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5 Things You Should Know About European Beads

A type of fashion jewelry very much in vogue these days is that made of European beads. These beads are usually made of glass and have a large hole in the center - the hole measures about 4.5mm. Why these beads are called European is largely unclear; however it is believed that it is due to the fact that most of the pioneer companies in charm making had their origins in Europe. These charm-like beads are generally lined with silver tubing and are designed to fit on a thick European style chain.
1. Why are European Beads so popular?
People who have an interest in designing heirloom jewelry often prefer using these beads for creating unique jewelry pieces. This is because they are distinctly different from all other types of beads due to their three dimensional design. Although these beads are commonly used in the design of bracelets, the options of designing customized jewelry with them are many - such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. Today, you can find these beads made from a variety of materials and in many different styles, and that makes the task of creating jewelry with them even more exciting.
2. Choose from a variety of styles
These beads come in a huge range of styles. Depending on whether you like large chunky pieces or slightly smaller ones, whether you like the ones have a matt finish or the ones having a shiny appearance, etc. you will have plenty to choose from. Whenever you are planning to buy these beads it makes sense to have an idea of the various styles available. This knowledge will help you in creating custom jewelry pieces that you will love.
3. What are they made of?
These beads are typically made of glass, but today you can find European beads made of various types of materials including silver, gold, copper, etc. Many beads are made of glass and are then gold plated. Those looking to create high-end jewelry with semi-precious stones can choose beads that have elements of Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia.
4. The various things that you can make with them
It all depends on an individual's creativity in coming up with something unique. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc. are some of the jewelry pieces in which they can be used. Other than that they can be used to create key chains, pendants, earrings, accessories for purses, wallets and handbags. You can use various different charms to give a unique look so that each piece is different. You can also sew them onto your clothing to give it a unique look.
5. Choose the right size
In order to make sure that these pieces of jewelry will look great on the people wearing them make sure that you choose the right size chain. Since these beads are larger than the regular beads, taking account of the size is quite important.
Now comes the most important point - where do you buy European beads at a reasonable price? You can check your local craft shop or if you are looking to buy them in bulk why not check some good wholesale suppliers who sell online. If you have top quality beads at hand, you will surely be able to create beautiful pieces.

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Bracelet Clasps

If you like to wear bracelets or make your own bracelets, you must take special notice of their clasps as they may come open and fall off if they are of inferior quality. So, choose clasps that suit your jewelry and your wrist best.
Clasps are an integral part of bracelet design. The two ends of a bracelet come together and snap shut. This action helps the bracelet sit properly on your wrist.
Apart from comfort and style, you must also consider how easy bracelet clasps are to open and close. Often, the method of opening and closing them is something only the salesperson in the jewelry shop can do. Because of a tiny and fragile spring clasp, you're perhaps too frightened to wear a beautiful bracelet and therefore give up in despair.
If you want to know about the quality of certain bracelets, all you need to do is to look at their clasps. This is why the right clasp is so important. If you are interested in creating your own range of bracelets, here are some tips on choosing the right bracelet clasps.
Tips on choosing the best bracelet clasps:
·         Choose a clasp to suit the type of beads you are using to make up the bracelet. Examine the diameter of the beads and choose a clasp that matches this design.
·         If you use large stone beads in the bracelet, match it with a sturdy clasp. This clasp could also be decorative so that it isn't all strength and no elegance.
·         Magnetic clasps cannot take a heavy weight, so they must be used only with smaller and lighter beads. You could also consider going for box clasps, pearl clasps, lobster claw clasps, toggle clasps, or extender clasps for their ease of wearing and removing.
There are many such types of clasps which you must think about in terms of style, security and ease of use before buying.
·         You should choose the kind of bracelet clasps depending on the beading material you use. Choose from plated silver, copper, nickel, rhodium and gold, gold or sterling silver filled solid gold, sterling silver or gemstone or pewter, stainless steel or vermeil, among others. The choice of material will largely depend on the material used for beading. It will also depend on the type of beads you are going to use in your creation.
·         Choose your bracelet clasps based also on the balance of size and color of the beads.
·         You should also look for clasps that have a good finish. After all, they are going to be used often and will come in contact with many surfaces and objects as well as the hands. They should wear well and look good too.
Choosing the right kind of bracelet clasps isn't easy. There are several parameters that will decide the right one for you, so choose well, taking all parameters into consideration. Now that you know how to choose, go ahead and do it.

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Advantages of Buying Acrylic Beads for Making Jewelry

Often, when people refer to plastic beads they really mean acrylic beads but they call them plastic because they have a glossy look. Acrylic beads are synthetic in nature. They are used to make attractive jewelry for children but women too choose them for their innate beauty and for the fact that they are light in weight.
If you're wondering if you too should opt for acrylic beads for your jewelry, consider the advantages. They are many and definitely worth thinking about. Here are a few of them:
  •  You can get acrylic beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as flower beads, round beads, tubular-shaped beads, beads shaped like animals, etc. Other shapes include balls, cubes and barrels. Because of the variety of shapes, people of all ages love them.
  • These beads are lightweight, strong and can easily be hung round your neck or your wrists. They are also smooth and look very like gemstones. You can also string acrylic jewelry beads and pendants with rope, string and wire and not feel weighed down by them.
  • You can find these beads in a variety of solid colors, which can give a simple effect to your jewelry.
  • These beads are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from four millimeters to eight millimeters.
  • They are much cheaper than glass beads though they can look like the genuine article.
  • Whether you're a jewelry hobbyist or you make it for profit, you can find suppliers of acrylic pendants and beads at specialty jewelry stores and at nationally renowned arts and crafts stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Target.
  • Acrylic jewelry can be very eye-catching and appealing due to its sheen. Beads are available in both opaque and translucent varieties and in a multitude of colors and shades, making them ideal for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Acrylic jewelry with a distinctive sheen may include stardust, B-Plated and miracle beads.
  • You can wear acrylic beads jewelry in any kind of climate because these beads can withstand extremes of temperature very well.
  • Acrylic beads are synthetic, so it's possible to get them in a variety of textures. This means more variety for you, so use your imagination and come up with some amazing designs. Acrylic mixes well with other materials to give a colorful and quality piece of jewelry because of the range of colors, sizes and shapes. The result is usually wonderful, to say the least.

Use acrylic beads to stunning effect when you make inexpensive but beautiful jewelry with contemporary designs that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.
Final Caveat
Acrylic beads are affordable, versatile and eye-catching, so they present great scope for you to create the best kind of jewelry ever. Patterns that make you feel confident, attractive and energetic will draw more attention to you. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy your stock of acrylic beads and keep those hands moving.
If you love making jewelry, buy acrylic beads for their versatility. They offer a great scope.

How to Select Cheap Beads to Make Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is very popular these days for many reasons, one of which is that it is extremely customizable. There are several different kinds of cheap beaded jewelry that you can make on your own, such as earrings, bracelets, anklets and armbands of your choice and pattern.
Historically, beaded jewelry was made with seashells, glass, wood, gems and metal. Today, if you want to make your own jewelry out of cheap beads, you'll be stunned by the amazing array of beads in different textures, shapes and sizes. And isn't that great? After all, who wants to wear beads that are worn by hundreds of others? By customizing them, you can make gifts of all kinds of patterns and colors and please your friends.
How to choose: You need to think hard before actually selecting beads. For instance, you need to consider the kind of jewelry you want to make. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a trend and give it a spin or you want to make your own signature ultra modern style. The options for you are myriad, so don't let anything come in the way of your cheap beads and your imagination.
You can choose from pearl, seed, crystal, glass and plastic beads that are easily available on the market.
If your choice is something chic, select beads of glass and plastic in different colors and a few in gold and silver. Do you want an ethnic look? For this, you'll need to select earthy colors and natural shades like brown, tan and black. To give a better overall effect to your jewelry, add in some painted wooden beads in rich colors like red, green and yellow so that they brighten up your jewelry.
You can also buy your collection of cheap beads online, but before you press that button, ensure that the site has a relaxed return policy in case you receive damaged beads. If you don't find this out and are landed with broken beads, you will be paying for them but not using them. So, if making cheap beads jewelry is your little business, imagine the loss you're going to incur.
If it's not your business but just a hobby, it's good to buy in bulk and share the expense with a friend. This will help you, as otherwise it would take you a very long time to exhaust the entire stock of cheap beads that you buy in a wholesale lot. If you're purchasing them online, it means you don't get a chance to examine them personally before buying, so here's one more reason for finding out about the site's exchange policy.
Lastly, inspect the beads for any imperfections. If you find them not rounded but oval, reject them outright. Also, make sure that they aren't scratched, broken or chipped as these will be useless to you.

If making cheap beads jewelry is your hobby or your line of business, be very sure of the kind of beads you want as this will tell on your creativity and your standing as a hobbyist. Don't choose by any other parameter except color, material, texture, gradation and smoothness before you start using them.