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Benefits of Buying Beads Wholesale

Beads wholesale are a popular purchase made in jewelry supplies shops. This is because they are the cornerstone of many jewelry making projects. Beads are versatile and they come in a variety of materials, sizes, designs and finishes. You will find beads made from precious material such as gold or silver, you will also find beads made out of the most basic materials. There are clay beads, wood beads and even glass beads. You will find people fashioning beads out of recyclable materials for example bone beads or beads made out of hooves. There is no limit to the number of beads there are out there.

This variety makes beads wholesale a favorite purchase for many people who see a lot of potential in the sheer scope of beads to choose from. You can use beads for so many things apart from jewelry making. You can mix and match them in a number of ways and come up with unique items. You can use beads from Panda Hall in art; you can also use them in home decor. You can use them in dress making and even use them in gardening to make your flower arrangement more interesting. You can also use these beads to make unique everyday items such as a key holder.

Buy beads online at affordable wholesale prices

Therefore, it makes sense to buy beads on wholesale instead of buying them in small quantities. This is because you can then use them for many different projects. If you limit yourself in terms of the amount of beads you buy, then you will also limit yourself in terms of what you can design using the beads at hand.

While you can buy beads on wholesale from your local bead shops or in craft markets, it is better to buy them from Buying beads online is not only a matter of convenience, but it is also a matter of saving money. Wholesale prices are not retail prices, you save money every time you make wholesale purchases because the price you are quoted is much less than what you would pay for the beads if you bought them on retail. Even if you are not using the beads to make items for sale, everyone wants to save money. This is one major reason why it makes sense to get your beads wholesale online.

If you make your purchases from online vendors, you find that they have such a wide selection to choose from. These are virtual shops that have so many different types of beads wholesale to choose from. The more variety you have to choose from, the better the choices you make concerning the types of beads you need for whatever craft or jewelry design you want to engage in. This is why it is good to buy beads on wholesale from online vendors.

4 Popular Types of Acrylic Beads for Jewelry Making

Acrylic beads are one of the most popular beads for crafters to choose while designing jewelry. This kind of beads is lightweight and fairly affordable. But the most significant factors for using acrylic beads are that they are diversified in colors, shapes, designs, sizes and so on. Any designer who is new to jewelry making can come out fancy creations with these bright colored acrylic beads. Here’re some trendy acrylic beads of special shapes that jewelry maker usually purchase.

Acrylic Alphabet Beads:
You can make interesting bracelets with your beloved one’s name on it by using acrylic alphabet beads.

Acrylic Drop Beads:
From the word “drop”, you will know it’s kind of hanging shape, and which can make great dangles for earrings, or pendants for necklaces.

Acrylic Butterfly Beads:
Butterfly is a cute shape that stands for girly, elegant style.

Acrylic Flower Beads:
Acrylic flower beads are most commonly used in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets than the above ones.


Advantages of Using Wholesale Jewelry Displays to Sell Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry displays are items on which you showcase your jewelry in a shop in their best light to attract buyers. These displays are not only meant for use in selling jewelry as you can also use them to store jewelry pieces in your home. Most of the displays that are used for jewelry storage have the advantage of displaying the jewelry while keeping it safe from dirt and other things that may affect its quality.

If you are a jewelry maker, using wholesale jewelry displays from Pandahall will be to your advantage. It has been discovered that using displays can increase the sale of jewelry in trade shows and expos. Hence, the next time you are going out to market your jewelry make sure that you showcase your designs using amazing displays so that you attract many customers to buy your items.

Jewelry displays will help you to organize your items, in a way, that the customer can easily see and access them. It is no use piling your necklaces in one place and having customers sift through a tangled mess. They will definitely give up and choose to buy from a designer with jewelry that is better organized. You will also find that you can display lots of jewelry using these items and a busy array of jewelry makes it look like there is something for everyone. In such cases, you will find that many people are attracted to such a display of jewelry to look for something that will suit their individual tastes.

Advantage of using displays

Wholesale jewelry displays will also add some glamour to your display. You will find that there are artistic displays that enhance the beauty of the jewelry. The better the display, the more that your customers will be encouraged to look at the items displayed. You cannot just display your jewelry items plainly and expect to get lots of people to come to buy your items. The more people that are attracted to your items the more sales you stand to make.

Lastly, you will be able to keep track of your jewelry items when using jewelry displays as opposed to not using them. This is because you will be able to set your items apart so that if one item is removed from the display you are able to tell it is missing. Otherwise, if you set out your jewelry in a jumbled mess, you may even have some items stolen without your knowledge.

Wholesale jewelry displays from pandahall are a good investment for any jewelry maker to invest in. You can also use them as a means of transporting your jewelry from place to place. You will find that there are many portable jewelry displays that you can use. When you purchase such portable displays you save time packing and unpacking the jewelry as you simply open and close your display as you wish. So why not buy jewelry displays today and increase the sale of your jewelry.


Wholesale Acrylic Beads: What Are They?

Beads are the most versatile jewelry making material you can find because they come in so many shapes, sizes and types. One of the most ignored yet valuable beads to use in making jewelry are wholesale acrylic beads from Panda Hall. These can simply be referred to as plastic beads. However, when you look at them, they can be mistaken for glass beads as the plastic used to make them resembles glass from afar. While these beads are not made out of glass, they are still just as beautiful if not more beautiful than glass beads and they have the added advantage of being stronger than beads made from glass.

You will find that many jewelry makers have a big stock of acrylic beads in their jewelry supplies kit. This is because these types of beads have a lot of advantages to them. However, the foremost advantage that makes it possible for every crafts person and jewelry maker to have these beads in stock is the fact that they are affordable. If you have just started making jewelry and are looking for beads that will not cost a lot but have the ability to make attractive jewelry capable of earning you a good income, then look no further than wholesale acrylic beads.

Acrylic beads are affordable

In addition to their affordability, these beads are strong. Even if they sometimes resemble glass beads, they have the added benefit of being impact resistant. This is because the material used to make them is quite strong and durable. Hence, where you want to make jewelry that will have to withstand a lot of wear and tear then acrylic beads are the right fit for you.

These beads also come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colors. This means that you are free to design jewelry in different patterns. These beads offer you excellent variety that is a creative person’s dream. With beads of different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, you will be able to make elaborate and unique designs that will set your jewelry apart from other jewelry items made by others.

Buy beads in bulk and get variety

Based on these advantages, it makes sense to buy acrylic beads in bulk. Buying beads in bulk will not only offer you lots of variety, but it will also offer you the chance to save money. This is because wholesale prices are not retail prices. You always buy things cheaper when you buy them on wholesale than when you buy them on retail.

You will save even more money if you choose to make your purchases online at Pandahall. That way you don’t have to move from your workshop or home as you can just order your beads and supplies from a reputable website. So get online and buy your wholesale acrylic beads today!


Making Bow Pendant Necklace with Turquoise Beads

It’s such a pretty handmade necklace! You may find it a little complicated to be finished, but actually it’s not. All you need to do is just stitching small beaded ring with turquoise beads, adding one black jade bead and repeat; then connecting heart turquoise beads, jumprings and lobster clasp. And great! A fancy girlish bow pendant turquoise necklace is easily done! Now you’ve witness the power of turquoise beads? Wanna have a try? Go ahead!


The Different Types of Wooden Beads Available for Jewelry Makers

Wooden beads are the most common type of beads to come across. However, this does not mean that they are useless. Quite to the contrary, beads made out of wood have numerous advantages. They are quite affordable and versatile in terms of their shape, color and size. For these reasons, these beads can be used to make a variety of items and are not necessarily confined to jewelry making alone.

The type of wood used to make a bead determines the kind of beads you will end up with. It makes sense for one to be aware of the types of woods that make beads so that this information guides you in getting the best beads for your craft. First thing you should be aware is that wood is divided into two. There is a type known as hardwood and there is soft wood. You will also find that these beads differ in terms of color and texture based on the type of wood they come from. So you will find beads that are gray, light brown, dark brown and red among other colors. This is a great advantage because you can use these beads to come up with a variety of designs by just using them in their natural state.

Spice up your beads

However, you are not restricted to using wooden beads as they come. You can add more value to them by painting or dying them. These beads are considered organic materials for jewelry making because they are natural. You can combine them with other organic items such as coral beads, shells, horns, and seeds to come up with very beautiful pieces of ethnic-inspired jewelry. These beads are also often used in creating nice home décor pieces such as beaded curtains. They are especially versatile and are a must have for anyone engaged in the art of jewelry making.

The other advantage of using these beads from Panda Hall is the fact that they are light in weight. This means that one can make quite elaborate jewelry pieces from these beads. Did you know that you can make your jewelry smell sweet by using certain types of wood beads? This is true because certain types of woods such as sandalwood are renowned for their aroma and they make quite interesting beads.

You can also use beads from Pandahall as a way of making affordable but exquisite jewelry by coating the beads with materials such as gold or silver. You may also cover it with metals such as bronze. People who choose such options do so to cut costs and also come up with jewelry that is not too heavy for a client to wear. In many cases, you don’t even have to add anything to wood beads as in their natural state they are quite attractive. This is especially the case with wooden beads from panda hall that have rare grains such as quilted and fiddle- back grains that give the beads elaborate patterns. So buy you wood beads from a wide selection at Panda Hall today!