical and healthcare industries. You will find these charms in a large plethora of shapes like stethoscopes, syringes, medical charts, reflex hammer, RN charms and LPN charms among others.

Butterfly charms

Over the years, butterfly charms have become a top pick for people buying wholesale charms. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are able to appeal to a very wide audience. These are a symbol of renewal and those wearing them aim at marking a new beginning. As such, you will find these charms very common in graduations, a new relationship, a new job and other milestones. If you are trying to overcome a certain obstacle in your life, these charms are the best to have and are always associated with a colorful life.


Also, wholesale charms are differentiated in terms of the material used to make them. For instance, pewter offer an antique and distressed look and you will always find them in necklaces and bracelets. Another material is silver and you can find a large variety in this category. The specific choice you pick will depend on the style and look that you intend to create. Wood charms are also very common and are very common for people intending to create lightweight jewelry. In addition, these charms bring the aspect of rustic touch to jewelry pieces as well.

As you can see, you have so many options to consider when you intend to buy wholesale charms for your jewelry creation. To buy high quality charms in wholesale at great prices, is your number one store to visit. 


Statement Necklace for Summer Days

This is an easy Statement Necklace tutorial I came across the other day. I love the simple pattern and color match. The dazzling red porcelain flower beads just catch my eye. A so easy yet stunning DIY for summer!

Required jewelry making supplies for summer necklace:

1 headpin
jump rings 
a clasp 
seed beads
focal beads 

1. Thread focal bead and other beads onto the headpin;
2. Bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle;
3. Using round nosed jewelry pliers, bend the headpin back around to form a half loop;
4. Measure the middle of your length of chain and hook the headpin through a link in the chain;
5. Twist the wire of the headpin around the loop;
6. Keep twisting around the loop, pulling the wire neatly in a circle. Tuck and tighten the end;
7. Thread seed beads on to jump rings;
8. Work your way along the chain, on either side of the focal, adding the seed beads;
9. Complete the necklace by adding the jewelry clasp.

Will you try this jewelry set? 


Plastic Beads and What Makes Them So Popular for Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is one of the hobbies that seem to be sweeping across all over the world today. The inexpensive aspect of making jewelries makes it an ideal way for most people to spend their free time doing something meaningful and enjoyable. Plastic beads are among the most commonly used beading materials and there are certainly some good reasons behind this. Ranging from adults to children, working with these types of beads is always very easy and crafting the jewelry becomes a great thing for everyone involved.

In most cases, the plastic beads make a perfect choice of introducing children to the art of making jewelry. These beads are incredibly colorful and this certainly makes them very attractive and you can use them to make some great creations. If you are concerned about the issue of price, you will be thrilled to know that these are among the cheapest types of beads you can find on the market today. However, their inexpensive nature shouldn't in anyway be associated with poor quality or anything of that matter as they are funky and highly adorable beads.

Once you buy your plastic beads and continue using them to make jewelries such as necklaces, you will need to replenish your supply from time to time. You will be thrilled to know that finding these beads is very easy and you shouldn't have any problems as such with procuring them. Your local shop will more often than not stock these beads and you can pay it a visit and check the collections they have. Better yet, you can decide to buy the beads on the internet which is much easier, convenient and you are assured of finding the most reasonable prices on these beads.

By deciding to order your plastic beads online, you will be thrilled to find even other types of beads which you might also consider for your beading project as well. Most online stores the likes of metallic beads, pewter beads and even glass beads as well as charms and pendants which you might also be interested in as well. To get even much better deals, consider buying the beads in wholesale and you will be very thrilled. Most sellers usually offer discounts and special offers for bulk purchases and this is a great way to save big on your purchases.

Plastic beads are highly recommended especially for children as they offer lots of freedom for experimenting when making jewelry. If you buy these beads at, you will also be thrilled with the cheap offers offered at the store and you can always replace them at any time of you need more for your projects.


Embellish your Sunglasses with Decorative Beads

Summer is going to end. But sunglasses are still hot items for dressing us up. You may see many sunglasses displayed in stores with the similar styles, boring right? So why not get to DIY your own sunglasses? You can buy the classic shapes of sunglasses of cat-eye, aviators, or over-sized round one, and glue a variety of decorative pieces, like rhinestone beads, pearl beads, acrylic beads, sequins and more on the sunglasses. 

These are easy projects for those who aren’t that good at crafts.
*Pearl cabochon beads add elegance but cute feel on the sunglasses. Simply glue the beads and you have the same look as Rihanna with her Chanel glasses.

*Flowery sunglasses are very popular for summer time.You need to buy flower shaped acrylic beads and glue them on sunglasses. 

*Give your old sunglasses a new look by gluing studs on, rock the newly fashion style!

*Glitters can be great materials for transforming your sunnies! See?

*Get ready for a handful of button beads and a hot glue gun for updating you sunglasses! You will love the new look!

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