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Handmade Cute Pearl Beading Angel Pendant Necklace

Hey, dear friends! Love angel pendant necklaces? Today I will share a beading necklace with a cute pearl angel attached. This cute pendant necklace is quite easy to make for both green hands and professionals, and I hope you like it and try to make one yourself later.

Supplies you’ll need in making handmade pearl necklaces:
6mm White Faceted Glass Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm Yellow Round Pearl Beads
30x10mm White Drop Pearl Beads  
18x7mm White Drop Pearl Beads
12mm Black Acrylic Beads
Rhinestone Bar Spacer
Golden Bead Caps
0.3mm Jewelry Wire
Silver Jump Rings
Golden Headpins
Silver Twisted Chain
Silver Lobster Clasp
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Round Nose Plier 
Step 1: Cut a piece of jewelry wire, slide 5 6mm faceted glass beads and a 4mm yellow pearl bead to it, then cross the right wire through a glass bead as pictured. Add 3 6mm glass beads and a 4mm yellow pearl bead to the same wire and then cross it through a glass bead as pictured. Add an 18x7mm white drop pearl bead to this wire and wrap the 2 wire together. 
Step 2: Slide a 30x10mm white drop pearl bead to a headpin and combine the ready bead pattern with this drop pearl bead together. Repeat step 1 to make another bead pattern and then add this one on the right side of the drop pearl bead.
Step 3: Slide a rhinestone spacer bead, a 12mm black acrylic bead, a golden bead cap and a 6mm white pearl bead to the head pin in sequence, making a loop at the end of the headpin and attach a piece of cross chain with it. Add a lobster claw clasp and 2 jump rings at the 2 ends of the chain as pictured. 
How nice this handmade pendant necklace is! Do you like it? You can follow my detailed instruction to make the cute pendant necklace now and send it to your little girl, and I can bet she will love it really!


Use Seed Beads In Home-based Craft

Seed beads are those little beads come in a range of colors and sizes, they are very elegant to look at and they could be used to make stylish and ethnic craft, you can use them on totally anything like wall hangings, ornamental cups and mugs, bracelets, earrings & necklaces, etc.

If you are into making your individual jewelry or like working with a loom, you might need to know where to purchase seed beads. These convenient little pieces of glass or metallic are the paint of an artist's loom or off loom beadwork and can be difficult or simple, large or small but normally any method in which it is created, the result is generally very attractive.

Formation of Seed Beads
Seed beads are consistently shaped and can be round or formed like short cylinders, as of the tiny size of seed beads, they look threatening to use. With a little endurance however, using seed beads can turn out to be quite fun as you discover all of the makings you can make.

These beads can be bought at most art resource stores or any additional store that has an art supply department. But for suitability sake, the best place to find a great variety would be on the internet. There are numerous sites that offer a vast choice in quality, size, color and price, though, you should read appraisals before purchasing, mainly auction sites; make sure you are not giving more than you would have paid for the beads on the singular seller's site.

Jewelry designing an interest among many people
Jewelry creation is becoming one of the maximum popular things to do and one of the maximum popular industries to start in America. When ornaments are home-based, they tend to be a little extra creative and friendly. People can have little jewelry companies do custom orders for them, making decorations that represent preferred sports teams and additional favorite things. There is also a diversity of different charms that can be used to make decorations.

Where do Seed Beads Grow?
Obviously, glass seed beads don't really grow, but the procedure involved can take as lengthy as 60 days. Nowadays, these beads are generally made automatically, but they started out as roughly quite involved. Sand would be melted, gradually, for nearly three weeks. Once the glass touched the right temperature, dyes would be added and then the form of glass was detached from the kiln and shaped into a hollow world of still melted glass.


A Jewelry Of Your Choice

We all love to wear jewelry. How wonderful would it be if we can wear a different type of jewelry every day? Would it not be nice to wear jewelry that not only matches our clothes, but also is in sync with the style and colour of our outfit? Well it sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? This is now possible due to the presence of aluminum wire . It is one of the most advanced types of jewelry in recent time. It is the new way of wearing jewelry. It is not only modern but also offers good value for money. The  jewelry made up of aluminum wire is a type of jewelry whereby you have to put little efforts to wear it. It is almost like you create a new jewelry yourself. 

Aluminum wire jewelry in fashion

What is the reason for aluminum wire  jewelry for being so famous? The first reason is that it is a very innovative and unique concept. It is also a reasonably new way of wearing jewelry. Secondly, it is very easy on the pocket as well. It may not compare to fine jewelry but it definitely ranks very highly in everyday jewelry wear. One can have a new jewelry to wear according to the dress they want. Moreover, they are very easily available everywhere- through your local market and also through online.   

Availability of the jewelry

These aluminum wire jewelry are available in a variety of designs, co lours, shapes and types.. The most unique feature of this type of jewelry is that they are available in an array of materials like glass, metal, acrylic etc. It is up to the wearer to choose the type of aluminum wire jewelry that they would like to wear.You can co-ordinate your dress . 

are many advantages of wearing  jewelry. The foremost advantage being that it allows the wearer to create a new jewelry for them every time. It allows you to create your own style. Further, you do not need a lot of space to store a lot of jewelry. You can have just a jewelry of your choice in order to give yourself a different look. 

Today this kind of jewelry has a great demand in the market. People like to wear it as it is very trendy and light in weight. You can always order the jewelry online where there are lot of choices from where you can get the one you want.


Making Blue Crystal Beaded Fringe Dangling Earrings

Hey, girls, do you like beading earrings? Today I will bring you a pair of crystal beaded earrings. I think this pair of beaded dangling earrings is quite delicate and it is suitable to wear in hot summer. Wanna have a look? Let’s start!

Supplies you’ll need in making the bead fringe earrings:
4mm blue glass beads
4mm clear glass beads
Clear drop glass beads
Eye pins
Iron chains
Jump rings
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Round nose plier
Step 1: Prepare 5 eye pins (with different lengths as pictured), thread several 4mm blue glass beads and clear glass beads to the eye pins in sequence and make a loop at each end of the eye pins. Add all the bead links to another eye pin with 4 blue glass beads alternated (making sure the longest one is in middle and the shortest is at beside), and then make a loop at the other end of the eye pin.
Step 2: Cut a piece of jewelry wire, add a clear drop beads to it and twist the wires together, then make a loop with the wires and wrap the wires around the loop. Repeat this step to make other 4 bead patterns.  
Step 3: Attach the five bead patterns to the 5 bead links one by one. Cue 2 pieces of 6cm cross chains, attach them to the 2 ends of the eye pin and connect the other 2 ends of the chains with a jump ring.
Step 4: Attach an earring hook to the jump ring, and continue to make the other beaded dangling earring.
Wow, this pair of blue beaded earrings is quickly finished now, sooo beautiful! I can bet you also love the crystal beaded earrings, so just try to make them yourself then! 


Handmade Cute Quilling Flower Ear Studs DIY

Do you like cute ear studs? Differ from normal drop earrings, ear studs are always small and pretty. And today I wanna show a pair of handmade quilling earrings to you all. With quilling papers and pearl beads, you can also make the flower ear studs quickly. Then, follow me to see!

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the DIY quilling earrings:
5mm Coffee Quilling Paper
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Iron Ear Stud
White Glue
Rolling Pen
Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut 5 pieces of coffee quilling papers (with each length about 15cm), and roll them into circular bead and glue the ends one by one. Pinch all the beads into petal shapes, and stick them together to form a flower, then add a 8mm white glass pearl bead on the center.
Step 2: Stick an iron ear stud to back of the quilling flower firmly. Repeat above steps to make the other ear stud as pictured.
Now, this pair of flower quilling earrings is finished quickly. So easy, right?
Here I choose coffee quilling paper, but you can choose other colors to make them. How do you think of this pair of cute ear studs? It will be really cool and fashionable to wear such a pair of DIY quilling earrings. If you like them, try to make ones yourself now!

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Use Seed Beads In Homemade Craft

Seed beads are given this name because of their very little size. Seeds are little and these beads are about the size of small seeds. But though they are little in size, they can be strung jointly to create a truly beautiful and very good jewelry. These beads are accessible in an extensive range of shapes and colors. When diverse colors of seed beads are connected or strung mutually, they make a rainbow effect which looks good-looking and cute. It is not only kids who would admire jewelry made from these beads, but adults also love the consequence and the look of them.

The Texture of seed beads
Seed beads are regularly shaped and could be round or shaped like small cylinders, because of the little size of seed beads, they look threatening to use. With a little endurance, however, using seed beads can become pretty fun as you find out all about the creations you can create.
Seed beads crafts are constantly popular, & you don't have to spend pretty money in order to have one for yourself. Have you ever considered making a seed bead craft? If so, you will get amazed on how fun and simple it is to create one.

Start Up With Ease
For beginners, you might make fringe earrings or beaded necklace through your seed beads, those trying will let you make a rapid earring or necklace that you can complete in one sitting. Seed bead floras are an extra challenging beading craft that is valued the effort, for they will add an attractive natural-looking jewel to your clothing.

What's more, seed bead could be used for your garments. Add seed beads to your clothing, they will turn a normal daily dress into a magnificent, one of a type creation. If all of these clothes look too daunting for you, this is a magnificent way to modernize old clothing.

Although seed beads are an adaptable craft item, their little size makes them hard to store professionally. To keep them contained without letting slip through little cracks, but also let you fast access to the precise type of bead you're looking for. Now below is the option on how to store those beads.


Something Significant About Lava Beads

Jewelry designers frequently look for exclusive decorations to fire up their jewelry making. These days, one of the mainly popular kinds of beads that jewelry designers use is lava beads. There are numerous reasons designers comprise lava beads in their creations and there are numerous reasons people wear jewelry prepared from them.

Famous among the fashion lovers
Lava beads might be a novel term for those who don't have any attention in jewelry and beaded ornaments as it is a novel addition in the field of fashion designing. But the fashion lovers and the youngsters who generally remain up to date with all and every addition in the field of style are much aware of this novel kind. It is equally well-liked in girls and boys, men and women as this product is not specified and limited to ladies accessories but it is getting a required part for boy's accessories too. Like you can find numerous wallets, jackets, gent's bracelets and belts and occasionally shirt buttons are also made up of Lava beads. Though, on a safer side these have more power on women's jewelry.

Change your whole attires by its use
Lava beads are between those things that actually add a novel and exclusive look to your overall attire. The best thing about using them lies in the qualities that the lava stone possesses. Naturally made/ formed lava stone has numerous qualities, as well as metaphysical ones like protection, richness and strength.

Quality of lava beads
Additionally a significant point to consider about lava beads is the constancy. They are porous so, not much durable and they require a lot of care while putting them on & where keeping them after use. Use proper large jewelry boxes to keep Lava Beads secure. If you handle them with care then you could have them with you for an extended time. So, if your lava beads do not get cracks in them then their beauty goes nowhere and you will understand that your decision to purchase this item was never incorrect.

Lava stone is regarded as stone of richness and strength. It is believed to give stability in times of change. It also offers understanding and help. They are earthy, yet stylish and the holes and bubbles which are created logically add great texture to the beads. Though, the beads which are accessible for purchase is treated through paraffin wax in order to make them smooth. The normal ones are quite rough.


Handmade Pearl Beaded Headband with Felt Flower

Hey, girls! Do you love pearl beaded headband? Pearl beaded jewelry is always elegant and pretty, and here I will share a DIY pearl headband with you all. This handmade headband is made with easy materials – pearls and felt. If you like it, then you can make this felt flower headband with this instruction later.
Supplies you’ll need in making the beads headband:
8mm White Round Pearl Beads  
Yellow Felt  
Hair Band Findings  
0.3mm Jewelry Wire
Iron Scissor
Glue Gun  
Step 1: Prepare a piece of yellow felt, and fold it into half, the glue the margin together as pictured and cut the felt as picture shows.

Step 2: Fold the felt together into a flower and stick it firmly as pictured.
Step 3: Tailor a piece of round shape with yellow felt and glue it with the flower together.

Step 4: Glue the felt flower onto a hair band finding.
Step 5: Glue several 8mm white round pearl beads onto the hair band finding as pictured.
See this felt flower headband, it is so easy in making yet so beautiful in appearance, do you agree with me? You can also change the felt flower into other color that you like, but I think the yellow flower is quite fresh and I like it so much. Just try to make this pearl beaded headband now.


DIY Simple Handmade Beaded Bracelet with Red Pearl and Seed Beads

Hi, friends! Do you love DIY beaded bracelet? Next I wanna show you a handmade beaded bracelet, and if you love this simple bead bracelet, you can also make one yourself at home. All the supplies are easy to find on Pandahall. Let’s see this red pearl bracelet together~

Supplies you’ll need in making the seed beads bracelet:
8mm red pearl beads
2mm clear seed beads
Crimp beads
Lobster clasp
Jump rings
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

Step 1: Cut a long piece of tiger tail (with a length about 80cm), folding it in half and slide a crimp bead on the wires. Pinch the crimp bead into flat to fix the wires and make a loop at left of the bead. Slide a clear seed bead to the wires, and slide 6 seed beads to each wire, then cross the 2 wires through a red pearl and then continue to slide 6 seed beads to each wire. Add a seed bead to the 2 wires then.
Step 2: Slide 6 seed beads to each wire, and cross the 2 wires through a red pearl again. Slide 6 seed beads to each wire and add a seed bead to the 2 wires again.

Step 3: Repeat above steps to make more bead patterns until the length of the bracelet is enough to you yourself. Add a crimp bead to the 2 wires at last and cross the wires through the bead and pinch the bead into flat to fix the wire. Cut off the excess wires, and connect the bracelet with a lobster clasp and 2 jump rings.

The finished DIY beaded bracelet is like this:

Wow, see this seed beads bracelet, how exquisite it is~ I love the colors this red pearl bracelet have, and it is suitable to wear this one in hot summer. If you’re interested in the DIY beaded bracelet as well, try to make one yourself now.