Crafting Wires


Pretty Wire Wrapped Rings You Never Miss!

Happy Monday guys, would you like to get some refreshment? Making easy diy wire wrapped rings is a right choice. Today I am going to share you a tutorial about how to make DIY wire wrapped rings. Please follow me to see in details.
Jewelry making supplies:
0.8mm silver copper wire, 20mm mixed acrylic buttons, 17mm mixed acrylic buttons, wire cutter pliers, flat pliers.

Instructions on making wire wrapped rings.
Step 1: prepare ring circles of the wire wrapped ring.
(1) Trim a length of 20cm copper wire.
(2) Add 1/4 length of the copper wire to an object, whose size is the same as your finger’s size, then, wrap the other end of the copper wire around the object 4 circles.
(3) Bend both of the adjustable ends upright, shaping an angle of 90 degrees against the ground.

Step 2: prepare a decoration of the button ring.
(1) Thread 2 buttons through both of the adjustable ends, according to the sequence from big to small.
(2) Wind both of ends together and twine them to the center shaping a spiral.
(3) Loop the remaining wire to one side of the ring circle, and wind the end around it.
(4) Continue to wrap the other wire showing as picture below.

The final look of the easy diy wire wrapped ring.

I guess you must be attracted with the pretty wire wrapped ring! Why don’t you try it yourself now?