Crafting Wires


Easy Craft: DIY Charm Necklace

Here is a new tutorial on making a shiny charm necklace with jump rings and rainbow briolettes. You can make it in just 10 minutes at your home and what you will need to do is to follow the image steps above. Quick and easy to prepare what you will need below, such as acrylic beads, glass beads, jade beads.... and start your DIY project.

Main detail steps click here. Thank you for reading! Enjoy!


Add Sequin Beads To Your Heels

Are you ready to DIY your own jeweled heels? These pair of sequin bead heels are super HOT right now! It seems like every celebrity owns a pair. The only problem is, the expensive price of these shoes. I am going to show you how to get the look for much less without breaking the bank! Now, I want to DIY these shoes. My version is WAY, WAY cheaper! So here are the beads and other supplies I used below. You will find such a HUGE savings!
- Suede pumps
- Lace
- Sequin beads
- Rhinestones
- Gem-Tac glue and paintbrush
- Needle/Thread/Scissors
Let's get crafty!
Step 1. Lay lace over the top of the pumps, then cut out two patterns in a Uish V shpe with extra room to spare.
Then get more details here. If you take the time to do the steps correctly, they will be so gorgeous! By the way, what color sequin beads would you use?


Choosing Right Color for Seed Beads

Color is everything when it comes to jewelry. Whether its necklaces, bracelets or earrings, the ones you wear must come with a good color that you are comfortable with. The color you choose for your jewelry determines how attractive it will be to your eyes and those of other people. Seed beads are very common in jewelry and this article will discuss how to choose their ideal colors. It can be either bright or dull colors depending on your personal preference and taste.

To start with, you need to know about all the finishes available for your selection. They include:

  • Translucent- with this, you can easily see light through your beads but light is dim
  • Transparent- this is a material that allows one to see through with ease
  • Color-lined- this is where colors are applied inside the beads but it’s no long-lasting
  • Matte- the matte finish for seed beads is microscopic textured
  • Silver-lined- this is a finish where beads are coated using silver and is very attractive since it reflects light very well
  • Opaque- this has a very solid color and it does not allow light to penetrate at all
  • Copper-lined- this is applied on the inner side of the beads to reflect reddish light
That information should play a critical role in helping you determine the colors to choose for your seed beads. Every color has its own formula that is very critical to understand before making your selection. Sometimes, you can choose a mixture of colors and that brings about a very attractive pattern once the right colors are used. If you want plain colors or mixed colors for your beads, the choice will be all yours to make. In addition to color, there are several other correlated factors that should not be ignored when buying seed beads.

Weight is one such factor and is very critical in jewelry making. For one, jewelry materials should not be weighty but light. There is no person who will be okay having a bulky necklace hanging around the neck. That can be decided on the type of material chosen since some are naturally light while others are heavy. Therefore, this has to be a top consideration whenever buying seed beads. When you take a look at the construction technique for your beads, it will be very easy telling if they suit your needs satisfaction or not.

Two methods used

Since time immemorial, two methods have been in use and they are drawn and wound. For a traditional look, crafters use the wound method but it can take up a lot of your time. You will rarely get this method being used in the modern world of jewelry making. Most of the crafters these days use the drawn method and it’s very popular. It entails very precise procedures with a guarantee for high quality beads.

As you have learned, choosing the right color for your beads has something more into it. A lot of things have to be put into consideration regardless of where you are shopping from or how you are doing it. 


How to Make Beaded Dangles

One of the best things about being able to diy your own jewelry is being able to easily make beaded dangles to go with a specific outfit. The fastest and easiest accessory making project you will ever attempt... and they turn out looking just like the one's in the store. That's exactly where these dangles came from! Use some of keys, beads, chains, and other jewelry findings to try these beaded dangles out for yourself if you are the creative type. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday DIY 4 Wire Jewelry Roundup

Happy Tuesday! In the need of wire jewelry, but don't have the funds or much time for it, like me? Don't worry, because today I will share 4 wire wrapping jewelry which are easy and affordable to make out of jewelry wire. And the fun thing about them, is that you can reuse them to create different jewerly. Now enjoy the roundup.

1. Headband with beads and jewelry wire Tutorial from mywhiteideadiy here.
2. Wire Felt Bead Necklace Tutorial from frkhansen here.
3. Wire Rings with Beads Tutorial from lebenslustiger here.
4. You Name Bracelet from dailywt here.


Handmade Adorable Wire Cat Earrings

I am so excited to share these adorable wire cat earrings with you guys. Using wire to wrap a cat is a fun and cute way to make earrings.  These earrings are quite soft and perfect as gifts. No need high wire wrapped skills, quite simple to follow, now let's begin!

To make the earrings you will need:
2mm Golden Seed Beads
8mm Blue Cat Eye Beads
Silver Copper Wire EPS4.Ocm-0.8mm
Aluminum Wire AW10×1.5cm
0.3mm, 0.5mm Golden Copper Wire
Eye Pins EPS4.0cm
Flat Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier


5 Minute Craft - Handmade Beaded Bracelet

This beaded bracelet is super simple and inexpensive to make. You can customize it with whatever beads you like, using different color or material. I used lampwork beads, rhinestone beads and seed beads with nylon thread.  Once you make this bracelet, you can't help making another one ...
Go ahead and add these materials (beads and supplies) to you must have list. Now let's get started on making this simple beaded bracelet! Do you need 5 minutes to finish this project? Have a nice making! :)


How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

There are unlimited benefits that you will draw from buying your jewelry supplies in wholesale. Having that in mind will be very critical to ensure your purchase is successful and beneficial. Just like any other purchase that you will be intending to make, preparations are very important and should be done well in advance. You should know what to do before you are in the market and the moment you are doing actual purchase. In this article, you will be guided on how to buy wholesale jewelry supplies.

  • Budget- you cannot use all the money that you have to buy jewelry supplies. This means you must come up with a budget to determine the amount of money that is available for making such a purchase. You must strike a good balance between your financial needs and what you are looking for in the market. Don’t budget for more than what you have because volume is a very important factor in wholesale purchasing.
  • Select suppliers- the next step will be making a choice on suppliers where you want to buy wholesale jewelry supplies. It can be from online or physical stores but it will all depend on your personal preference. Provided you are informed on the best way to make the search, you will come across unlimited number of suppliers. Look for a popular store with good reputation to serve you and this will be achieved through considering as many options as possible.
  • Look for good deals- a deal is not a deal unless it’s the best one in the market. Some stores offer high prices while others are affordable and that has to be your key consideration. Even though wholesale purchase is known to be generally affordable, you should put in that extra effort to get a deal that you will be happy with. Networking is one of the assured ways to help you secure the best deals when buying wholesale jewelry supplies.
  • Shipping- it is common that sellers offer shipping to goods bought in wholesale and it will not be an exception whenever you are buying jewelry supplies. When offered this option, seek more information on whether it’s for free or at a cost. Free shipping is the best because you will not incur extra costs. In case the supplier insists on you making some payment, you should negotiate for a better shipping offer to meet your budget.
  • Warranty- never complete any purchase of wholesale jewelry supplies without getting to know if there is a warranty in place. This is necessary to provide for cover in case the consignment gets damaged while on transit. Is there a return policy in place? What time will it take to process your delivery? Those factors should be considered to determine your warranty privileges. You should desist from buying supplies that don’t come with a warranty.

With all that information, there should be no problems you experience in buying wholesale jewelry supplies whether from an online or physical shop.


DIY Colorful Beaded Cluster Ring

I like making beaded rings and looking for some fresh new patterns and ideas. Then try out the colorful beaded cluster ring! Learn how to make cluster ring using beads, wires, or pendants you want! Cluster ring is so versatile and can ba made in many ways. Coz the possibilities are endless. Now let's begin!

The detail materials you will need: ring base, tiger tail wire, beads (you can choose any kinds of beads you like) and pendants (proposal)

With the above instructions for how to make a cluster ring , you will be sure to love the stylish result.More details click here.


Considerations when Buying Wholesale Buttons

Your shirts, shorts and trousers usually have buttons. Most probably, you don’t know anything about buying the buttons because you get them with clothing. At one point, you might find yourself in need of making such purchase to replace any that pull out of place. That is when you will know the difficulties that come with buying buttons. Regardless of the number of buttons you are in need of, you are strongly advised to buy wholesale buttons and enjoy all the benefits it comes with.  The following considerations will help you make a good choice in the market:

Types of buttons

You will not be out to buy all types of buttons in the market but a specific one. This is good for uniformity purposes but you can mix them if you feel like. Before getting to the market, you should search widely to have information on all button types available. Covered buttons is one of the types that you will come across. They are covered by a fabric material from the front while the back side is for securing the button to its place. The back section is usually detached. You can as well consider worked buttons which have diverse designs embroidered over a ring. Their aesthetic value is very high which its standout feature is. The other type you can buy as wholesale buttons are mandarin buttons that are good for customizing clothes.

After that, you can narrow down your considerations into specifics. These are the notable features that will make one button stand out from another and encourage your purchase. They include:

  • Color- this will be a key consideration for any buyer out to buy buttons. There are those made of light or dark colors and the choice will be all yours to make. You can go deeper to consider tertiary, secondary and primary colors all in the effort to get the best buttons. Furthermore, ensure the color of buttons match well with that of your clothes
  • Size- you should not buy a too big or very small button. It should be of a moderate size matching your body size or that of the shirt, short or trouser it is intended for use. Of course, buttons for clothing belonging to children will not be of the same size with those for adults. That is a big consideration you cannot afford to overlook.
  • Shape- it all matters on the shape of buttons you have for your clothing. Wholesale buttons come in very many shapes which you should be well informed about in advance. There are those with triangle shapes, others are circular as well as arrow and ellipse-shaped. The shape of the buttons you buy will play a vital role in determining your style as a person

In addition to that, exhaust all the options that you have at hand and make sure you have bought the wholesale buttons you are targeting. It will be more satisfying than when you bungle your purchase with unplanned moves. 


How to Make Cluster Earrings

Make a pair of beautiful earrings to keep the impressive season. These wire wrapped beaded earrings may be most personalized jewelry for yourself. Do some earrings with different beads and wires now!! They are perfect for this season.

This is an simple project which you can have a try. Here I will share the finished earrings and main materials:
aluminum wire, brass wire, glass beads, acrylic beads, glass pearl beads,aluminum flower beads, jump rings and earring hooks

More details of this craft click here.


Huge Pandahall Jewelry Review

Here is a Pandahall review who has been following their website for a long time. It is a review for reviewing their products and using them in some of upcoming tutorials on Youtube channel. Great chance for every crafting lovers.Now let's watch the video,enjoy the jewelries and jewelry making supplies.