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Shell Beads – The Great Items For Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is such an interesting thing for any girl, who does not enjoy creating exciting accessories and jewelry pieces with beads. If this is your hobby, then this could be your chance to convert it into a business and earn some extra cash. Additionally, people are always finding ways in gifting unique items to friends and family, then why not your own crafted designer jewelry. To drive your hobby to business, you will require some information about the beads and source of supplies.

Jewelry making can be divided into three parts. First, gather the information about the beads, like which kind of beads you want to use. There are a number of different types of beads are available in the market in different styles and cuts such as grass beads, shell beads, copper beads, Bali silver beads, semi-precious stones and beads, wooden beads and Czech glass beads. Second gathering related materials, third ways of making jewelry. One of the oldest like 100,000 years or more jewelry is made using shell beads.
The Shell beads, also famous as mother pearl, are typical of other pearl jewelry. Currently, they are very famous in Europe and America.Shell beads will create you outstanding in the gathering due to their uncommon shapes and fabulous colors.

The shell beads are prepared from different things like sea water shell, shell and resin  curved shell and so on. The seawater shell appearances very spotless and simple. For Shell insiders ,the shell & resin beads are attractive. They are looking very shiny and lovely. And the Paua is the most lovely shells due to its strong deviation of color.
As shell beads have shiny colors and stylish designs, it will create your jewelry noticeable. These style shell beads are famous for bracelet, necklace and other jewelry. There is no matter which pattern  of the jewelry you require, the beads can fulfill all of your wants. These shell beads may also combine with other type of beads to make different designs. That will create your jewelry distinct.
Shell beads are obtainable in different sizes. Which  is about  1mm in diameter to 44mm, that can see customers’ different needs for size. These beads are traded by the strand or by number. They are made by hand into different colors and different shapes.
  • ·         Plane round
  • ·         Square
  • ·          Elliptical
  • ·          Flower head
  • ·          Drop
  • ·          Heart
  • ·         Rectangle

Thus, Shell beads are faceted and you will catch one you love most.


The Magical Effects Of Soothing And Aromatic Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are soft beads and give a soothing pleasure to eyes. They are light weight, and sometimes aromatic and simple. As the wooden beads are made of wood, the necklaces formed using them will be light weight compared to the ones using the other types of beads. Also the aroma produced by some of them makes it a choice to many people, including the teenagers.

Wooden beads: apart from ornament making

The wooden beads are used for different purposes. One of the important uses is the medicinal purpose. The necklaces made using some special type of woods with medicinal quality helps in treating skin related diseases. The wooden beads with medicinal values even help in blood circulation. Even if there is no medicinal quality, a necklace created with wooden bead normally will not cause any negative reactions on the body.

Types of wooden beads

The wooden beads are available not only as artificially created ones, but also as naturally seen ones. This natural availability gives them a religious value. The natural beads, Rudraksha are related to many religious beliefs like Hinduism in India. The necklace and bracelets created using the Rudraksha beads, single Rudraksha bead tied in the hand etc. are different traditions seen in Hinduism. Rudraksha is an essential part in Hindu saints and their chantings.

No age bar

The wooden beads are age friendly. Everyone from children to the old aged people loves to wear them due to one or other reasons. For some people it can be religious, for some it can be medicinal, and for some it can be something else, like as a key chain or as a decoration or a hair band etc. 

The wooden beads are preferred in the toys in which the beads are used. Small kids normally have a tendency to take everything to their mouth. Here the wooden beads can be a lesser evil compared to the plastic beads and other types of beads. Wooden beads can also be dangerous in such cases, but in comparison, will cause less danger only.

Making of wooden beads

It is comparatively easy to make a wooden bead. There is no chemical processes involved, no molding, but need only proper cutting. Large varieties are possible in this case also with proper paintings, dyeing and waxing methods.

Cheap availability and being a mere wood do not lessen the demand for wooden beads, but it always remains as a choice for both the jewelry makers and the buyers.


DIY Simple Crystal Ball Beaded Ring with Seed Beads

Love handmade beaded rings? Here I wanna share an easy ring with you all. This DIY beads rings is make within 3 steps, so if you also wanna own it, follow me to try it together~

Supplies you’ll need in making the crystal ball rings:
2mm Green Seed Beads
Round Seed Beads
Dark Goldenrod Seed Beads
Clear Seed Beads
Clear Drop Rhinestone Cabochons 
30mm Blown Glass Globe Beads
Ring Base Finding
Pink Felt
Glue Gun  
Iron Scissor
Step 1: Prepare enough seed beads (green, mixed color, dark goldenrod and clear) and a blown glass globe bead, then put some seed beads in different color into the globe bead as pictured.
Step 2: Cut a round pink felt and glue 6 clear drop rhinestone cabochons to it as a flower, and then add the flower pattern onto a ring base finding with glue gun.
Step 3: Add the globe bead with seed beads to the rhinestone flower pattern firmly as pictured, then you will get a flower beads ring~
Wow, how cute this clear bead ring is! Have you fallen in love with it? You see, it needs no any other professional skills to make, yet it is really fresh and kawaii, why don’t you try to make one yourself? Hope you like it and have a nice try! Anyway, have a wonderful time~


Shell Beads: The Symbol Of Peace And Exotic Beauty Of Nature

Shell beads are said to be the oldest form of beads and often called the ‘mother pearl’. One can say, the bead making industry started from here. The earlier civilizations started close to the riverbeds and coastal areas. The people who inhabited these areas started using the shells which are seen in the beach areas for making necklaces.

The shell beads are naturally occurring ones, usually seen in white colors. These beads are available in the market in different colors, which make the use of different colors and dyes. But the shell beads in their natural white color have the maximum demand, as the white color represents purity, sanctity and peace. The shape of the shell beads are also an important feature. They come in different shapes, and different sizes, naturally.

The use of shell beads continues from the past. But they are used in decorative purposes mostly. Shell bead chains are used as curtains. They can be used to decorate wooden photo frames, large mirror frames etc.

The engravings are always a part of human life in the form of relations, religion, history etc. The engravings, if they are made on the shell beads, give an even greater feel. Unlike on the other beads, one can make attractive engravings on the shell beads. The engravings with their white color especially provide an added beauty to the shell beads.

The shell beads play important role in different religions across the world. In India, it is used for horoscope predictions in Hinduism. In African countries, shell beads are believed to have magical powers and used in ritual purpose. 

The shell beads have no age barriers. It is used by children to the old age people. As it is a natural product, the chances of reaction when in touch with body are less.

Women love to wear this, because they match with any outfit. They very well suits with the ethnic wears. They are used in many dance forms. Especially in tribal dances, long necklaces with large shell beads are used as jewelry.

Coastal areas are the main markets of the shell beads. The inhabitants of these areas collect the beads from the sea, polish them and make different necklaces for their livelihood. The shell beads are also available as bulk buy from these areas. They are also available in freshwater areas, which appears to be cleaner and simpler compared to the sea beads.


Wholesale Beads: A Pocket Friendly Way Of Jewelry Making

Wholesale beads which are direct from manufacturers play a prominent role in bead work as a hobby. The beads which are eye pleasing are expensive, so one has to choose the beads carefully, where the wholesale market gives a relief. Wholesale beads are pocket-friendly. If one is using a quality product with reasonable price, it will result in a final product of comparatively low price. This is the reason for the rise of wholesale beads merchants.

A profitable market
So what makes the wholesale beads markets a profitable market? The answer can be many. One thing is the availability of raw materials for making the beads. A market cannot be profitable if they are selling only one variety of beads. The wholesale bead markets sell different kinds of beads using wood, glass, clay etc. The markets can be profitable only if they are in the vicinity of the areas rich in these raw materials. A second factor can be the high and increasing demand of the beads. This leads the markets going for bulk production, which will reduce their input cost. A third factor can be the availability of cheap labor, as the labor cost always play a key role in increasing the cost of any product.
For someone who takes the beads jewelry making as a profession or a hobby, wholesale beads market will be an approachable one. A good bead ornament is one in which a number of beads of different varieties arranged in a creative design. So it should be supported by availability in large quantity. This availability can only be met by the wholesale markets in a cost effective manner. The same principle is true in the case of garment industry also.  Garment industries are using beads to make their product more attractive especially to give ethnic touch.

Some of the famous producers of beads are India, Czechoslovakia, Thailand, Japan and China. These countries are traditionally known for their bead production industries and they continue as the main wholesale markets. Their being in the market from the ancient period gives them an upper hand over the newly emerged bed producing countries.
The coming up of online platforms for the wholesale beads is a new trend in the market. This helps in the entry of new players to the market. Also, with the newly emerging competition, the customers are on the advantageous side with the availability of cheaper beads. The online platforms will also help the markets through widening their access, making it a global one.