Crafting Wires


How to Make Fashion DIY Wire Rings

Hi, guys, I have been sharing earrings and necklaces tutorials with you these days, today I want to share something different, wire rings. Have you ever make DIY wire rings? I bet the answer is no, right? Here is a wire ring tutorial, now follow me, let’s get started!
Materials and tools needed in the DIY wire rings:

White Pearl Beads
Light Cyan Pearl Beads
Aluminum Wire
Jewelry Wire
Bent Nose Pliers
At first, trim off about 25cm aluminum wire, bend it in half, then bend it again as the picture shows and fold the two top sides into loops.
Then slide an 8mm white pearl bead, 6mm light cyan pearl bead, and 6mm white pearl bead on the 0.3mm jewelry wire in order and attach it to the bottom side of the aluminum wire separately;
Next wrap the two bend places of the aluminum wire with some jewelry wire; slide 2 pieces of 4mm light cyan pearl beads, a 6mm white pearl bead on three jewelry wires separately, then add them to the top sides.
At last, slide an 8mm white pearl bead and 4mm light cyan pearl bead on the jewelry, then attach them to the middle part of the wire finger ring.
A fashion and pretty wire ring is instantly finished, so easy, right? You can wear it yourself, or send it to your friends, since there are various finger ring designs you can choose other beads as your friends like. Don’t be hesitated, I’m sure they will love it and appreciate that you spend time making gift for them.