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Know the Different Varieties of Seed Beads

Seed beads have become incredibly popular in recent times thanks to their enhanced versatility that makes them a worthwhile choice to use in numerous beading and crafting projects. Some jewelry designers essentially refer to them as rocailes and are common in the making of not just jewelries but also embroidery projects as well. The numerous applications in which the beads can be put into means that you have every reason in the world to consider using them and here are some of the various varieties that you should consider buying.

Czech seed beads

The Czech seed beads are known for their characteristic donut or bagel shape. Unlike what most people thing, these beads are essentially not tall as such as they are actually wide and feature some nice round edges as well as some extremely small holes. When you order the beads, they will come in the form of hank which you can consider using in embroidery work. This variety is a top favorite for many due to its incredibly beautiful look that gives you every reason in the world as to why you should consider buying it.
Indian & Chinese varieties

India and China are also known to be among the top producers of seed beads and pride themselves in having some great varieties that you should certainly consider for your project. However, something that is common with these beads is their lack of uniformity due to their uneven shape that makes working with them a little hard. But for those who have an experience in working with these beads, they can make some incredibly beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Moreover, these beads are the best to consider using for various kids’ crafting projects as they are easy to learn with.

Japanese seed beads

The Japanese varieties of seed beads come with a relatively different shape when compared to their counterparts of Czech, China and India. Mainly, they not only feature some larger holes but are also taller as well. The good news is that when it comes to Japanese varieties, you will be confronted with many different color selections to consider and you will certainly be able to find the best one for your project. Their size and shape are usually uniform and this means that working with the beads is incredibly easier.

Delica seed beads

These are perhaps the least known varieties of seed beads but this is not to mean that they are in anyway inferior from the rest. In fact, any jewelry designer who had a chance to work with these beads will tell you that they are among the best you can ever find on the market. Their shape is usually uniform thus making them incredibly easy to work with and have quite large holes.

If you want to buy beads that are of high quality and in the most convenient way possible, the internet is the best place to shop for these beads and you will get some fantastic offers for them. 


3 Types of Handmade Crystal Jewelry Collection

Love the whole collection of handmade crystal jewelries, especially the chic headband! Get me in the mood and can't wait to create one!! Thanks!

via Three Typical Types of Handmade Crystal Jewelries

Hello guys! Today I am going to show you three types of impressive handmade crystal jewelries. I don’t know how much do you guys like crystal jewelry, but for me, it’s really hard to resist the temptation of those sparkling things. And I can bet that most girls cannot say no to those beautiful crystal jewelry sets. If you don’t agree with my point, then finish reading this article first, and show me your new points later.
crystal jewelries
How about these crystal jewelries shown in the picture? You can’t deny that they are pure and fantastic, right? If you are not so satisfied with them, it doesn’t matter, we’ve got more. Let’s see some specific crystal jewelries made by our customers, I bet you’ll definitely love them!
Crystal bracelets
crystal bracelet
This crystal bracelet is designed by our customer Amanda Klingstedt. Besides the handmade transparent crystal beads, she also used brass rhinestone beads which make the bracelet seems much cooler. And apart from its gorgeous appearance, another reason I love this bracelet is that it’s easy to match any kinds of clothes.
crystal bracelet
What’s your first impression about these two colorful bracelets? Well, when I first saw them, the blue and green glass beads of the left bracelet just reminded me of the beautiful sea beach in summer days, and the lively red of the right one made me think of Christmas. They are designed by Julija Dukate and Надежда Жмакина, different styles, but the same adorable.
Crystal earrings
After seeing impressive crystal bracelets, let’s take a look at crystal earrings.
crystal earrings
The designer of these lovely earrings are Radka Bílková, Marina Akinina, Jacob Stumpf, Subbu Vaithy, Veronica Malchevskaya, and Jana Morgo?ová. As you can see, these earrings vary in shapes, colors, and even styles, the only thing they have in common is that they are crystal. How changeable crystal jewelries are! Don’t you feel more interested in them?
Crystal necklaces
At last, let’s see some glaring crystal necklaces.
crystal necklace
The designers are Monica Benz, Марина Кириченко, and Olga Evgenievna Lebed. Among all these three necklaces above, which one is your favorite? The first one is elegant, the second one is lovely, and the third one delicate, it’s really hard to make a choice, right?
After seeing all these splendid crystal jewelries made by our customers, do you have any impulsion to make one by yourself? If you have any crystal jewelry designs, or ideas, welcome to share them with us!


Advantages of Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies Online

When it comes to buying wholesale jewelry supplies, the internet has been reputed as the best place to order them from. The internet offers jewelry designers a legitimate and cost effective option to get the kind of supplies they want for their project. Even though you can still buy these supplies from your local store or on the high streets, buying online is reputed as the best option as it comes with numerous advantages that you definitely can’t afford to miss out on as highlighted here below.
Great convenience

Perhaps the main reason why most people wouldn’t hesitate to order wholesale jewelry supplies from the internet is due to the great convenience that this option offers. In fact, when you are shopping on the internet, the last thing you should worry about is the great inconveniences you have to go through when it comes to real shopping like driving your car to the local store, pushing a trolley and spending all your precious time moving from one store to the other looking for exactly what you want. With online shopping, all these hustles and hurdles are completely eliminated and you can enjoy yourself as you shop for all the supplies that you might possibly want.

Affordable prices

There is nowhere else that you are assured of getting the most affordable deals you can ever wish for than with buying wholesale jewelry supplies online. As a jewelry designer, you definitely don’t want to spend a fortune buying the supplies you want and you will want to maximize on your savings as much as possible. Fortunately, the internet is the best place to get all the supplies you want at the fairest prices possible. As such, you can be sure that you won’t have to spend a fortune ordering the supplies you need and this means that you can afford to buy many supplies than with any other option.

Great selection

When it comes to buying wholesale jewelry supplies, finding a great selection of supplies is something that really matters a lot and thankfully, there is no better place to get such great deals than on the internet. Internet suppliers usually stock products of different varieties on their stores and you can certainly take full advantage of this to get everything that you want. The fact that online suppliers are not in anyway constrained by space means that they can stock numerous items than you can ever imagine and you can be sure that you will be able to get everything you need from them.

As you can see, you have a lot to gain by deciding to buy your wholesale jewelry supplies from the internet. Doing so is one of the best ways to save some good money and ensure that you don’t end up spending more than you should. The most important thing is that you do your homework well and be able to find the most reputable sellers who will sell you high quality process at fair prices. 


3 Wire Wrapped Hair Accessories Must See

Some girls are too shy to wear statement hair accessory. If you are not one of them, you should better read on the post of 3 wire wrapped hair accessory and create your own headbands without spending too much money on materials and tools.
My hair is getting longer and longer this summer, and these tutorials were very useful for me. They are very stylish, delicate and fancy, and when your hair is messy you can still put a headband or a hair clip and you will look gorgeous. Enjoy and fun!

#1 Floral Hair Clip with Jewelry Wire and Beads
This is a delicate form of hair accessories and is very stylish. You can use a few of beads, wire and blank hair clips to create such an exquisite floral hair clip. You can wear it at many occasions, from work, to an evening out or to the gym.

#2 Wire Pearl Beaded Bridal Headpiece with Colorful Seed Beads
DIY a handmade wire headpiece for bridal is becoming a fashion choice now. Take a look at this tree branch pearl bridal headpiece, it is made up of 6mm white pearl beads, colorful 3mm seed beads and 0.3mm copper wire. This headpiece gives you a delicate look and emphasizes your face.

#3 Beaded Wedding Hair Accessory for Bride
Apart from above wire headpiece, here is another piece of beaded hair accessory for bride. Be creative and wear the hair accessory across your hair. Welcome the wedding with a romantic and hippie look.

If you want to add a girly and fashion touch to your boring outfits, above 3 hair accessories could be the best way to go. Create it to fit your face shape and you can wear them without any edition. Which one do you like most? Share your comments with me. :)


How to Make Men's Beaded Bracelet

Today I will share a men's beaded bracelet tutorial with you. THIS is an easy craft to be quick finished! Enjoy!
DIY Men’s Beaded Bracelet—a Special Gift for Your Father
Hello guys! Instead of making jewelries for girls, today we are going to do something different: I will show you how to make a cool men’s beaded bracelet. You know, Father’s Day is approaching, if you are considering preparing a gift for your father, but you don’t have any exact ideas what to buy, then you may try this stylish DIY men bead bracelet. Now let’s see what we need to do to make this beaded bracelet.
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Materials needed to make a beaded bracelet for men:
8mm mixed color natural agate beads
6mm coffee wood beads
6mm black wood beads
6mm brown pearl beads
Crimp beads
Bicone Tibetan beads
Tibetan flower bead
Tibetan tubulose bead spacer
5-strand slider lock clasp
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Instruction on how to make a men’s beaded bracelet:
Step 1: Cut a section of tiger tail which is about 60cm in length, fold it in half, thread it to the first loop of the slide lock clasp, then slide a crimp bead to the end of the wires, and pinch it. After that, thread 16 coffee beads, one bicone Tibetan bead, one flower Tibetan bead, one bicone bead, and 16 coffee beads to the wires in order.
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Step 2: Slide another crimp bead to the other side of the wires, and thread the wires to the first loop. Fix the first beaded strand after cutting the excess wires.
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Step 3: Make the rest three strands. Fix the second strand on the second loop of the slide lock clasp, and make sure it has 9 black wood beads, one bicone Tibetan bead, 14 black wood beads, one Tibetan bicone bead, and 9 black wood beads. Attach the third strand, which has 21 natural agate beads, on the forth loop; and the last strand with 15 brown pearl beads, one tubulose Tibetan bead spacer and 15 brown pearl beads, on the fifth loop.
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Step 4: Finish your special men’s beaded bracelet by connecting the slide lock clasp.
Beaded Bracelet for Men
Beaded Bracelet for Men
This personalized beaded bracelet for men looks decorous and manly, right? So don’t be hesitated, just join us and make your own beaded bracelet for your dad. There is no doubt that he will be happy to receive your DIY gift for him on Father’s Day. And of course, don’t forget to tell him that you love him from the bottom of your heart!


Using Wholesale Seed Beads and Bugle Beads in Jewelry Making

Wholesale seed beads have become a firm favorite for jewelry makers. Although they are simple beads, they can be used to come up with amazing jewelry pieces. The jewelry items you make from seed or bugle beads can be used to compliment different forms of attire. So, whether you are in casual or formal wear, you can be sure that accessories made from seed and bugle beads will adorn your look tastefully.

-    What are seed and bugle beads?

When many people hear about wholesale seed and bugle beads, they often ask for more information about seed and bugle beads. Some people mistakenly think that as per the name, seed beads are made out of different types of seeds. This is quite funny and completely off the mark. The truth is the terms is normally used to refer to uniformly shaped spherical beads often used in beaded weaving made from different materials. They are often strung together to make simple jewelry items or used as spacers between other types of beads in jewelry making. Most of the time, these beads have to be strung together using beading needles because their holes are quite small. However, the finished product is always pleasing to the eye because these beads are available in different colors, finishes and coatings.

-    What about Bugle beads?

Another question you get when dealing with wholesale is what are Bugle beads? Many people think that Bugle beads are some exotic form of beads, but they are simply a type of seed bead. They are normal seed beads and the only difference is that they are not short, round and circular but long, cylindrical and tube-like. They range in size between 1.5mm and 35 mm and are available in various finishes, colors, and coatings. They are often used for bead weaving and clothes embroidery.

-    Importance of buying wholesale seed and bugle beads

Purchasing items on wholesale is buying them in large quantities that warrant a cheaper price than you would get with retail purchases. The purchase of beads on wholesale is a common practice with jewelry makers, bead sellers, and craft lovers. This is because they can make higher profits by reselling the beads or products they make from the beads than if they purchase the beads on retail.
The prices of wholesale seed and bugle beads are much lower than retail because the middle-man costs are cut out. Retail prices are higher than wholesale prices in bead markets because retail sellers have to factor in the middle man. These middlemen costs trickle down to the jewelry makers, bead sellers, and craftspeople that purchase beads on retail.

When jewelry makers purchase wholesale seed and bugle beads, they have a lot of beads available to create a variety of jewelry items using the many seed and bugle beads at their disposal. These beads are not just for jewelry making as they make beautiful lamp shade fringes, curtain partitions and can also be used in clothes embroidery. So purchase your seed beads and bugle beads today!


Top 5 Beaded Earrings Roundup

Be still your eyes (no matter what)! Beaded earrings, including beaded hoop earrings, beading wire earrings, beaded chandelier earrings, beaded fringe earrings and beaded dangle earrings are nearly the most flavor earrings for jewelry designers to make. Agree? This week I will share 5 Beading Earrings Roundup with a last Beaded Earrings Tutorial. To create your own earrings, let's have a look at the roundup!

Pandahall LC Center starts us off with Howto Make Native American Beaded Hoop Earrings, perfect for new designers! Super simple materials you need to prepare: seed beads in black, white, red and yellow color; jewelry wire and earring making supplies like earring hooks, jump rings.

JudyLarson takes us back to Jewelry making class to make this delicate and elegant Beaded Wire Earrings.

Need a simple beaded earring idea? These DIYBling Bling Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings can be made in minutes!

Anabel encourages us to make turquoise and gold beaded fringe earrings! So cute!

Kiwi Kiss crochets handcrafted beaded dangle earrings with cool green gemstones, jewelry wire and other basic earring making supplies.

Whether you want or love to make pretty beaded earrings, how to wrap or how to slide or else technique puzzle, hope this can help you in some way. And I am very glad to see you showing off your new crafts of earring designs! :


What is Snap Jewelry?

Many people feel an outfit is not complete without at least a piece of jewelry such as snap jewelry to accessorize it. The fact is these days, ornamental accessories are not just worn by men but also by women. Hence, anyone who wears jewelry knows the benefit of having classic jewelry pieces that look good with many outfits. There is no need of buying a piece of jewelry that you can only wear only for a special occasion. It's much better to invest in accessories that you can wear for any occasion.

-          Jewelry that offers variety
Variety is the concept behind snap jewelry. This type of accessory is the type that can be worn in various designs to come up with a different look each time. This jewelry also has buttons on it that can be interchanged to change the appearance of the jewelry item. Alternatively, some of the buttons can be taken out and replaced with others to change the look of the jewelry.

-          Affordable jewelry
This type of jewelry is affordable jewelry for everyday use. This type of jewelry works well as a day to day accessory. It is exquisite jewelry that you can use for any occasion although it cannot compare to expensive jewelry such as diamond and gold accessories. You will find many people keeping aside their expensive jewelry for very special occasions and using this interchangeable jewelry pieces as their staple jewelry items.

-          Preserve your precious accessories
One of the reasons why many people prefer to use such jewelry for day to day accessorizing is to preserve expensive jewelry. Interchangeable jewelry is quite affordable hence there is no fear of loss or theft as you go through the day. Using this type of jewelry will allow you to preserve your valuable jewelry either because it is too expensive to wear regularly, or it is a gift you cherish and want to save as a heirloom.

-          Mix and match jewelry designs
Interchangeable jewelry is a dream come true for fashion lovers who love to mix and match their accessories. This jewelry can be transformed by changing the buttons on the jewelry so you can match your jewelry piece to any outfit you choose to wear. Many people carry buttons of various colors so that they can match their jewelry to the outfit they are wearing at all times.

-          Jewelry that is convenient to own
Snap jewelry offers a lot of conveniences especially because it’s easy to carry around. It reduces significantly the amount of jewelry you carry when traveling. Instead of carrying many bangles, necklaces and earrings, two or three pieces along with different colored buttons is all you need to carry. It's common for people to buy this jewelry based on the predominant color palate in their wardrobes. This way, they have an accessory for every outfit, and they don’t have to keep buying loads of jewelry all the time.

-          Purchase your jewelry online

It's easy to purchase Snap jewelry online. The beauty of purchasing jewelry online is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You just go online and browse through the available jewelry designs and pick your preference then pay. In many cases, the jewelry is delivered right to your doorstep. So why not order your jewelry today!


Saturday Inspiration: Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons

Happy Saturday! And happy Sunday for tomorrow! :)
Whether you're looking for new project inspiration or not, whether you have an idea or not, whether you spend the day with your family, kids, best friends or pet, I hope you are having a happy weekend! And here are my favorite post of the week! Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons - share with you. Enjoy!
Cabochon Jewelry with CabochonsDo you love wearing something special in this summer season? Well, cabochon jewelry are definitely your best choice. Cabochon jewelry is a kind of chunky and colorful-look jewelry which make of cabochons. These cabochons generally have a flat back and undrilled feature, which also in a rainbow of colors, from transparent, translucent to opaque; and in different shapes like flat round, oval, heart, star, square, drop or else shapes. You can use them to create cabochon bracelets, cabochon necklaces, cabochon rings, cabochon earrings, etc. You can also use clear glass cabochons to glue onto letters or photos for a glass cabochon craft. Today I will share some cabochon jewelry with all you guys. Let’s enjoy and get inspired.
#1 Cabochon Bracelets
The multicolor cabochon bracelet (pictured below) uses polymer clay cabochons and glass rhinestone cabochons to decorate a vintage charm bracelet. These flower shaped beadings are great mix of peach and cream.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#2 Cabochon Rings
DIY nail polish rings with cabochons could be a great idea in this summer! Prepare the materials as polishes, base coat, top coat, clear glass cabochons, and ring banks. Then you can DIY your own style of cabochon rings by yourself!
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#3 Cabochon Earrings
If you are looking around for some pretty cabochon earrings, here they are! Main jewelry making supplies: resin cabochons and ear stud settings. With the feature of vivid color, flower shape and a completely flat side, resin cabochons are perfect beadings for adhering to flat components to make beautiful earrings.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#4 Cabochon Necklaces
There are other kinds of jewelry – cabochon necklaces, which are made of glass cabochons or resin cabochons. Super simple craft – stick on a pattern, then cover on the glass. Use these cabochons with any flat components on a cord or a chain to be a delicate necklace.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
If you are always wondered cabochon jewelry ideas, here it is! In the meantime, enjoy some information about cabochons. Each jewelry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. How do you plan to make any kind of cabochon craft? Share with us!


DIY Shell Pendant Necklace

For the first week of June, since we all love summer, I thought I should share a summer craft - DIY Shell Pendant Necklace with you. This pendant necklace is easy to make, fun to wear and elevate all your summer outfits. Keep reading to see the detail tutorial.

Materials you need to prepare:
aluminum wire
pearl beads (I choose 6mm and 4mm white, 4mm blue)
sea shell beads
nose pliers
DIY jewelry tool sets

How to make shell pendant necklace:
1. Use 20cm aluminum wire to wrap a tiger wire on the shell as the picture show.

2. Wrap another tiger wite on the shell with another 20cm aluminum wire as the picture show.

3. Add white and blue pearl beads to the shell with plastic gun.

Finished! This is the final look of the shell pendant necklace. Have you ever maken pendant necklace with shell beads? Share with us and comment below! LOL...