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The Best Way to Organize Jewelry Making Supplies

You will need some good organization when working with jewelry making supplies. That will ensure you have a peaceful time in getting your project successfully completed. The unfortunate thing is that you might lack ideas on how to get these supplies organized as you may wish. Worry not because this article will touch on some of the guidelines to help you in achieving that. It will offer you the best way to organize your jewelry making supplies.

  • The first thing to get in place is something for carrying and storing your supplies. You can go for any but a basket with handles is the most preferable option. You can have a basket for every type of supplies that you have to avoid mixing them up.
  • Next up will be sorting out the beads in regards to their sizes, colors and shapes as well as materials. This will consume a lot of your time but it’s very much advisable to sacrifice because it will enhance your experience in a big way. You will know where to get the beads of the color, shape or material you are out looking for. It makes selection easy since beads are an important part of your jewelry making supplies.
  • For all the cutting tools you have including pliers, make sure they have been covered adequately. This will prevent injuries especially to children who will be cut once they start playing around with the tools. The sharpened parts have to be covered with a piece of paper or anything protective.
  • There are wire cuttings and trash left behind after working on your jewelry making supplies and they should be discarded immediately. If left unattended to, they will make the working space to look ugly. Make it to be the first thing removing all these unwanted materials from your working place and it will make the environment cleaner and well organized.
  • Once you are through with all that, you will have done your job and the only thing remaining will be using the jewelry you have created.

Having your jewelry making supplies well organized requires personal commitment and will. You will not have to put in more effort as you might be fooled into thinking. Just know what you need to have, how it is to be used and the dos and don’ts. That will make it easy organizing your supplies in the best way. Don’t listen too much to false advice of other people but research widely to have the facts at your fingertips.

The only secret to making sure your work space is organized all the time is by cleaning it thoroughly after your day’s work. If you do that, it will definitely be organized all the time. Also, you are prohibited from having other jobs being done on your working space for jewelry making. It should be that which relates to jewelry only. If you decide to multitask with multiple jobs, your jewelry making supplies will always be disorganized. Just know your priorities and stick to that.

Key Properties of Glass Beads

What makes glass beads so popular and a darling of many jewelers? You might have to do a lot of research before getting right answers to that. The truth is that key properties of these beads are the ones that make them unique and adorable. They can easily standout from the rest in the market and that is a reason enough to consider glass beads for your jewelry project. In making your choices, consider the following properties to ensure the choice you make is the right one:

  • Size- this is a very critical property that should be given top priority all the time. The size of glass beads varies from one manufacturer to another and you must be aware of that. Also, size can depend on the specific part of the body they will be used. For instance, those for the neck will come in different size from those for the wrist. You must go for beads of a size that you feel will not be a burden to your body. It should match well with your own body size and any other accessories that you have put on.
  • Shape- this is another property that must be given due consideration. Do you want rounded, rectangular or triangular shaped glass beads? All these are alternatives that you will get in the market for consideration. Some of the shapes might be difficult to access but you must leave to it that the choice you make is the ideal one.
  • Surface- the surface of your beads can either be smooth or rough. Luckily for glass material, its surface is mostly smooth but that does not mean you will never get those with rough surfaces. You will get whatever you are looking for in terms of the surface texture so don’t limit your considerations.
  • Chemical- the chemical property of glass material for making beads matters a lot. This is because glass beads seem to be unaffected anytime they are subjected to different environmental conditions unlike many other types in the market. Whether its pressure, temperatures, moisture or light irradiation; the beads remain natural.
  • Thermal- this is a property of glass that you need to know about when buying the material for making beads. Glass has very low thermal expansion and that means beads have a very high dimensional stability whenever exposed to high temperatures. They can withstand the pressure coming from heat which translates to durability.
  • Hard- naturally, glass comes with hardness thus it can be hard to break unless mishandled. If you handle your glass beads with a lot of care, they will serve you for long without breaking. The hardness assures beads durability and it’s something to think about seriously when making a choice.
  • Transparent- you can see through the glass material and it’s yet another top property that makes it good for making beads.

When deciding whether to use glass for making beads or not, considering these properties will be a good starting point. It will help you understand very well what you are going for. 


A Review of Snap Jewelry

Snap jewelry is not one of the concepts that you have been used to in the fashion industry. It is one of the latest in the market and comes with uniqueness as well as total difference. It is one thing that you should try out in enhancing your fashion touch. This jewelry will offer you more options to consider every day. It’s not expensive, it can match well with different outfits, it’s modernized to go with recent times and above all it’s growing in popularity with every passing day.

With snap jewelry, you will have an experience like no other in your life. The snap buttons it comes with make it interchangeable. That means you can snap the buttons both in and out with ease which will allow you to use it for making earrings, necklaces and bracelets among many other types of jewelry. If you want the button replaced with charms or other buttons then that is very easy since they are not fixed to the jewelry.

You will be free to choose buttons of ideal color, shape and size for your snap jewelry thus you end up getting what you want. When you are in the market to buy, there will be different types of buttons that you will get to consider. Zinc alloy buttons are the most popular because they have standout designs and patterns. You can use them each and every day without having the monotony that comes with using the same jewelry for long.

It is very flexible

With the right buttons, it will be possible to come up with the right snap jewelry for your specific occasion. Whether it’s a sporting event you are planning to attend, a wedding ceremony or any social event, you will have all types of buttons to consider for your jewelry. There will always be an option to help you come up with the best jewelry for your needs satisfaction. On the positive end, there are limitless benefits to enjoy for using snap jewelry.

To begin with, it allows one to come up with jewelry that meets personal demands. For instance, it is possible to have buttons that match your clothing in pattern as well as color. All what you need is to snap buttons that match your outfits and it will be fine. Furthermore, this type of jewelry does away with all the complexities associated with jewelry. Instead of having too many of these accessories in your wardrobe, you can have a few of the snap jewelry to match with multiple clothing. It will be a good way to dress up excellently without having to stock up heavily.

It is the high time that the world begins to embrace this new form of jewelry. If you have not yet embraced that, you must think about it seriously because that is where the fashion world is gravitating towards. It might not be the ultimate fix for the fashion problems we experience every day but it will definitely bring some visible change.

Easy Free Jump Ring Jewelry Ideas~

Recently, I feel like making some projects with metallic feel. So how can I miss the most common seen jewelry making components – jump rings!? More and more jewelry makers are tending to use unusual supplies to make accessories, like safety pins, eye pins, etc. And I believe that jump rings can make help create fancy projects too! So here, I summarized 3 types of chainmaille jump ring jewelry below. They are just not difficult to do at all. The basic skill is to open and close the jump rings with a pair of pliers, and get them connected together. Check below 3 jump ring jewelry ideas and let me know what’ pattern you have in mind.

Formed by the inverted triangle shape, the antique bronze jump rings are gradually decreased to the bottom and dangled with a big drop rhinestone beads, which make the design so fashionable. 

Two lines of bigger silver jump rings being connected by smaller golden ones, guess the pattern is quite easy to reach, right? 

Unlike the previous jump ring necklace, the jump ring earrings are triangle shape. With above steps, you can easily have a try! 
Go get high quality jump rings, chains and other jewelry findings, time to rock your metallic fashion style~~ Happy making!

Wanna learn more jump ring jewelry ideas, click LC pandahall.


Making Jewelry from Halloween Beads

You will always look to be smart and appealing on Halloween costume but it will be incomplete without halloween beads. These are part of the accessories that should not be ignored for a uniform look regardless of whether you are attending a casual or official event. They are very good for any jewelry project and will be very much ideal for making your looks complete. Actually, Halloween beads are among the few accessories that will not demand a lot from you including special skills. You can manage to come up with one in a simple way.

Consider all your options

You will come across limitless options in the market when out to make jewelry from these beads. The ones you choose will directly determine the type of jewelry you end up having. With minimal effort and time saving, they will give your looks a huge punch than any other jewelry accessories available for your consideration. When embarking on the process of making jewelry from halloween beads, make sure there are scissors available for cutting as well as beads of medium size and elastic thread.

Start by cutting the thread to a preferred size and then tie a knot on one end. The knot should be large enough such that the beads will not fall off. After that, add the halloween beads one after the other until the whole thread is covered. Make sure they are not too congested because that can compromise on the general pattern you are looking to have. When through, have both ends of the thread tied together and trim off any excess thread using the scissors.

If it’s a bracelet that you are creating, it should be of a corresponding size to your wrist as well as for earrings and necklace. Depending on what you are out to make, there are very many beads with Halloween themes that you should consider for selection. Look through online and physical stores to make the right selection for your jewelry. Furthermore, the technique you use for making jewelry with halloween beads matters a lot. You are advised to go for a technique that will not give you problems or demand expertise.

Choose the right technique

Bead weaving is one of the most popular techniques that are not a bad choice to consider going for. You can do it on either hand or loom which makes it very flexible. Bead weaving will be ideal if you are out to get a flat piece or one with three dimensions. Even though it will demand for some knots and stitches, it is very easy to learn how to make jewelry with halloween beads using bead weaving.

Under this technique, there are several other techniques that you can use and they include needle weaving, bead crochet and bead embroidery as well as bead point. With any of these, you will have the opportunity of creating the best jewelry. Wire wrapping is equally a good technique and it will be ideal if you are out to make pendants, earrings and bracelets. 


Why Wooden Beads are Popular and Preferred

There are plastic and metallic materials used for making beads but the industry seems to incline more on wooden beads. Many designers have literally fallen in love with this material. Many people keep on asking why so. Well, there are very many positives that make beads made of wood a preferred alternative for very many people. In this article, you will get to learn a few reasons why they are popular and preferred option for almost all designers.

Varied uses for wood beads

For a start, you can use such beads for a variety of projects that include scrapbooking, crafting and sewing. These are some of the tasks that beads made of for example metal will be hard to use. Wooden material beads will always be a good fallback option available for you. Then, wood has been in existence for the longest time possible compared to other materials available in the market.
As such, wooden beads have been known to many people for a very long period and that has helped contribute to their popularity that is unmatched. Most of the designers preferred wood because it was drawn from natural raw materials. Trees were readily available and there were no restrictions on their usage. Of greater significance were the properties that wooden beads come with. These properties are different because trees varied as well from hardwood to softwood.

Thus, the properties for all beads depended on the trees where the raw material was drawn from. Density, pattern and color for trees are not the same and they are transferred to beads. For instance, those beads made from natural wood come with a more reddish color as well as black. For density, the heavier the tree the stronger and durable your wooden beads will be. Once you have durable beads, many people will want to associate with that which translates to growing popularity.

Then there are benefits of using wooden beads which draw many people into having them for their jewelry. One of the benefits is light in weight. Unlike metal which is a burden, beads made from wood are not heavy to wear thus come with no burden. You can have these beads as necklaces, earrings and bracelets without getting worried of the burden they will come with. There is affordability that comes with using wood as the raw material for beads. You will come across trees every corner you cut thus are readily available.

Supply is more than demand

When you have raw materials available that easily, it means supply is more than demand and that translates to low costs. That is a big reason why many people would prefer using wood than metal or plastic materials for their beads. Ease of use is yet another of the top benefits that make wooden beads very popular and a preference for many designers. Reshaping to whatever shape you want will be very easy and even adding decorations as well as painting. You will have very easy time working with wood for jewelry beads. 


Halloween Hair Accessory- Charming Ribbon Flower Hair Comb

Hi, guys, the first day of September, how is it going? There are 2 months left before Halloween, while I’m so happy and have made some Halloween crafts to celebrate it, including ribbon hair comb. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to make this ribbon flower hair comb with spider pendants. Hope you will enjoy it!

Jewelry making supplies in the ribbon flower hair comb:

Round Seed Beads
Iron Hair Comb
Copper Jewelry Wire
Satin Ribbon
Alloy Spider Pendants
Glass Beads Strands
Translucent Acrylic Beads
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Iron Scissors
Step 1, trim off many pieces of square black ribbon, fold one into a triangle, then fold the corners of the long side and stick them plastic gun. Then repeat the steps to make more folded patterns.

Step 2, fold the patterns from the middle side and put them together to make a flower shape, then stick the flower shape to a round felt. Next slide a black jewelry wire from the back side of the flower, then twist the wire and repeat the steps to make another three black flower.

Step 3: slide a black pearl bead on a jewelry wire and twist the wire, then slide a flower shaped bead and a seed bead on the jewelry wire, don’t forget to twist the bottom side of the seed bead, and go on the steps to make another four beaded flowers. Next slide four spider pendants on fur jewelry wires separately, and twist the wires.

At last, wrap the four flowers and the decorations to the hair comb.

Congratulations! A charming ribbon flower hair comb is instantly finished. These black flower, black beads and black combs are suitable for the atmosphere of Halloween. This black ribbon hair comb is perfect for girls to wear on Halloween. You can make one and send it to your friend, I believe it will be a great surprise for her on Halloween.