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How To Make Fun Halloween Nights With Halloween Beads

Halloween night are supposed to be fun. There is a sure way of ensuring you enjoy it not alone but with your friends and family. The costume always plays a big role. For the occasion to count, there are always funny costumes and scary and joker masks covering the faces and that what always counts for many people. There is always that tiny addition that folks ignore, this is the Halloween beads. These beads come in a wide range carrying various messages that can help enhance your Halloween theme.

The best thing with these beads is that they come in different colors suiting your costume of choice. You also can get a varied choice of style like:
·         Day of the dead charms
·         Body parts charms
·         Animal lampwork
·         Skull stone beads
·         Wizard and witches craft kit
The day of the dead
Many people will have a tendency of confusing these charms with the joker kit. These charms consist of charms depicting funny faces that can be used as pendants attached to necklaces, chains or even earrings.

Body part charms
These are popular pieces on Halloween nights with matching body parts costumes. just like the day of the dead charms, they can be used with chain and necklaces. Most popular body part charms include skulls, rib cage charms, and finger and arm bone charms among other body part artifacts. They are made from shiny metal alloys and galvanize with nonferrous metals for safe and hygienic finish.
Animal lampwork
Animal lampworks range from spider charm to scorpion charms among other animals like panther pendants.
Skull stone beads
Skull stone beads are multicolored stone curved beads. The best thing with the skull stone beads is the fact that they can be incorporated easily into other jewelry like bracelets.
Wizards and witches craft kit.
Another interesting Halloween beads kit is the wizard and witches kit. Ranging from wizard portion charm bottles to witch dangle charms. Other admirable Halloween beads that fall into this category include the witch enamel charms that include panther and cats charm, witch hats and boots, frog charms and witch pot charms.
These are just but few artifacts that can get you looking the meanest in the party.  It is always advisable to understand your theme choice while selecting your costume to avoid contradiction resulting to non-matching costume and Halloween beads. A great Halloween beads and costume will always gurantee you all the attention.


Seed Beads – An Innovative Jewelry Pattern Designing

With every one of the brands, sizes, and shades of seed beads available today, it's regularly hard to know which to decide for your ventures. Two well-known seed beads accessible in the market are
·         Delica seed beads

·         Dynamite seed beads

Delica seed beads

Delica beads have for quite some time been the most well-known seed beads for bead-weaving on account of their exact size, shape, and reliable opening size. Delica beads were the first to be made utilizing an extraordinary procedure that makes customary, tube-shaped molded beads- - which are altogether different from the assembling procedure of the conventional "doughnut" or standard seed bead shape. Delicas are accessible in two shapes, round and hex-cut. Hex-slice beads are machine sliced to shape a six-sided outside; the gap stays smooth and round. Delica beads are made in each shade of the rainbow and each shading in the middle. 

Delicas have diverse glass and surface medicines added to improve hues, bringing on them, as per sort, or venture, to subside, sparkle or diminish. The completions include matte, a non-intelligent complete; iris, looking like shades of oil upon the water; aurora borealis, impressions of a straightforward rainbow superimposed over the base shading; and glossy silk, a delicate shading carved tenderly to a matte wrap up. Delica beads are in a perfect world suited to connected bead-weaving fastens, for example, peyote or block line. They are likewise magnificent for lingering weaving since they stack against each other so well in the weaving procedure and don't slip.

Dyna-Mites Seed Beads

Dyna-Mites seed beads are superbly steady fit as a fiddle and shading when contrasted with the standard molded seed beads available today. Dyna-Mites seed beads, made in Japan only for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, are best portrayed as a cross between the state of a Delica bead and a customary, doughnut formed seed bead. Dyna-Mites seed beads arrive in an extensive variety of rich hues with lovely shading immersion and clarity. Dyna-Mite seed beads are accessible in a wide range of completions: Ceylon pastels; silver lined; misty; straightforward shading; straightforward inside shading; and straightforward inside rainbow hues. 

Huge numbers of the above are additionally accessible with a matte wrap up. Dyna-Mites seed beads are ideal for pretty much any seed bead application, for example, peyote, block line, finger weaving, netting, right-point weave and jewelry-making applications. Dyna-Mites seed beads are practical and extreme - holding up to tight pressure in mesh, bead weaving, and different applications, even to various goes of strings through the beads. They are astounding beads and are flawless to stock up on, particularly when you are beading on a business project.


How to Make Exquisite Wire Wrapped Chandelier Earrings

Hi, all my ladies, do you wear earrings today? If you are worrying not find a proper or favorite one to wear. Come here to look for inspiration. I’m going to share a pair of exquisite wire wrapped chandelier earrings with you, which might be just to your taste. Let’s see the details together.
Here’ s what I’ m using :
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
2mm Colorful Iris Seed Beads
0.2mm Clear Fishing Thread
2mm Golden Aluminum Wire
0.3mm Silver Copper Wire
3mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm Red Faceted Bicone Glass Beads
Brass Earring Hooks
11x8mm Light Blue Faceted Drop Glass Beads
4mm Natural Oval Pearl Beads
3mm Light Golden Round Acrylic Beads
Golden Eyepins
Brass Headpins
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
4 steps to make this beads dangle earring :
Step1: Cut off a proper piece of golden aluminum wire and twist it as a hoop shape like picture shows. Next cut off a strip of long enough cooper wire and wrap it around the aluminum wire. Then thread an iris seed bead to it and wrap it as picture shows. Finally thread more iris seed beads until the wire hoop is filled.
Step2: Slide a 3mm white pearl bead on the copper wire and fix it between the two iris seed beads like picture shows. Next add more pearl beads in the same way until the wire circle is full. Then thread the light golden round acrylic beads in the same ways and remember to cut off the excess wire in the end. 
Step3: Cut off a piece of copper wire and twist it at the quarter of the earring bottom. Next slide one red glass bead, one golden acrylic bead in sequence and add more like that until it is symmetrical to the start point as picture shows. 
Step4: Thread an eyepin through eleven 4mm white pearl beads, three drop pearl beads and a light blue faceted drop glass bead respectively like picture shows. Secondly connect these pearl beads into pearl drops like the upper-right picture shows. Next hang the five pearl beads drops at the bottom of the earring as picture shows. Then connect the blue faceted drop glass bead with the earring hook by tightly wrapping the copper wire around them. Finally repeat the above steps to make another pearl dangle earrings.
WOW, so wonderful! Do you like this pair of wire wrapped chandelier earrings?
These gorgeous pearl dangle earrings are suitable for any occasion. No matter you are going to a party or go shopping, these wire wrapped chandelier earrings will let you full of elegance and charm. Wanna show off your unique style? Just have a try now!


Halloween Beads And Their Uses

As we all know beads are an important part of the ornamental industry. They never go out of the fashion. They are used in a variety of jewellery items and ornaments. There are various types of beads. And various ways to use beads. There are glass beads, wooden beads, lava beads, plastic beads, Halloween beads etc. beads also come in various designs and shapes. They are called artificial beads and come in artificial shapes, not as the regular beads.

Halloween beads:

There is also one more use of beads that is in making Halloween ornaments. These ornaments are not regular bead ornaments but are scary and spooky. The designers try to make the Halloween ornaments scariest in every way. they mostly design the beads and ornaments based on old devil tales or ghost stories like witches etc.

Nowadays there is trend following up of using Halloween beads on the Halloween day parade and at night parties. These beads are specially made for this kind of scary parties and come in different types of ghostly characters. They can come in various shapes like skull, bones, small skeletons, crosses, ghosts, bats etc.  in this article we are going to talk about Halloween beads.


Making these beads is not an easy work. Patience and hard work are needed to make these beads. Precision is another factor that is needed to make these beads. Other beads can also be used with the Halloween beads to give them a creative look. Like the black lava bead or plastic beads can also be used with the Halloween beads. The designers try to give them a spooky look.

Uses and Types:

The most popular Halloween beads are skull beads. These beads have been selling all over the year. And the students are in love with these beads. These have become a trend within the students. Mostly the skull with black and white colour has been selling in the market mostly.

Halloween party is incomplete without the scary looking pumpkin faces. Beads also come in pumpkin shapes. Scary orange pumpkins beads can be found in the market. Bracelets are made up of the scary pumpkins beads. 

Many more types of the beads are present on the Halloween occasion which can be very scary. Many options are present in the market like golem stones, painted beads, bat shaped beads, spider beads, scary tail beads etc. 

How to Make Pink Skull Earrings for Halloween

Hello, everybody, Halloween is approaching, so today Im here to share you a pair of pink skull earrings, which will be great for Halloween parties, or you can give it to your friends as a Halloween gift.

What are you going to need for this pink skull earrings:

8mm Mashan Jade Beads
0.8mm Golden Copper Wire
0.5mm Golden Copper Wire
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Step1: cut off a piece of 0.8mm golden copper wire and twist it as picture shows. Then thread two pink jade beads to the wire. Next cut off a piece of 0.5mm golden copper wire and wrap it around the left pink jade bead. Finally make a semi-circle around the pink jade bead and wrap it like picture shows.
Step2: wrap the copper wire around the right jade bead to form a square as picture shows. Then make a semi-circle like the left one. Finally wrap the wire around the beads to make loops like picture shows.
Step3: When you finish your pink jade beaded drops, its time for you to do the last step, wrap the 0.8mm copper wire ends together and make a loop, then add an earring hook to the loop. Repeat the same steps for the other drop pattern.
Let s check the final look of these pink skull earrings! Really chic and beautiful, arent they?
Do you like these wire wrapped earrings? Skull is one of the most classic Halloween elements, if you want to make something special in this Halloween, these pink skull earrings could be a great choice. Just have a try and happy crafting!


Making Lilac Quilling Paper Flower Necklace with White Pearls

Love quilling paper flower necklace? Here I will share a lilac quilling flower necklace with white pearl beads with you all. This DIY quilling necklace is really easy to make but it is quite fashionable and elegant, just follow me to see HOW~

Supplies you’ll need in making the flower quilling necklace:
DIY Paper Quilling Strips Sets
10mm White Round Pearl Beads
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
White Flat Round Pearl Cabochons
Cross Chains
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Headpins
Silver Eyepins
11.5x6mm Silver Round MagneticClasps
Needle Nose Plier
Step 1: cut a piece of lilac quilling paper and roll it into a circular bead and glue the end with white glue.
Step 2: Pinch the circular bead into a drop shape and make other more such quilling drop patterns.

Step 3: Glue 5 quilling drop patterns together to form a flower, and make other 2 such quilling flowers and glue a pearl cabochon onto middle of each quilling flowers as pictured.

Step 4: Add a round pearl bead (10mm pearl, 8mm pearl and 6mm pearl) to an eyepin and make a loop at the other end of it, then make more such pearl bead patterns.
Step 5: Make several small circular quilling beads and glue 2 quilling circular beads to two sides of 2 quilling flowers and glue 3 quilling circular beads to another quilling flower as pictured.
Step 6: Connect the 3 quilling flowers with jump rings and add 2 6mm pearl bead patterns to left of the quilling flower while add a 10mm pearl bead pattern to right of the flower.

Step 7: Connect 3 6mm pearl bead patterns, 2 10mm pattern and an 8mm pattern together and attach them to the third quilling flower with a jump ring.
Step 8: Cut 2 pieces of cross chain and hang one end of them to 2 ends of the pearl bead chain and connect the other end of them with a magnetic clasp and jump rings as pictured.
Now this lilac quilling necklace is finished, do you like it? Try to make such a chic and elegant quilling flower necklace now! Have a wonderful time~


The Wonders of Seed Beads

Seed beads are what you literally need to meet your goal of being a super elegant woman. They are tiny but have the ability to cause tremendous transformation in your style. Uniqueness is the cry and yearn for every woman. On the other hand men want to associate themselves with women of class. A lady who possesses an individual style is worth every attention. Whatever it takes you should be determined to access the seed beads since they contain the charm that you need so badly. These kinds of beads are a staple part that can be integrated into a comprehensive variety of craft as well jewelry designs.

What are the Production techniques of seed beads?

There are two prominent techniques or methods if you like that are used to produce these beads. They include the wound method as well as drawn method. The wound method is a traditional method that is considered to be time consuming. For that reason it is not highly regarded in the production of modern beads. However this traditional technique entails heating a chunk of glass on an iron bar until molten. In glass making the chunk of glass is referred to as gather. Another bar of iron is put into the gather after which the two bars separated resulting to a long glass rod, which is then divided into shorter rods to ease handling.

The next step involves reheating one of the rods and wound around an extremely hot metal wire forming a ring of glass, which is in turn shaped and made smooth and round. This process is repeated severally resulting to a series of glass rings. The wire is left for sometimes to cool after which the rings are removed and used as beads,

The drawn method is more simplified thus preferred in modern  beads production. It is not time consuming as the initial method. In addition it produces quality and beautiful beads. The method involves creating an air bubble in the gather. Once the iron bars are separated they form a long tube contrary to the rod formed in wound method. The tube is either cooled or just left for some time to cool after which it is cut into rings. Finally the rings are rolled over and over with the aim of terminating the sharp edges before they are rendered ideal for use as seed beads.