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What You Never Knew About Lava Beads

It is common knowledge that lava beads are formed from the lava stone-which is precious and a great component of beautiful jewelry. This gemstone has gained popularity in the recent past and you can always enjoy go for it whether you are a novice or seasoned jewelry maker. Importantly, it is one of those gemstones that will not make your jewelry chunky as it is light in weight. The following are some vital factors that you should know about just before your make this gemstone your top choice;

Unique Lava Beads

The lava beads are unique because they come in different shapes, designs, and sizes of lava stones. This makes it possible for you to enjoy to get the best possible jewelry on the market at very competitive price.  You can get some that are dyed to make them outstanding. Importantly, they come in different colors making it possible for you to choose your favorite without any hassle. It is equally great if you have some knowledge on how they are formed. In a nutshell, it is a complicated volcanic process that allows nature to spew the molten rocks on the top strata before they are cooled leading to the formation of these rocks.

Key Fact

The different lava beads are used to create high quality jewelry that you can always adorn and look like a beauty queen.  Whilst you can wear them as pendants, some people prefer to use them on necklaces. In all case one things stands out-they do not only enhance mystique value but at the same time enhance beauty. It can be shaped in many different designs and these are some of the things that you will always love about this gemstone. Do not hesitate to consult with experts in case you have any questions on the lave beads. This is especially when it comes to the quality and polishing of the stones.

What to consider as a designer

If you are a jewelry maker and have preferred to use these stones, you are always guaranteed of some important things and these include;
  1. ·         Light weight nature of the jewelry makes it pretty easy to design.
  2. ·         The stones come in different sizes and this is a plus for any jewelry maker.
  3. ·         The gemstones come at various shapes and this is something that you will always find it quite enjoyable to work with.

All in all lava beads send a strong fashion statement to whoever wears them.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Heart Hanging Ornaments DIY

Hey, dears! Wanna make heart hanging ornaments to décor your house? Today’s project – DIY heart ornament- will be great to décor your house. With wires and beads, you can also make the wire wrapped heart pendants at home. So, follow me to have a look at the DIY wire heart now~
Supplies you’ll need in making the wire wrapped heart pendants:
1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire
6mm Light Green Bicone GlassBeads
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
Pink Flat Round Beads 
9mm Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
0.3mm Golden Jewelry Wire
Golden Headpins
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Step 1: Cut a piece of 1.5mm golden aluminum wire, twist it into a heart shape and make a small loop at the 2 ends of the wire.
Step 2: Cut a piece of 0.3mm golden jewelry wire, wrap it around the heart bottom and then wrap it along the aluminum wire.
Step 3: Add a 6mm light green glass bead to the jewelry wire, wrap the wire to fix the bead and long the aluminum wire, then add a green bead and wrap the wire as pictured.
Step 4: Repeat above steps to add more light green glass beads and wrap the wire along the wire heart till the end.
Step 5: Slide a 6mm pearl bead, a 6mm light green glass bead, an 8mm pearl bead and a pink flat round bead to a head pin in sequence, make a loop at the other end of the head pin and attach it to the heart as pictured.
Step 6: Cut a piece of pink ribbon, tie it with the heart and make a bow as pictured.
Now, the DIY heart ornament is finished quickly. Love it? With such handmade heart ornaments, I think your house will be quite sweet, do you think so? Try to make the lovely DIY wire heart to décor your house now~ 

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How to Buy High Quality Seed Beads Online

It is important to know what seed beads are before placing an order to buy them in bulk. To begin with, these are short pieces of articulately chopped glass cane that are usually heated in order to form smooth shapes. In most cases, they tend to be round shaped (rocailles). The popular ones readily available on the market place are Japanese, Czech or Chinese.  The others that fall under this particular category are hex, bugle, and square beads not to mention the delica and triangle beads. The following are must-consider factors to look into in regard to making a purchase online;

Number of Beads

It is imperative to consider the number if beads in particular lot you want to purchase. This will not only save you time counting physically but will save you money, too. It is acknowledged that most come in 16” strand; nevertheless, the length tends to vary from one brand to the other.  If you want to be on the safer side, see to it that you ask before spending your hard-earned money. At the end of the day, the more you buy these types of beads in bulk the better it is for you.

Try to diversify and check photos

It is highly recommended that you try to diversify in regard to where you make purchases. This is something that will give you a much better picture who offers the best deal. Furthermore, look at the photos of the beads to determine if they are the exact product you want to purchase.  Start by placing a small order before the big one so that you’re pretty sure about what you are ordering. In fact, take time and check every strand after your products finally arrive.

Where to buy

The best online stores are characterized by the following

·         Licenses; take note that your seller must be licensed by relevant authorities lest you lose your money to dubious traders.
·         Insurance; the best way to be safe is ensure that the online store you’re transacting with is insured by recognized insurance companies.
·         Reputation; the highly reputed online stores are simply the best, look no further.
·     Variety; make it a point that your seller has variety of seed beads and must be of the best quality available on the market.
·         Payment options; it goes without saying that with payment options transactions are a breeze.

If you consider the above mentioned points, you will get top-notch products at very competitive prices. 


DIY Handmade Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Beads

Wanna DIY wire bangle yourself? Today’s project may be a good choice for you to have a nice try. This is a wire wrapped bangle bracelet with beads, and it is really personalized, so if you also want to make such a handmade wire bracelet, just follow my detailed instruction to make one.
Supplies you’ll need in making the wire bracelet with beads:
6MM Round Jade Beads (purple, pink, blue)
10MM White Cat Eye Beads
3MM purple Glass Pearl Beads
0.5 MM Golden Jewelry Wires
0.3 MM Silver Jewelry Wires
1.5MM Blue Aluminum Wire
Golden Brass Bangle

Step 1: Cut a piece of blue aluminum wire, fold the wire into half and wrap it together as pictured.

Step 2: Cut a piece of silver jewelry wire, thread a purple pearl to it, fold the wire into half and thread the 2 ends through a white cat eye bead, then wrap the silver wire with the blue aluminum wire together, and then wrap the aluminum wire to a brass bangle as pictured.

Step 3: Cut a long piece if golden jewelry wire, wrap it to the right side of the bangle, add a blue jade bead and continue to wrap it around the bangle.
Step 4: Add a purple jade bead to the wire and wrap it around the bangle as pictured and continue to add more beads and wrap it with the bangle.

Step 5: Do the same steps to make the left side as pictured.
This beading bangle is finished quickly now, do you like it? As for me, such a handmade wire bracelet is so easy to make that I will try to make one for myself. If you are also interested in this DIY wire bangle, just join me to make it now! 

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Some Of The Interesting Facts About Lava Beads

Those who want to have a new look in your custom made jewelry, then the best way to do that is by involving a variety of beads in your design. In today's time, fashion jewelry which has beads in its design is quite popular and one of the sorts of beads that are progressively discovering its way in the designing of jewelry is none other than the Lava Beads. These beads look natural, but then are exquisite and have their very own appeal. In order to buy them in bulk you need to contact a wholesaler and the best one in today's time is Pandahall.

If you need to purchase these beads to utilize them in your jewelry making, then here are a couple of certainties that you ought to know about.

·    As the name infers, these beads are framed from the magma which is delivered when a spring of gushing lava ejects. Lava Beads are really comprised of basalt - which is a sort of molten rock that is shaped amid a volcanic emission.

·        Underneath the surface of a dynamic spring of gushing lava, the temperature and the weight are such that they can soften rock. That is the reason when a fountain of liquid magma emits it gives out liquid rock. However, when it interacts with the cool air of the Earth it starts to harden. As a consequence of this, stone globules are shaped. The most widely recognized states of these stone dots are rounds, ovals, cuts, circles, roundels, teardrops, and saucers.

·       The porous characteristic of these stones implies that they have numerous openings and air pockets, which likewise makes them exceptionally lightweight. This property makes them perfect for adornments making as they can be effortlessly strung. Additionally, adornments made utilizing these beads are light and henceforth exceptionally agreeable to wear.

·    Natural Lava Beads come in three hues - dark, dim and cocoa. Notwithstanding, today they are regularly colored and henceforth you can discover them in a few hues. These stones have an unpleasant surface, which can be very grating; hence the dots that are sold for adornments making objects are treated with paraffin wax to make them smooth.

·    Because of their physical properties, magma dots additionally have extraordinary centrality. Lava Beads are viewed as an image of ripeness, perseverance and quality. It is accepted to give soundness in tumultuous times. Since they originate from the Earth, it is said that it fortifies our association with our planet. It dissipates outrage, concretes our convictions and gives direction, clarity and trust in troublesome times. 


DIY Easy Handmade Button Bracelet for Kids

Hey, dear readers! Have you seen bracelet with buttons? Do you love jewelry craft which is made with lovely buttons? And today, I will show a DIY button bracelet with you all. If you are also interested in making handmade button bracelet, just follow me to make one yourself. Now, let’s see this DIY button bracelet together.
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the easy button bracelet:
Mixed Acrylic Buttons
Iron Twisted Chain
Jewelry Pliers
Step 1: Cut many pieces of jewelry wires, add many blue acrylic buttons in different sizes to the jewelry wires respectively and twist the wires to fix them.
Step 2: Attach all the buttons to a twisted chain one by one as pictured.
Now, this bracelet with buttons is finished quickly.
See this bracelet with buttons, how easy and pretty it is! This is also a great button bracelet for kids, and you can make it with your kids, please be careful of the pointed wires and the sharp pliers while your kids made the bracelet. Anyway, hope you like it and have a nice try~ 


DIY Handmade Chain Necklace with Bottle and Fish Pendant

Have you seen bottle pendant necklace before? Here I will show a DIY pendant necklace with bottle and fish pendant. I love the creative design so I wanna share with you all. Hope you will like it as well.

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making chain necklace:
Clear Glass Bottles
Red Glass Caviar Nail Beads
Screw Eye Pin Bail Peg
Fish Pendant
Necklace End Clasps
Jump Rings
Silver Twisted Chain
Needle Nose Plier

Step 1: Insert an eye pin bail peg into a cap of the bottle, add enough red glass caviar nail beads to the bottle and insert the cap into it. Add a fish pendant with the bottle by a jump ring, then cut a piece of silver twisted chain and attach the twisted chain with the pendant as pictured.
Now the fish pendant necklace is finished quickly, see it, do you love it?
I just finished this handmade pendant necklace within a quite short time, you see. Through this DIY pendant necklace is really easy to make for both green hands and professionals, it is so unique and creative. With such a simple bottle pendant necklace, I can bet you will be happier while going out, and you will be eye-catching in the crowds. Just try to make one yourself~