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How to Make a Statement Necklace out of Wooden Beads?

Are you glad that now the statement necklaces are back in the trends? Thank God!! Now you can wear something different than just plain and boring pendant necklaces. You may find a large amount of variety in the market now but there is always one thing anyone would love and it is making a necklace out of wooden beads at home.

Who says you cannot make anything good out of the wooden beads? I would like to share with you one of my personal favorite projects on making a statement necklace.
Materials Needed
You will need beads in different sizes i.e.
·         12 beads of 25 mm
·         12 beads of 20 mm
·         6 beads of 16 mm
·         12-24 beads of 12 mm
·         4 to 7 double rings
·         2 to 3 strand end bars
·         Nylon monofilament
·         Chain
·         Nose pliers
·         Scissors
·         Now here is what you need to do. Follow the pattern below to string the beads into the nylon monofilament. You can also make your own variation in the pattern, it is never harmful to use your own creativity. You can fill the chain with more beads in case you do not want to show the chain much.

·         Once you are happy with the length, it is time to tie the monofilament into a knot on each ring having 3 strand end bars. Make sure you leave 2 inches overhang of the knotted monofilament so that you can tuck the strands of beads back in.

·         You have to attach a chain with the 3 strand end bars in case you are not adding enough beads in the necklace. After this, you have to attach a toggle clasp to the chain.

It is a simple necklace but it is surely enough to let you make your own style statement. It all depends on you to introduce some variations in the style by adding more beads. You can also play with colors and sizes. It is going to be a wonderful idea to gift this amazing necklace to your best friend. She will love your effort and as it is an elegant piece, she is never going to say No to it.

When choosing the wooden beads, you are required to be a lot careful in terms of quality. In different marketplaces, you are going to come across different quality in beads and jewelry findings. If you are a beginner then you might have trouble in picking the right quality but if you into jewelry making, the only thing you will be overwhelmed by is variety itself.

Many people think that nothing can be made out of wooden beads so they avoid using them; instead they use some luxury beads so that a nice and luxurious jewelry item can be created. As long as you are using the best quality beads, you can make a lot of stuff out of the beads made from wood too. All you need is ideas and the jewelry making supplies and you can create more projects likes this right from the comfort of your home.