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What is Snap Jewelry?

Snap jewelry is versatile jewelry. You can change the appearance of this type of jewelry in different ways. This type of jewelry has different buttons in various sections of a jewelry piece that you can snap or unsnap to transform the look of the item to your liking. By doing this, you can shorten the length of the jewelry or mix and match parts of different lengths to come up with unique jewelry pieces. In this way, you can use one piece of jewelry to come up with a few unique pieces in the blink of an eye.

Snap jewelry is ideal for everyday use and is an excellent choice for people who have a limited amount of money for jewelry. If you buy three good pieces of jewelry in your favorite colors, you can use them to come up with various pieces made from a mix and match of the three. This flexibility is why this type of jewelry is versatile jewelry.

Benefits of versatile jewelry

The versatility of snap jewelry also makes it quite an excellent choice for traveling. It's excellent jewelry to travel with because you don’t have to pack your jewelry bag full of different jewelry pieces. All you need is one or two pieces of this versatile jewelry to accessorize while you travel. The versatility of this jewelry extends to other things such as accessorizing bags and clothing. You can snap parts of the jewelry on bags, shoes and clothes to come up with a unique look.

Although you may want to carry a lot of jewelry when you travel, a hazard of carrying lots of jewelry is that sometimes pieces get tangled. It is often hard to untangle jewelry but with the snap kind, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.  If you have had to deal with a tangled chain or necklace you understand how good it is to find a piece of jewelry that is easy to untangle. Some good examples of this type of interchangeable jewelry as snap charm pendants and snap charm bracelets.

Popularity of interchangeable jewelry

Interchangeable jewelry has become quite popular. You will find many jewelry shops stocking these amazing jewelry pieces. You can also make a simple piece of interchangeable jewelry at home using jewelry making supplies and your favorite charms and bracelet. However, the best place to purchase snap jewelry is online.

Online shopping for jewelry will save you time, money and effort. You don’t have to spend a lot of time visiting different jewelry shops looking for a piece you like. When you shop online, you have a wide selection of jewelry you can look through at the click of your mouse.

From the comfort of your home workshop of office, you can browse through different jewelry pieces and orders items fast. You can make online payments and have the jewelry you choose delivered to you in the shortest time possible. So, the next time you want to purchase snap jewelry - why not do some online shopping and save time and money.


Offer Your Gifts in Organza Bags Wholesale

Do you have an event where you will need to present some gifts to the attendees in a more stylish way than the normal decorated envelopes? Then the modern way to do it is with organza bags, which you can order on wholesale according to the number of people you want to present the gifts to. These fancy bags are used in many places for various uses such as storage of small pieces of jewelry, candies and cosmetics. Organza bags wholesale makes presentation or collection of gifts easier and classy, because people will always want to maintain colorfulness in a happy function where a great achievement is being celebrated.

The appropriate functions for use of organza bags wholesale are like a birthday party, a wedding or a happy anniversary. The bags can be used to collect the gifts that your friends have brought or you can use them to put some candies in, or small gifts to express appreciation of their showing up.

How to Order

Organza bags wholesale cannot be bought in small packages because the designers will have to buy the organza material and presentable ribbon ties for fastening the bags. Ordering for the raw material has to be a calculated move because the cost will determine the price of the finished products, and hence you will need to specify the exact material, color, size, dimensions and the bundle size you will want.

Examples of the standard sizes that you can order are 3x4”, 4x6” and even as big as 12x14” depending on the things you want to put in the organza bags wholesale. Remember that the bags are not meant for carrying heavy things because of the nature of the material, as well as their design. The good thing about ordering the organza bags is that you can comfortably budget for the amount you want, because the supplies sell them in specific bundles as per the size and dimensions. In that case, you will simply have to check the guests you have invited to your function and then make an order based on that number.

Make your Kid’s Day a Memorable one

Children love fancy things when it comes to holding parties. When it comes to your child’s big day, give it a classy twist and offer the candies, sweets and biscuits in these organza bags wholesale. You will not only touch your child’s heart and impress the friends but you will also manage the offering of the sweet things that children expect when they attend such functions. Ensure you order the organza bags in your child’s favorite color or a mixture of attractive colors that children love such as hot pink, red, turquoise, purple, royal and such like colors.

Quality is always of essence when you are spending money on something. The organza bags wholesale that you will order should meet the right quality standards, because when you opt to put your jewelry in them you want to be assured that your valuables will not get lost. In that case, ensure that the material is of top quality and the design work too.


Characteristics of Seed Beads

The seed beads are shaped in uniform way and they are spheroidal beads that are found in many sizes from under millimeter while others are somehow large. However, the seed bead is the generic term which is used for any type of small beads. They normally have a round seed and they can be used for off-loom or loom bead weaving. They can be used on a simple string or on the spacers within the beads.  Large beads may be used as the embellishment or they may be crocheted by a flexible or soft wire.

There are two methods used to make the seed beads: the drawn method or the wound method. The wound method is a traditional method and it is time consuming.  It is rare to be found in the modern bead production. With the dawn method, air bubble is created into the gather and the iron bars are put aside. The tube is cooled and cut into small rings while the rings have been tumbled in order to remove the sharp edges so that the beads may be used.

The type of the seed beads may depend on where they came from. Before the Second World War, Eastern Europe had a thriving bead industry which is found mostly in Bohemia.   Other producers of the glass beads were France, Italy and Germany. The beads that were made in this period are known as vintage and they are expensive.  Most of the current beads are found in Czech Republic, India and Japan.  The Japanese seed beads are in the same finish, shape and size while they also have large holes compared to the Czech seed beads.
There are some beads that are found in France and they are in the historic old time. These colors are used to repair or to replicate the antiquities.  Low quality beads are made in India, China and Taiwan. The type of the seed beads may also depend on its color. They color lined is color coating which is applied in the beads and sometime this may not be for a long period since the color may change as the type passes.
Transparent beads are seeing through beads and the translucent beads are when the light pass through the beads before it is diffused.  Other colors are opaque which is a solid color which prevents the light to pass through the beads, matte is when the beads have been textured at a certain level and this leads to the matte finish.  The silver lined is when a silver line is coated on the beads to reflect the light.


Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2015

Need a gift idea for your dad this Father's Day? So do I! Father's Day jewelry gift is an elegant and lasting way to express your love to your dad or your kids' dad. If you want to get Dad something different for this Day, this post will inspire you. Cristina shared huge selections of Father's Day jewelry gift ideas on
Enjoy the original post below...
Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Father’s Day was created in the 19th century as a way to honor and celebrate the man who has made a difference in your life. It is a great opportunity to express how important your father or the dad of your kids is to you. Father’s Day 2015 is coming around the corner. Time to prepare gift for your dad or your kids’ dad now! Instead of tie, a baseball cap or perfume, give him a special jewelry gift which he needs or just for fun. If you are trying hard to find a perfect jewelry gift for Father’s Day, don’t fret we are so excited to share this round up of handmade gift ideas for father’s day that you can purchase or make for very little cost but guarantee that anyone would be happy to receive these gifts from this fun collection. From leather jewelry, beaded jewelry to metal jewelry, from braid technique to wire wrapped technique, here are genius jewelry gift ideas from Pinterest for this coming Father’s Day! Enjoy!
Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Men’s Bracelets
Bracelets seem to be the most common and fashion jewelry for men to wear. Men’s bracelets can be made of different materials, like leather cord, suede cord, jewelry wire, chains, beads and else jewerly making supplies. Here are the example lookbooks in this post, including leather bracelets, beaded bracelets and metal bracelets. Choosing the appropriate type of bracelet to show your love to your fathers is a simple but great idea.
Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Men’s Necklaces
If your father or your children’s dad is a super fashion guy, you can also choose a necklace as a gift. Men’s necklaces are special addition to men’s outfits! They are commonly in leather braided necklaces and pendant necklaces, like wire wrapped gemstone pendant necklaces, hand stamped necklaces and glass cabochon pendant necklaces with your family photos, etc.
Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Men’s Rings
When google Father’s Day jewelry gift ideas and gather images from pinterest, there are many ideas including ring choosing ideas. It seems one ring style is currently head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of popularity, the Cubic Zirconia Rings.
Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Is there one type of jewelry that you decide to choose for Father’s Day 2015? Please leave your comments, thoughts and ideas below…


Wrap Bracelets Collections~

Hey my lovely fans! Children's Day and Father's Day both are coming round the corner, have you got the idea of making a jewelry gift for your kids or fathers or kids' father? Yesterday, I met these wrap bracelet collections! These bracelets can meet everybody's taste including kids and fathers.
As it is known to all, there is a fashion trend that making wrap bracelets with leather cord, jewelry beads and other different cords and beads. This kind of bracelet is also called Chan Luu style wrap bracelets. Okay, now enjoy these bracelet ideas, and get more inspiration in DIY jewelry gifts for kids, or for fathers. 

More details click : Hot DIYDesign Ideas for Wrap Bracelets


Wholesale Jewelry Supplies for a Thriving Business

Have you ever thought how the magnificent piece of jewelry you have on came to be? The beautiful product is the handy work of a jeweler who strived to get the various pieces that are required to make such a great piece of jewelry. When we talk of the various pieces, we are referring to the wholesale jewelry supplies that a jewelry designer needs to maintain the creativity and be able to produce the products constantly.

If a designer is not creative enough, then keeping up with the competition can be a daunting task, even when he or she has the best jewelry supplies. The good thing is that one can get tips and advice from the sellers of these supplies, where they also inform their buyers about the trending styles so that they can purchase supplies and design products that will relate well to the customers.

Some of the Jewelry Supplies you need

The different components of jewelry are at times referred to as findings, and they are the things that make up the jewelry products to be complete. When we refer them to as supplies, we include even the equipments that are used to put the components together. A serious designer should have the following and other supplies to be able to produce magnificent products.

  • Stringing Wire – Is one of the main components that a designer cannot do without. The wire has to be steady and strong enough to hold the beads, pendants and other findings in place, and maintain the durability for long. The stringing finding does not have to be a wire because there are special strings that are tough enough to hold the components together.
  • Stringing Needle – For the ease of running the wire through the bead holes, a guide is required and in this case, the needle does a perfect job. A designer should have needles of all sizes because beads come with holes that are sized differently. Seed beads for instance have very small holes, and to be able to string them a smaller needle will be required.
  • Jump Rings – They are popular supplies that are used to connect bracelet and necklace components. They are affordable supplies, mostly when you are buying them as wholesale jewelry supplies. The clasps come in different diameters too and can be made from various metals to give the products varying appearance.
  • Eye Pins – They come in different lengths and have a loop at the end. Their main use is to link different pieces of jewelry.
  • Clasps – Used to close the ends of necklaces and bracelets. This is the simplest way to secure the ends of the jewelry pieces. When ordering for your wholesale jewelry supplies, you should specify the exact clasps that you need, so that you can have the right ones for your job.

For all the jewelry supplies you may require, online is the best source because you will get wholesale jewelry supplies at very affordable prices, and since the stores have many varieties of the supplies, you can buy the exact things that you need. Search for the best online supplier and you will get the best supplies for your designing.


Sweet Kid Crafts for Children's Day

When asked what is the most creative gift for your kids, that must be handmade gifts, like handmade jewelry which your sweet angle loves most. Not it is the time to make this set of jewelry now. Children's Day is coming quickly. Here it is a collection of 3 sweet crafts for your kids. Enjoy and hope get inspired~
Craft 1: Wavy Bracelet with Pearl Beads

Glass pearl beads are slightly inappropriate for children. This is an easy craft - slide big and small pearl beads onto wire to form a weave wavy pattern, then add jumprings and clasp to finish the bracelet's making.
Craft 2: Pink Butterfly headband for Kids

This is a necessary craft for cute girls, and it isn't a difficult project to follow. Main jewelry making supplies: synthetic turquoise beads, satin ribbon, suede cord and felt.
Craft 3: Wire Wrapped Button Ring - Candy jewelry

The materials used in this craft are easy to prepare, you can use the abandoned craft buttons to make this wire wrapped button ring. This kind of candy jewelry is sweet and cute, great children's day gift!


5 Minute Craft - DIY Necklace

I love to make easy craft within 5 minutes. Today I will share another craft which I made in 5 minutes, but it looks catchy! This is a necklace with chains and O rings.
The main materials you will need:
Gold plated chain
3 pieces of 20mm gold O rings
2 pieces of 12mm gold O rings
2 pieces of 5mm gold O rings
image from:
How to make this necklace: Open up all the O rings with pliers, so that you can join them to one another as the picture shows, then close each ring again. Attach both ends of chain to the main ring section and close the gaps. Finish!
Here is this beautiful necklace with simple jewelry making supplies.
P.S. If you couldn't find the O rings, you can make similar rings with jewelry wire.
It is a speedy craft! Agree??


Simple Craft - Chain Bracelet with Glass Beads

Happy Tuesday! Today I will share a simple craft, which inspired by this outfit on polyvore,gold chain link charm bracelet with glass beads with you.
These lake blue czech glass beads super-clear and glitter well in gold chain link charm bracelet. You will soon fall in love this beautiful and simple bracelet. Let's start!

The main jewelry making supplies you will need:
12mm Blue Czech Glass Beads
16mm Blue Czech Glass Beads
12mm Brass Rhinestone Beads
0.5mm Copper Wire
Jump Rings
Spring Clasp
Iron Chain
Wire Cutter
Round Nose Plier

How to make a chain link bracelet with glass beads:
1. Make a bead link
Wrap a wire as a headpin, and slide czech glass beads and rhinestone beads alternately as the picture shows below, then make a loop and cut off extra wire.
2. Connect bead link with chains
Prepare 2 pairs of 10cm chains, and use jump rings to attach chains to both sides of the bead link.
3. Finish the bracelet
Connect the two end chains together with a spring clasp and a jump ring.


Why Should You Order for Wholesale Beads?

The main challenge that jewelers had a few years back was that of acquiring jewelry findings and more specifically enough beds to help them produce jewelry products on wholesale. The scarcity of the beads also made the cost of jewelry to go up, given that only few local stores could afford to sell the beads, and they took advantage of the scarcity and sold the beads at exorbitant costs.

The advent of technology has improved the situation because jewelers can now buy the products online and relax in their homes to wait for the delivery of the order. No one could ever imagine that shopping for huge amounts of products could be done via a simple phone call and the goods delivered on time at your doorstep. Trading has gone global and hence wholesale beads can be sold from a store in one continent, shipped to another continent where complete jewelry products will be designed, and the final product be used in a different corner of the world.

Fashion Trend

Online business people are more informed about the changing fashion trends and hence they update their stock accordingly, unlike the local store that focus on clearing their stock before they reorder. When you buy the wholesale beads online therefore, you will lead your competitors fashion wise, or be able to remain in the competition when others upgrade their designing.

At times, you may even benefit from stock clearance offers that online shops give out, when they want to get rid of the old stock faster to get space to restock as fashion changes. Buying the clearance stock of the wholesale beads does not necessarily mean that the products you will design with them may be obsolete, because you can always be creative and mix them with the ancient jewelry supplies that never lose value.

We all may not be informed about the fashion changes and hence we ought to depend on the online sellers who will advise us on what is coming next so that we can be ready to reconfigure our designing. However, it is prudent to keep in mind that Jewelry design is all about creativity, whether you are working with raw materials that are currently on fashion or those that are out of fashion.

Research is Vital

While wholesale beads are economical for jewelry designers, you will need to check the genuine suppliers because the internet has all sorts of people and so you will have to be careful of whom you are engaging with. Some online sellers are out there to swindle you of your hard-earned money by promising to sell genuine beads to you while what they will send is not what you ordered.

Always deal with reputable online stores that are known to many jewelry designers because of their genuine transactions. Such stores are known by the positive reviews they have on their websites, word of mouth referral from other jewelry designers. Buy wholesale beads from the best sellers to enable you maintain a reputable jewelry business.


DIY A Heart Lariat Style Necklace

I keep bookmarking, pinning, and planning to make this nice heart lariat style necklace. This necklace is easy, quick and fun to make and is perfect to make with kids or friends or back-to-school activity! Now let's begin!

Jewelry making supplies you will need to prepare
Drop Electroplate Glass Beads
Brass Chain
0.3MM Copper Wire
Brass Links

step 1
Use 10cm 0.3mm copper wire and drop glass beads to make 7 bead dangles.

step 2
Use jumprings to attach these 7 bead dangles to the end 35cm brass chain circle. Keep the distance as the below picture shows.

step 3
Connect the two brass chains by a heart brass link.

How about this easy craft? Would you like to have a try? Very glad to see your comments below.


Resin Rhinestone Bead Crafts

Resin rhinestone beads have bright shin and vivid colors which are reasonable in price and soft in texture. They are beads consist of many small resin beads, which will give you a feeling of crystal-clear and sparking. Many jewelry designers like to use resin rhinestone beads to match with jumprings, hooks and pins to be bracelets, earrings, necklaces, even rings.

Here I will share some crafts with resin rhinestone beads which can to be basketball wives jewelry such as brasketball wives earrings, and let you all show the unique charms. The detailed beads: Chunky Resin Rhinestone Beads, Mixed Color,12mm

So which one is your most favorite idea to use these beads? Very glad to see your sharings. Please comment below.


Why Customers Go for Wooden Beads

Jewelry enthusiasts will always want to go for unique pieces and that is why you will find many jewelers trying to get unique suppliers to design outstanding products. Even though the professionalism of a designer is what determines the outcome of his products, some supplies such as wooden beads make all the difference when it comes to unique pieces.

Jewelry designing is an art that requires a lot of creativity, and so designers try different ways to make their products attractive and marketable, because if one does not beat competition the business will lose relevance and all the effort will be in vain. Wooden beads can help a designer make magnificent jewelry pieces if used properly. Using the beads is easy too due to the way they are designed. Some other types will give you a hectic time but beads curved from wood are flexible to use.

The beads are readily available given that they are made from wood, a raw material that is easily available too. Unlike most of the jewelry supplies, wooden beads can be bought from the local stores near you although there is no guarantee that you will get the specific design you need. The good thing about these beads is that they can be decorated to give different impressions such as glass, enamel or any appearance you may need. When you buy them from online stores, you will get a wide variety of them, some of which will not look like wood to you.

You can even request for customized wood beads if you are purchasing them from professional and veteran suppliers, who have the skills to personalize the wooden beads to appear just as you would want. The modern technology has improved the way things are done and this has enabled producers to give the beads attractiv finishes just like the client would want. The use of these beads has many advantages, and one of the main ones is the weight. Beads that are curved from wood are super-light and hence the pieces they make feel very comfortable on the wearer. Have you ever wondered how ladies manage to have huge pieces of earrings dangling from their earlobes all day and never feel the discomfort? Most probably, the stunning piece you see is made from wooden beads.

Flexibility of using them

Wooden beads can be paired with other types of beads to bring out a magnificent piece of artwork. When you are looking at creating jewelry and enhancing their appearance with pendants and charms, wooden beads will be perfect for that purpose. Huge beads made from wood can be designed to have the exact appearance you want. Apart from creating jewelry products, wooden beads are used in making seat covers, tablemats and door or window blinds. Such designs give your house or car the antique design that will amaze everyone.

We all like to have beautiful things and that is what wooden beads offer us, and they come with an additional advantage of scent. Some special trees that are used for wooden beads offer that natural smell that is loved artistic nature lovers.