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Easy Tutorial about How to Make Gold Dangle Earrings

Hello guys, do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, you are lucky enough. Today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make cheap gold dangle earrings. Let’s see together.
0.3mm copper wire, 0.8mm copper wire, brass chains, earring hooks, iron bead spacers, transparent drop beads
Steps for how to make the long gold dangle earrings:
Step 1: prepare the dangles of the long dangle earrings
Firsttrim off a length about 10cm 0.3mm copper wire, thread the wire through a transparent drop bead, wind the wire about 1cm and shape a loop. Then wind the redundant wire around the bead. Prepare another 3 transparent drop beads according to the same way.
Second, trim off 4 strips of chains about 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm and add the wrapped transparent drop beads to the chains.

Step 2Finish the long gold dangle earrings
First, trim off a length about 10cm 0.8mm copper wire, shape a loop at one end, then wind the wire to form a circle and keep the redundant wire straight, showing as picture below.
Second, add an iron bead spacer to the 0.8mm copper wire, pass the shortest chain dangle through the wire, and slide an iron bead once again. Prepare the left 3 chain dangles in the same way. Be sure of that they are placed from short to long.
Third, trim off the redundant wire and make a loop at the end, then add earring hooks to the loop.
Our final look of the gold dangle earrings:
How do you feel like about it? It looks very nice and delicate, right? Besides, it's also pretty easy to make. If you wanna do it yourself, just take action! Hope you like it~ and wish you a good day.