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Handmade Floral Beaded Bracelet with Flower Acrylic Beads

Wanna make handmade floral bracelets? Here I will show you a flower acrylic beads bracelet with you guy, and it is really charming, I like it so much. Hope you’ll like it as well. 
Transparent Flower AcrylicBeads
Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads
Bead Caps
Tibetan Style Toggle Clasp
Toggle Clasps
Jump Rings
Tibetan Silver Ring       
Twisted Chains
Step 1: Cut a piece of twist chain (with a length about 20cm) and add the toggle clasp to the ends of it with jump ring.
 Step 2: Slide a light blue pearlized acrylic bead, a light blue flower acrylic bead and a bead cap to a headpin, then make a loop at the other end of the headpin.
Step 3: Slide a deep blue pearlized acrylic bead, a deep blue flower acrylic bead and a bead cap to a headpin, then make a loop at the other end of the headpin.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 and step 3 to make more such bead patterns.
Step 5: Slide a light blue acrylic bead and a bead cap to a head pin, and slide a deep blue acrylic bead and a bead cap to another head pin, then make a loop at the other end of the headpins.
Step 6: Repeat step 5 to make other more such bead patterns. And make several acrylic bead patterns with light blue and deep blue acrylic beads as pictured.
Step 7: Attach all the bead patterns to each side of the chain with jump rings as pictured.
Hey guys, this floral bracelet is finished now, have you fallen in love with it? It will be nice to wear such a charming flower beaded bracelet, do you agree with me? Try to make one now! 


DIY a Pair of Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings

Wire Wrapped earrings are always popular, so here I wanna share a simple heart earrings with you guy. The wire wrapped heart earrings are so easy for even a green hand to make, so if you like, follow me to make a pair yourself.
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the handmade heart earrings:
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Twisted Chain
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Step 1: Snick off a piece of silver aluminum wire, twist it to a heart shape, then repeat to make other 5 heart shape patterns with blue and purple aluminum wires.
Step 2: Prepare 2 pieces of twisted chains and attach them to earring hooks respectively, then add a blue wire heart, a purple wire heart and a silver wire heart to each chain as dangles.
Then this pair of wire wrapped heart earrings is finished.
It is so easy to make this pair of handmade heart earrings that I finish them with only 10 minutes. However the heart dangle earrings are so cute and chic, yes? So if you have fallen in love with the wire heart earrings, follow my instruction to make you own now! Anyway, Have a nice day~ 

Lave Beads – Bring Uniqueness In Jewellery Making

Lava beads can be in dark or chestnut shading. The dark beads are initially dull dim in shading, and turn dark simply after treatment. You can purchase these beads in cocoa shading additionally, and you can choose from its shifting shades.The center of the earth is hot. It liquefies the stone around it into the liquid structure. The high weight of grasses on these liquid rocks continues constructing and agitating it underneath the surface at all times. It blasts and streams on the cooler surface of the earth. This liquid material streaming out on the earth is called Lava.The Lava gradually chills off to frame the basalt rocks at first glance. At the point when these ejections cool, they get air pockets, gaps and rubbing scraped areas on their surface and take up the tab structure. These are called lava beads that are utilized for making Jewelry.

The lava beads take up various shapes and hues. The basic shapes are round balls, saucer formed, tear circles and oval. The common hues in which the lava beads are shaped are dark, dim, white and cocoa. The most vital element of these beads is their weight. They are light. It is this quality that has charmed them to the adornments producers and originators from the earliest starting point. This makes them a perfect regular material for gems like different pearls and stones, however, relatively with lower pricing. In truth, the light weight of the lava beads makes them a most loved material for making overwhelming looking creator gems.Their light weight makes them wearable with no bother.

The general population occupied with the exchange need to buckle down on the first beads to make them smooth to wear as adornments. These are cleaned, waxed and smoothened to expel the grating surfaces. Once the specialists have worked the miracle of their specialty, the beads get to be fashioned prepared material to be utilized for making wonderfully alluring all-season-gems. The adornments prepared beads are set up with various sizes of gaps from just 0.5 up to 5mm. This encourages the utilization of different sorts of meager to thick materials for hanging the beads.

•          Eariings and neckpieces,
•          anklets,
•          brooches,
•          Pins,
•          bracelets,
•          and pendants

are a few sorts of lava beads planner pieces accessible in the business sector. These beads are additionally utilized by the specialists for making free thinker gems. The naturalists and cutting edge originators cherish the lava beads.The lava beads are acclaimed for their spiritualist forces. Individuals have related exclusive forces with them. It is said that they mend the wearer of a few issues of head and heart.


Look Expensive With Necklaces Made From Cheap Beads

Cheap beads provide you with numerous beautiful beads that you can use to make expensive necklaces. They are unique and of high value. You may use one type of beads from cheap beads or use different beads to make a mixed blend that will provide a colourful necklace. Cheap beads provides you with a variety of beads; gemstone beads, wood beads, glass beads, Swarovski, metal beads and shell beads.

Types of beads from cheap beads

There are many types of beads from cheap beads. Below are some of them and their description;
  •       Poppy jasper beads- the reddish variation of brecciaed jasper.
  • ·         Peridot beads- a rare type of olivine and one of the few gemstones that occurs in one colour only.
  • ·     Natural white wood beads- they are made from a common type of wood found in the Philippines. It is locally called Ambabawod.
  • ·         Corol beads- this is a biogenic precious stones
  • ·         Amethyst beads- this is the timeless classic gemstone
  • ·         Turquoise beads-they were used by Egyptians as from 5500bc
  • ·         Abalone beads- this is a shell but it is considered as an organic gemstone.

Description of beads from Cheap beads by category

Gemstone beads are created from natural occurring minerals. The stones are cut and polished to form a beautiful bead. Some stones like coral, lapis lazuli and some organic materials like jet are widely used in jewellery industry and are considered as gemstones.

Wood beads are cut from selected woods, shaped and defined in sizes. Some of the wood beads are left in their natural colours while others are polished and painted into a new look.

Glass beads are widely used to make necklaces. They come in different shapes, colours, sizes and types depending on how they were manufactured.

Swarovski is the brand name for a range of precisely cut lead crystal that is a particular type of glass. They are created in a way to give each crystal a brilliant sparkle. They are heavier than the normal glass. They are manufactured under strict quality control.

Metal beads can be mixed with semi precious stone, glass, pearls or wood.

Shell beads are made from shells of different organisms and they provide very beautiful beads for necklaces e.g. white nassa shell beads, tiger nassa shell beads, violet oyster cone shell beads, brown lip shell heishi beads and many more


DIY Handmade Red Felt Flower Pillow for Your House Decor

Hello lovely readers! Wanna make some handmade crafts for your house? Next I will share a red felt pillow instruction with you all. This is an easy pillow that even a green hand can make it with a short time, so follow me to see!
Jewelry making supplies you will need in making the red flower pillow:
Felt (Red, Yellow and Green)
Cotton Threads (Red and Green)
Saw Scissors
Glue Gun 
Step 1: Tailor 2 pieces of round shape red felts with saw scissors, then tailor 3 pieces of rectangle shape red felts with saw scissors, and their length is the perimeter of the round felt.
Step 2: Sew the 3 pieces of rectangle felts together with needle and red threads as pictured.
Step 3: Sew the rectangle felts with the round felt together like a basket, then put enough cotton to the basket and sew the other round felt with the basket together as pictured.
Step 4: Draw about 4 circles on the surface of the round felt, then tailor 4 pieces of leaves with green felt, draw some veins on the leaves and sew along the outline of the veins with green thread.
Step 5: Sew 2 pieces of green leaves together with green thread and needle, and repeat to make another green leaf with the same way.
Step 6: Draw a bullet shape on a red felt and tailor it along the outline, then make other more such felt patterns like this one.
Step 7: Glue the bullet shapes to the round felt along the circles as petals, and then tailor several pieces of yellow felt chips with saw scissors.
Step 8: Roll the yellow chips and glue them on center of the felt pillow firmly, then glue the 2 green leaves to the pillow as pictured. 
Now this red flower pillow is finished, I love it so much, and you? You can also add some seed beads to décor this felt pillow if you like, thus it will be lovely, so do you wanna have a try? 


Uses Of Lava Beads In Jewelry Making Supplies

The brilliant lobules or lava beads flavor up any closet and draw consideration as they seem to skim inside the innovative looking outline of Accurate and Flexible proficient quality wire, crease dabs and pleat covers. The wound and verging on tangled look of the triple-strand jewelry is chic, cool and right on pattern. Regardless of what configuration you concoct, lava bead will undoubtedly be a win because of their one of a kind look and feel. They will supplement any offbeat, beautiful or sparkly gems. They are very famous with people loving dark colors or the people loving black and white jewelry. Bracelets having lava beads are not much shining until unless they are varnished glimmered properly.

Lava beads allude to dots that are produced using volcanic material, cut and faceted into an assortment of shapes and sizes. Lava bead are extremely lightweight, and most tend to skim since they are made of solidified magma and fiery remains. Therefore, they must be created in ranges where volcanic material is accessible. Contingent upon the territory and the mineral substance of the lava, the lava bead will either be exceptionally dim in shading and near dark, rosy chestnut or ruddy dim. Stones and Findings convey a choice of dark lava bead in an assortment of shapes.

Outlining with Lava dabs is simple and fun. Because of the dull shade of the dot, you can for all intents and purposes include some other bright dab, gem or freshwater pearl in a blend that works for you to make staggering exemplary or hip summer pieces. One wants to take a crazy strand like the Diamond Cube lava beads and include some delightful Red Coral for difference and you've made a fun and flexible piece. Don't hesitate to likewise include some sparkly Crystal pieces, or little sterling silver or gold filled globules for some sparkle.

The best technique for purchasing lava beads on the off chance that you are a gems entrepreneur is online at wholesale costs. The procedure can spare you a lot of cash, time and exertion. It can likewise offer you the best arrangements and rebates once you have found a decent wholesaler. Normal beads are accessible in three hues;

·         Black
·         Gray
·         Brown

In any case, today they're every now and again colored and thus one will see them in various gems. These gemstones have a harsh surface, which might be very grating, thus the dabs which are offered for adornments making reasons are given paraffin wax to guarantee they are smooth.


Making Cute Quilling Paper Butterfly Dangling Earrings with Beads

Quilling paper jewelry is always popular nowadays, so do you wanna make some cute jewels with quilling papers? Here I will share you a pair of quilling paper butterfly earrings. Now follow me to see HOW!
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the quilling paper dangling earrings:
Quilling Paper
4mm White Glass Pearl Beads
6mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Jump Rings
Golden Eyepins
Round Nose Pliers      
Chain Nose Pliers
Step 1: Cut a piece of green quilling paper, roll it to a circular bead, then add a piece of yellow quilling paper and roll it upon the green bead.
Step 2: Put the bead into the model and pinch it into a drop bead, then make a similar quilling bead and other 2 smaller quilling beads as pictured.
Step 3: Cut 2 pieces of black quilling papers, fold then in half and roll the ends to a circular bead and glue the beads.
Step 4: Glue the black patterns together and add a big drop pattern and a small drop pattern to both side of the black pattern.
Step 5: Slide 2 4mm pearl beads, a 6mm pearl bead and 2 4mm pearl beads to an eyepin, make a loop at the other end of the eyepin and attach it to an earring hook, then attach the
 quilling butterfly to the earring hook as pictured.
Step 6: Make another quilling dangling earring with pink and yellow quilling papers.
Then this pair of handmade cute butterfly earrings is finished quickly, do you like them? The butterfly earrings with beads are really cute and fresh, and it is quite easy for both green hands and professionals to make, so just make ones yourself now! 


Making Bracelet With Cheap Beads

Beads are a kind of ornamental stones that are shiny. They can occur naturally and also can be manufactured synthetically. Beads are also used to make abracelet, on wedding dresses, necklaces. Beads can be made from different types of materials. There are both cheap and costly. They can be made from glass, ceramic, wood, stones and precious stones. Generally, they have holes in them so that they can be inserted in the wires and the strings. In this topic, we are going to talk about the cheap beads present in the market and how to make ahomemade bracelet from them.

Types of cheap beads:

Acrylic Beads:
These beads are made from plastic material and very cheap and light in weight. They are the mostly used beads in the cheap beads category.

Czech seed beads:
These are the seed beads which are of moderate quality but are very cheap in cost. They do not have regular shapes or sizes. There is a lot of variation in this beads. But they are great value for money.

Wooden beads:
These beads are the cheapest beads present in the market. They have avariety of shapes and colors. Design and quality are very vast.

These were some kind of cheap beads that are present in the market.

Now we will talk about making bracelets with cheap beads and the materials, tools needed for making them are as following:
        String or elastic
        Beads (I prefer acrylic or wooden beads)
        Round nose pliers

Steps to make a glass bead bracelet:

1.    Wrist size:
The user has to measure the wrist size and cut the wire or the string a little bigger than that. As the beads are of cheaper range I prefer elastic of string. Metal wires are not preferred in this case.

2.    Putting beads on the wire:
Now put a clasp on one end of the wire and hold the wire from the second end. Now put beads into the wire and fill it to the length desired. You can put different varieties of cheap beads to give it new look.

3.    Length of bracelet:
The beads should be on the wire for the complete length. There should not be any gap between the beads. But it should not be very much tight.

4.    Tie the wire:
You can give it a square knot like the knot we give to our shoes. Then try to put the knot under a bead hole.

These were the steps that were used to make a bracelet on your own. 


Tips on Choosing Pearl Beads for Your Project

It is acknowledged that pearl beads are great in all ways, and with them you can use to make virtually any jewelry. They can be used as accessories, too.  In other words, with these kinds of beads you are always guaranteed of creating necklaces that stand the test of time. If you are into making bracelets, buying these beads in bulk is quite advantageous. In as much as most are a little bit pricey compared to the other beads, the quality is never compromised at all. If you are thinking of making quality dangles and earrings, look no further. Here are some important tips for you to consider when choosing pearls;

Touch the pearl

This is one of the best ways that you can actually distinguish a genuine pearl, and one that is a fake. Take note that the market is flooded with both, and if you are not careful you might end up losing money. In this case, a genuine pearl will feel cool in your hands. However, when you are buying online and have no opportunity to feel the pearl, always ensure that you’ve read what buyers of the site say. A quick online research will save you time.

Use magnifier and luster

There are times that you will order pearl beads and they arrive in no time. What you are supposed to do is use a magnifying lens to figure out the cuts, and with genuine types you’re sure to determine growth striation. It is also recommended to determine the luster of the beads irrespective of whether you are a seasoned jewelry maker or not. As a matter of fact, genuine beads will always have an amazing luster and is perfect in all manner of ways. Do not hesitate to return the beads from wherever you bought them in case you find out that they are a fake.

Other important elements

  1. There are other important factors that should be considered at all time, and these are;
  2. The larger and rounder a pearl is the higher the grade and quality
  3. Color and cleanliness is something that must be of top priority. Remember, the probability of a clean bead being genuine is always high.
  4.  You can use direct vision; consider color shape and size-you will be safe and not lose on money.

As stated before, the quality of pearl bead you choose has a direct impact on the project you are working on. It’s for this reason you are advised to buy in bulk.