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Organize Your Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry making is an art that is loved by many but only a few understand its real importance and do it with passion. The reason I make jewelry is because of addiction of the jewelry making supplies. Without these supplies, we simply cannot accomplish our jewelry goals. I always make sure that whatever supply I use is all assembled with me. When the addiction and passion of the jewelry supplies becomes strong then for a person like me all those supplies needs to be assembled and organized. This is a situation that comes up in the mind for every jewelry maker to keep his things in an organized manner.

Jewelry supplies are what make any jewelry item look good and attractive. It is not only how you make them but also the quality and kind of supplies you use along. As the jewelry making supplies are small thus they need some protective environment to keep them in one place. You may have tried different storage ideas but none of them would be working for you. Trust me, I have been there and done that. But by doing tons of experiments and trying out different ways, I have reached the point where I figured out how this is going to go.
I finally came up with the right solution to keep my jewelry making supplies right in place and in an organized manner. Well, for the artistic type people being organized is like asking a fish to come out of water and climb a tree. The struggle is real but with the way I’m going to introduce will make things a lot easier. You don’t need much money to do this as it can be done with a small amount.
There are plenty of containers available in the market from small to big shallow to tall that can be used to store anything you want. But when it comes to the jewelry making supplies, you would require something open and direct.
What would you need?
To store your supplies, you would first require storage boxes for beads and tools. So a shelf with drawers would pretty much do the job. It is actually a scrapbook storage cart with four shelves.
On this shelf cart I have got the storage boxes lined up one over the other so I can use them instantly whenever I want. The carts I have got in the shelves have got tags on them which help me recognize what thing is where and in which box. I take the box out which I need, use the things inside it and then put it back to the scrapbook shelf. The box has got small sections inside it which makes it easy to house in the supplies. They never get mixed up and stay where I want them to.

I love the look of the beads assembled with their colors when I take them out of the shelf. This is how I organize my jewelry making supplies. You can do too. This scrapbook shelf is available in the market pretty easily. Go out there and get your supplies organized.