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4 Collections of Adorable Rainbow Jewelry

Happy Friday guys, when it comes to rainbow, a colorful picture usually emerges in my mind in which cute birds are singing, flowers with various colors are swinging along wind, green grass is filled with dewdrops. What a wonderful scene. So how do you think about rainbow jewelry? Today I am going to share you 4 collections of gorgeous rainbow jewelry~

1.       Rainbow button necklace
Are you surprised by the necklace design at first sight? How creative and fabulous jewelry making idea! As usual, most of people will throw the discarded buttons away, what a pity! It’s amazing to recycle the colorful buttons making a bracelet! Certainly, you can also make other jewelry with these buttons, such as rainbow button bracelet, rainbow button earrings etc.

2.       Rainbow earrings
Wow, I can’t wait to try the pretty rainbow earrings! This one is easy to make, we just need to prepare copper wire, mixed color acrylic beads, fake jade glass beads strands, earring hooks and transparent oval acrylic beads. The materials are easy to find, if you wanna try, you can also search a tutorial to learn.

3.             Decorative hangers with acrylic beads and metallic bell

How cute and exquisite decorative hangers, the most eye-catching part is the adorable bell pendants with different animal shapes—rabbits, bears, penguins, i think these decorative hangers must be popular among  little kids and young girls~

4.               Rainbow bracelet with wood beads

 Stunning and colorful rainbow bracelet with wood beads! If other people didn’t tell me, I must think the cute wood beads were candies, really wanna take a bite of it. Maybe you don’t  know the fact that wood beads can’t only be used for keychain decoration besides, wooden beads are so light and colorful and they are perfect materials for making doorway curtains or other decoration.. Really fantastic!

 Bright colors are inclined to bring good mood to people, why don’t you try it now? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave your comments below. Have a wonderful day!