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Finding the Best Wholesale Charms for Jewelry Making- Useful Tips

When it comes to finding the best quality and affordably priced wholesale charms for jewelry making, there are a couple of thing that every jewelry designer must know. When it comes to charms, you must first of all understand that these are very different from the regular jewelry elements or findings and diligent caution must be exercised when it comes to procuring them. Here are some of the most important tips that you should beware of to make your experience of shopping for these charms one that is hassle free.

Materials used in making charms

Ideally speaking, charms are made with many different types of materials and even though buying them in bulk will help you save a significantly large amount of money, you should also know that you will be making a very huge investment here as well. The amount of money that you will be paying for the charms that you are buying will essentially depend on material type the charms have been made from. Those charms made with sterling silver are preferred by many jewelry designers since they are not only affordable but incredibly durable as well and thus offer the buyer a fantastic deal that they can’t afford to resist.

Another material used for making wholesale charms for jewelry making is pewter and the best thing about this material is that it contains no lead or nickel and thus a perfect option for people having some allergies. With this option, you can certainly be able to get charms of different styles, sizes and designs and you just need to do your homework so that you can know exactly what you want. Crystal charms are essentially very expensive compared to glass and the main reason why this is usually the case is because they are faceted. So, if budget is a concern for you, this isn't an option that you should really be considering unless you care less about the amount of money that you spend.

Other types of charms

Wholesale charms for jewelry making are essentially available in many other different times and as such, it is possible for one to become confused as to which ones are more suitable for their project. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, it is crucial that you know the different types about so that you can know which ones you should really focus on. Medical charms are popularly been used to make jewelry nowadays and such include LPN, medical charts, syringe and so on. You can bet that anyone in the healthcare or medical field such as lab technicians and nurses are going to really fall in love with them.

Butterfly charms are also very popular as well and the same case also applies for hearts and horses. is a great website where you can buy these charms at affordable prices and your order will certainly comprise of many different varieties to ensure that you get everything that you want for your project.


Video Tutorial: Dolce & Gabbana inspired headband

Hey hey,
First of all, Happy Thanksgiving day!!
Second, so far there have been A Lot of video tutorials of craft making being shared on Youtube. Today, I am going to share an inspired headband video tutorial from Iulia R.  Not an Italian luxury Dolce & Gabbana headband, but a handmade real economic "Dolce & Gabbana" headband. Want to try like me? Here's the jewelry making supplies what you'll need:
one empty headband
round beads (pearl beads, seed beads, or else you like)
tube beads
rihinestone chain
Tips: You don't need to follow any pattern. You just need to be creative.
Tonight,I will try to make one, so happy to wonder how it turned out! And you? :-D


Simple Project - Tassle Style Necklace

Happy Wednesday! Simple project sharing time is coming!!  With DIYs, the most important part, which must be that the project should be easy, fun and instantly wearable. Today I will make a tassel style necklace with Suede Cord.  Just same as the first glance, this project appears to be quite simple.  Okay, here we go!

Materials you will need: 3mm suede cord, 2 ribbon ends, 2 jump rings and 1 lobster clasp

Steps you need to follow:
Step 1: Prepare fringes and make triple braiding
Tips: a. 14 fringes should be in different lengths, the triple braiding
b. braid the three 50cm wide cords about 16cm long
Step 2: Insert the 14 fringes to finish the braiding
Tips: a. the fringes insert order: short - long - short.
b: after insert all the fringes, braid 16cm length again, then cut off the cords
Step3: Attach jump rings to both ends and then add lobster clasp to one end. Okay, the tassle style necklace is created. Prepared your own jewelry making supplies, have a nice crafting! :)

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Useful Tips on How to Use Magnetic Clasps

When you are shopping for jewelry findings out there, one of the most popular options that you will find are the magnetic clasps. These clasps have become a top favorite for many and they come in different types and you will definitely be thrilled at just what you can do with them. The ones that are used commonly are those with a button shape and you will be fascinated to know that these clasps are not just affordable but are also incredibly secure as well. Using these beads is incredibly easy and for the older persons suffering from dexterity problems, Pandahall is the best place to shop for these clasps.

Attaching the Magnetic Clasp

When you are working with magnetic clasps, one of the things that you will need to know is how you can attach them. Once you are done making your jewelry, you should then attach the clasps on the jewelry piece. In fact, attaching these clasps to the jewelry is the final thing in the process of making your jewelry and it is essential that you know how you can do it perfectly well for you to reap the best results possible. When it comes to attaching the clasps, you will need some pliers to get the job done.

The magnetic found in the clasps is going to attract the pliers and the next thing you will need to do is opening the clasp’s jump ring after which you slip one of the ends of your chain and fix the magnetic clasp. The same technique should also be used for losing the jump ring and will definitely result in a fantastic jewelry piece. One thing that you will need to remember is that the clasps themselves are magnetic and are going to attract the metal elements. What this means is that you will need to keep other elements very far away so that you can be able to work well with the clasps. Every jewelry designer who has used these clasps will tell you, the whole process of attaching the clasps is not always easy. As such, it is important that you are very patient with the whole process so that you can be able to get things done successfully.

With these tips, you should be able to work perfectly well with magnetic clasps and be able to result with that fantastic piece of jewelry that you have always desired. The internet is certainly the best place where you can buy these clasps from and you can be sure that you will be able to get them at fantastic deals and exciting offers. With great sites such as, you can be sure that you are going to find lots of other jewelry clasps and you will certainly be able to find one which is more suitable for you. Buying the clasps on the internet is certainly the best thing that you can do if you want to be successful in your jewelry making endeavor. 


Christmas - Wire Wrapping Beaded Ornaments

Wow... so beautiful wire wrapping technique!! Especially the wire wrapping tree, okay, I also love the red heart pendant and blue star ornament :-D
Wire wrapping crafts gotta more and more popular, that's why these latest wire wrapping ornaments being shared on flickr for welcoming Christmas. Coz no one can resist the fashion and unique design. Get prepared the jewelry making supplies including copper wires, whatever beads you like to add in. Happy crafting!


Youtube and Pandahall Reviews about Beads for Xmas

I love this video... These little things are so cute!! And so does the video maker :):)

Seems that she has got so many cute Chrismtas beads, I've found different shape beads, like snowflake, christmas tree, sockings, santa claus, etc. Ops... also found acrylic beads, glass rhinestone european beads, nail art accessories, and organza bags!
All the beads in the video are very cute. :-D Love them all. Excellent reviews video about beads from Pandahall. Click the video & Vote her!


The Many Items You Can Put in Cheap Organza Bags

Cheap organza bags have in recent times become a top favorite for most people especially those who are looking for party favors. These bags made excellent gifts for a wide range of occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and the like. Once you purchase the bags from pandahall, you can put many different items in the bag and you can be sure that you will be able to make a special and memorable favor that your guests will really like. These organza bags will certainly make your gifts or favors much more elegant and lovely.

Nearly any small time may be pleased in the cheap organza bags provided the items can fit. You will also need to be careful not to put items that have sharp edges in the gags as they might prove to be a little dangerous to the gift recipient. Ranging from the edible items such as candies to practical ones like shot glass and shakers; you can fill your bag with nearly any kind of small item that you might probably think about. Among the top treats that you shouldn't hesitate to put in your organza bags include:

Almonds: people of nearly all ages love almonds and these nutty treats are essentially great favors that you shouldn't hesitate to put in your cheap organza bags. If you give those adults and kids attending your event organza bags that have been filled with almonds, you can be sure that they will really appreciate them especially those that are coated with chocolate or sugar and this tasty treat is something that will really amaze you.

Something else that you should consider putting in the organza bags is chocolate and it is needless to stress on the importance of giving chocolates as party favors. These are certainly a favorite for all people and you can be sure that your guests will really appreciate and thank you a lot for that. Since chocolates are essentially of small size, it is possible to put a couple of them in one small organza bag.

Soap favors are also a fragrant and elegant favor as well that you should also consider placing in your cheap organza bags. In this regard, it is important that you consider small soap favors as these ones will be able to easily fit in the bag with no problems whatsoever. Other items that you can also consider putting in these organza bags include the likes of compact glass and key chains.

Generally speaking, there is really no limitation whatsoever as to what you can possibly put in these bags because provided it can fit in the bag, you can be sure that it is an excellent choice. The most important thing is to consider your guest’s preferences as well as your budget. You can buy organza bags from where you will essentially find an extensive collection of bags and you just need to research on what is most appropriate for your occasion.


Know the Basics of Jewelry Making Supplies: Present Yourself in a Unique Way

The decision of purchasing anything depends upon your personality and looks. Your personality becomes more important when you are going to purchase something related to your dressing. When it comes to jewelry, you must spend some time to go through the details of each component. In order to design the best suitable piece, you must acquire knowledge about the jewelry making supplies. You may refer to pandahall for more information.

First of all you should learn about the art of jewelry making. You need to know the basics at least. Today, different local community centers, fashion designing institutes and universities are offering the opportunity to learn this art. This article will help you to know about some basic items involved in jewelry. Following is the basic information about the most important items.


Gems have impressed the human beings over a long period of time. People have been using them for more than 3,500 years. Today, beads come with various types depending upon their size, color and appearance. They are available in local stores as well as on the online stores. Gemstone, glass beads, pearl and clay are the most popular types of beads. Most of the people love to use crystal beads. They are a processed form of glass beads with a great ability to reflect the light. People like crystal beads due to their impressive design and attractive geometrical shapes. Beads are the most common ingredient of jewelry making supplies.

Stringing Material
The selection of the stringing material depends upon the particular design and item you want to make. Nylon thread is recommended for necklaces. You need to have a coated beading wire which comes in a variety of colors.

The wires are needed when you are making a wire wrap jewelry item. It is available in different shapes, colors and texture. It is made of different metals which determine the hardness of the wire. 

Metal Clay Findings
They are fire resistant and protect your jewelry item featuring metal clay. They are made of silver.

When talking about jewelry making supplies, you cannot forget the importance of metals. Normally I prefer to keep sterling silver metal. You can also consider a bi-metal sheet featuring a 22K gold coated over sterling silver.

Purchasing the Items

Just a couple of decades back, people did not have enough options in order to find the product of their choice. Thanks to the online stores, now you can easily purchase different jewelry making supplies after searching from the Internet. Most of the stores offer almost every kind of supplies that you need.

It becomes hard to work on the beads in order to customize them according to your needs. The tools which are needed to work on the beads are not easily available in every locality. Now it has become easy to purchase those tools due to the online jewelry stores.

People always like to have something unique to wear or present. Jewelry making supplies allow you to create any design according to your choice. Visit in order to know the basics of different designs. It gives you the freedom to create something entirely different from the conventional jewelry products.


8 Christmas Craft Ideas with Perler Beads

Sometime I get stuck without any ideas of new crafts... take Christmas for example, Christmas is coming, maybe every crafter begins to diy something with the Christmas theme.Which kind of material should I use? I have no idea, just expore the pinterest for some inspiration.OMG....I met these 8 ideas from Sonia Delcán Moreno ,cute and lightweight perler beads are well used out of amazing Christmas items.It seems that they are easy to make. I love it! :-D Okay, I decide to make some Christmas items with perler beads this year!
Warmly tips: If your children want to make them, please help them with the ironing process. Have a nice craft!


DIY A Multi Stand Bracelet

Hello Hello, try to DIY a multi stand bracelet this afternoon! Making a multi stand bracelet doesn't have to be difficult or take a lot of time - this pretty sweet bracelet with pearls and porcelain flowers is proof of that. 

Today I thought I would show you the details. It is an easy afternon project!  Follow me!

First, gather your jewelry making supplies:
6mm dark green satin ribbon
8mm porcelain flower beads
8mm ivory glass pearl beads
8mm pink glass pearl beads
Golden brass cross chain
Green sewing thread
Glue gun

Then follow these easy steps:
Step1: Pick a piece of 70cm green ribbon and a piece of 32 links long golden chain, then weave ribbon through golden chain, glue the last link to ribbon.
Step 2: Adorn pearls and flowers,keep gluing the pearl beads and flowers in alternate order you like.
With simple weaving and sewing technique, you can make this beautiful and versatile multi-strand bracelet. Have a great day!



Seed Beads Jewelry Show

Seed beads are one of the most popular jewelry making supplies that can be incorporated into a wide variety of crafts making and jewelry designs. Not only jewelry designs, but also home decoration or else, seed beads can be used in many ways! These beads can also be combined with other style beads to add visual interest and depth to your projects. Mix and match for exciting results!
View some examples of the seed beads jewelry show which wonderful use of seed beads below. And start playing with seed beads and discover new ways to spice up your designs.