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What Makes Snap Jewelry Such an Awesome Gift?

Snap jewelry make one of the best gifts that you can ever give your loved one on any special occasion such as Christmas or birthday and you can be sure that they will really appreciate it. Being such a great gift, most people have really come to love it a lot and whether you are old or young, this is essentially a gift that you can never get enough of. There are so many things that make this jewelry so cool and this is why you can never resist gifting it to those people you hold dear in your heart.

There are so many things that really make snap jewelry so cool and the reason why you can’t afford not to have it. One of them is the fact that the pieces that are used tend to easily pop apart and as such, the person can change them around for creating some new looks. Whether you are the giver or the receiver of the gift, you can be able to alter it in the best way you can possibly wish for since there are no special tools that you need to use. You only need to apply some little force and you will be able to separate the pieces and be able to have one of the best jewelry creations you can possibly imagine of.

If you are a fussy person or one who really likes unique items, it is needless to say that snap jewelry is the best kind of jewelry that you can ever have. This is due to the fact that customizing this type of jewelry is very easy and you can be certain that you will be able to always have a new kind of item once you are done with it. And in case the person is not impressed with the kind of snap pieces you chose for them originally, they won’t be completely discarding it as they can always alter it in the way they want.

The good thing about snap jewelry is that it comes with the possibility of easily swapping it as you want and this always gives it a new look. Even the person receiving the jewelry as a gift will certainly not be bored with it and will be able to get the most out of it. Since the front pieces are the ones that are changed, you can purchase many different types of them and you can always be able to use them on different occasions depending on what you want.

Also, the facts that snap jewelry is very inexpensive means that you won’t be paying a fortune for it and you will enjoy the great affordability that comes with it. To ensure that you get the best prices for them, it is important that you do your shopping very well and most importantly, you should buy the jewelry online as that is where you are assured of the best deals that will help you save. 


How to Make a Fabulous Bridal Beaded Statement Necklace

Wedding day is one of the most important days for every girls, she will be the most beautiful girl in the world with proper accessories. Therefore, bridal jewelry is necessary for her, like bridal statement necklaces. Here is a bridal statement necklace tutorial with detailed instructions. You can make one for your friend who is going to be married.

Jewelry making supplies in the bridal statement necklace:

6mm White Pearl Beads
8mm White Pearl Beads
10mm White Pearl Beads
Slide Lock Clasps
Iron Jump Rings
Tiger Wires
Needle Nose Plier
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
At first, trim off a length of 100cm tiger wire, and slide 3 pieces of 6mm white pearl beads on the middle of the tiger wire, then slide the tiger wire across another 6mm white pearl bead;
Then slide a 6mm white pearl bead on both sides, then slide the tiger wires across another 6mm white pearl bead; and repeat the steps to make a pearl beaded chain.

Second, slide 2 8mm white pearl beads on the left tiger wire and slide a 8mm white pearl bead on the right pearl bead, then thread the left tiger wire across the 8mm pearl bead on the right tiger wire. Then slide a 8mm white pearl bead on the two tiger wires separately, then slide the left tiger wire across the 8mm pearl bead on the tiger wire. And repeat the steps to add more beads to make the second pearl beaded chain.

Third, slide 2 pieces of 10mm pearl beads on the left tiger wire and right separately. Then slide the left tiger wire across the 8mm pearl bead on the right tiger wire. Next slide a 10mm pearl bead on the two tiger wires separately, then thread the left tiger wire across the 10mm pearl bead on the right tiger wire;

At last, repeat the steps to add more beads to make the third pearl beaded chain. And add jump rings to the ends and link them together by using the slide lock clasps.

A pearl statement necklace is instantly finished with wholesale beads, so beautiful, right? Time to send it to your friend! It will be a perfect gift for a bride. I will send it to my best friend because this Sunday she will be married. I’m so happy for her and imagine how beautiful she will be when wearing this beautiful pearl statement necklace in her wedding. Hope she will always be happy, best wishes for every bride.


Different Types of Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for jewelry making are small objects with holes at the center that are strung together to make beaded jewelry. Beads can be made using different types of materials such as wood, glass, acrylic, bone and metal among other types of material. Beads go back a long way to when they were first used as currency and as cultural talismans. Today, beads are widely used to make jewelry and also in a variety of craft projects.

There are many kinds of beads for jewelry making available in the market. The variety of beads available means that any jewelry maker can design and create unique jewelry pieces to suit any taste. The choice of jewelry beads used by a jewelry designer will depend on cost, shape, color, durability and how they fit into one’s design. Buyers of jewelry, buy beaded jewelry based on cost, design, durability and comfort.

Different types of beads used in jewelry making

When it comes to jewelry beads, there is no shortage of materials available. Some of the beads you can use in jewelry design include:

-    Wood beads

As the name suggests, wood bead are made from woods of different types. There are beads made from softwood and hardwood. Some good examples are rosewood beads, ebony beads, sandalwood beads and palm wood beans among others. Wooden beads make excellent organic jewelry pieces especially when combined with earthy material such as bones, hooves, feathers, and metals. Although wood beads are not as expensive as gem beads, they still make amazing jewelry items that can be worn on any occasion.

-    Acrylic beads for jewelry making

Acrylic is a material made out of plastic that sometimes resembles glass. Beads made of acrylic are available in the clear form or colored form. Acrylic beads are often used to make faux jewelry items. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Acrylic beads make excellent necklaces and earrings.

-    Metal beads

Metal beads for jewelry making offer a wide selection to choose from such as those made from silver, gold, copper, brass and pewter. Precious metals make expensive beads hence not everyone can afford them. However, beads made from base metals such as brass, bronze and copper are much more affordable than those made from precious metals. Metal beads are quite versatile; they can be used as spacers or as the main material in different kinds of jewelry. Metal beads are used to make earrings, necklaces, and bangles.

Buy beads online

Other examples of beads to purchase for jewelry making are crystal beads, glass beads, and clay beads. Whichever type of beads you desire the best place to purchase beads is online. Online beads for jewelry making are affordable, and purchasing beads online is convenient. You save a lot of money when you purchase beads online because you don’t have to move from brick and mortar bead shops. Online shops also sell beads on wholesale that will reduce expenses even further. Purchasing beads online is easy and convenient so why not make your beads purchases online today!

4 Charming Beaded DIY Crafts

Beads are decorative and are used for various types of artwork including DIY crafts. Beaded DIY crafts become more and more popular among craft lovers. Today I want to introduce 4 beaded DIY craft ideas to you, which I myself like very much, hope you like them, too.
Beaded slipper

I have to say this pair of slipper is so dazzling and eye-catching! Beads add much glamour to the slippers, it would be so dumb and boring without the sparky beads.
Beaded curtain

I love this design so much! Made by beads, the curtain looks so beautiful and unique. If there is such a beaded curtain dangling at my home, I feel like I’m living at the princess room. I couldn’t wait to get some wholesale beads to make one myself.
Beaded spider

I’m always scared at spiders, while the first time I look at these beaded spiders, ”lovely ” this word came into my mind suddenly. Beads are the main materials, which makes these spiders so lively and lovely instead of horrific. I’m sure this kind of beaded craft will be loved by kids if make some for them.
Beaded wreath

Don’t miss out on this brilliant beaded wreath. This unique wreath made by many kinds of beads will definitely add much sparkle and blaze to your door with the bling red.
After appreciating those 4 charming beaded DIY crafts, what do you think of them? Do you have an inspiration and crush to make one yourself? In fact, those beaded crafts are easy DIY beaded crafts with not so complicated skills, what you need is getting some beads for jewelry making, I’m sure you will be amazed at the artworks you have created.  


Valentine’s Day Gift: Making a Leather Cuff Bracelet for Him

How time flies! Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you thought up what gift for your boyfriend? How about a Leather cuff bracelet? Maybe your financial status makes you unable to purchase the big-branded sophisticated products, why not choose to DIY a handmade leather cuff bracelet for him? Here is a leather cuff bracelet tutorial, which will help you make a perfect Valentine’s Day for him.

Beads and tools for the leather cuff bracelet:

10mm black hematite beads
4mm black leather cord
0.8mm silvery jewelry wire
Cord ends
Jump rings
Lobster claw
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun
At first, cut 4 piece of about 25cm black leather cord, fasten the cutting ends by tape and glue them into one silvery cord end ending; then cut a length of 18cm brass wire and coil it around the leather cords 5-8 times; next trim off the needless brass wire and tuck the sharp end.
Second, trim off a piece of long brass wire and coil it around the bottom two leather cords 3 times; then trim off the extra wire and coil the rest wire around the middle leather cords with leaving tails at both ends; next coil around middle cords 3 times’
Third, slide beads onto both tails and coil them around sided leather cord 3 times; then trim off the extra tails and tuck sharp ends.

4th, repeat the above step to braid the length of the bracelet as you like; then trim off a length of 18cm brass wire and coil it around all the leather cords; next trim off the extra wire and hot glue bracelet end onto another cord end finding.

At last, attach jump ring and lobster clasp to both ends.

Well done!! A cool leather cuff bracelet is instantly finished. Time to send it to him! I bet your boyfriend will love it very much and appreciate that you spend time to make gift for him even though he doesn’t wear it all the time. Just get more wholesale jewelry supplies and you will enjoy the process of creating. Hope all of you have a nice Valentine’s Day!!


3 Beautiful Jewelry Sets Worth Attention

Hello, my dear readers, instead of sharing jewelry tutorials and single jewelry collections, today I want to introduce 3 beautiful jewelry sets to you, which I myself love very much. Hope you like them, too.
Bib necklace & earrings set

I was amazed the first time I saw this pair of jewelry and earring set. I have to say the color of this set is so dazzling and eye-catching. Made by glass beads and gemstones, they look so noble and formal. It seems like that anybody wears them is ready to go to a dinner party and enjoy the attention from others.
Beaded jewelry set
What do you think of this jewelry set? It looks so pure and natural, which reminds me of the fresh spring. This pair of jewelry set is super match to your dresses and going for a picnic, going for a movie, both are great. I’m sure they will help you stand out from the crowd.
Bridal wedding jewelry set

I have to admit that I want to be a bride because of this jewelry set. Hah, they are so pretty that I even want to wear them at my weeding. They make look like me as noble as a princess. Oh, what am I talking about, I even don’t have a boyfriend. While I love them so much that I dream of the day I’m wearing them, walking to my lover.

After appreciating the above 3 jewelry sets, which one do you like best? Personally I myself like the last one best. I’m sure you know the reason, Hah. It is time to choose a pair of suitable jewelry set to make up ourselves, cause sometimes wearing proper jewelry set could help us win more attention in the public.


Different Types of Glass Beads

Glass beads have been around for a long time. If you look back in history, you will find that these beads were in use during the Roman and Egyptian times. Glass is a popular material when it comes to bead making. There are different types of beads made out of glass to choose from in jewelry design. Some good examples of beads made from glass are cat-eye beads, lampwork beads, dichroic beads, and Venetian beads among others.

Cat eye beads

Cat eye beads are also known as fiber-optic beads. These beads are valued by jewelry designers because they capture and reflect light in a special way. When light passes through cat eye beads, it forms a band of light that makes the beads glow just like cat’s eyes. Cat eye beads are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and they make beautiful jewelry pieces.

Venetian glass beads

Venetian beads are also called Murano beads. The Venetian beads get their name from their origin. The first place they were manufactured was in Venice, Italy. However, due to logistical problems, the manufacturers moved the bead factories to an Island known as Murano and the beads started being referred to as Murano beads. Hence, these beads can either be referred to as Venetian or Murano beads. Venetian beads are quite popular in jewelry making because they make striking jewelry pieces.

Lampwork beads

Lampwork beads are beads made from glass that are handmade using a process known as lampworking. In lampworking, glass rods are melted, and the molten glass shaped into beads. The name lampwork comes from the fact that in the past when making lampwork beads the glass rods were melted using heat from lamps. Lampwork beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and they make beautiful jewelry.

Dichroic beads

Dichroic beads get their name from the fact that they are two-colored beads. These beads get their name from two Greek words; “di” meaning two and “chroma” meaning color. These beads are valuable because of their multicolored properties with their rainbow swirling patterns similar to what you see on soap bubbles. Dichroic beads make amazing jewelry pieces that are beautiful, affordable and colorful.

Use beads made from glass in creative projects

These are just a few examples of the beads made from glass available in the market. Apart from making jewelry, glass beads can be used in home decor, crafts projects, and embroidery. For example, you can use beads from glass to decorate pull chains. Another favorite way of using beads in décor is on light fixtures such lamps and candlesticks because they reflect light very well. You can also use these beads to embroider pillow cases and clothes.

Buy your beads online

Glass beads are available online at affordable prices.  The advantage of purchasing beads online is that it’s easy as you can do it from the comfort of your workshop or home. There is a wide variety of bead made from glass available online at affordable prices. So why not order your beads today!


4 Drop Earrings Worth attention

As an indispensible part of women’s accessories, earrings play an important role to make us more beautiful. Especially drop earrings are favored by more girls for the combination of vogue designs and unique drops. Maybe you don’t know much drop earrings before, today I will show you some of my favorite drop earrings, hope you like them, too.
Gemstone drop earrings

I love this blue so much!! Made by gemstone, these drop earrings look so glittring and translucent in blue. I think this color is fit to every kind of outfit and it will definitely level you up.
Glass beaded drop earrings

Amazing job!! It is a wonder that glass beads and steel earring hooks can work out such gorgeous eye-catching drop earrings. To make things more delightful, this kind of beaded earrings is not that complicated and requires only few minutes while the result is so terrific.
Wooden drop earrings

In fact, this is the first time I saw wooden drop earrings. I didn’t know that wooden drop earrings could be so pretty and the wood could make this drop earrings super match to a date with beloved boyfriend or an old friends’ gathering party.
Pearl drop earrings

Tell me the truth, have this pair of pearl drop earrings reminded you of “Downton Abby”? In the TV plays, ladies love to wear this kind of earrings, which make them look noble and elegant. What gorgeous and glorious earrings they are! I even want to wear them to take a photo, hah.

So what do you think of the drop earrings mentioned above? Do you like them? Do you have a crush to make one yourself? Those earrings are easy to make if you want to. Go get some jewelry making supplies now, I bet you will be amazed at the works you created.


How to Make Fashion DIY Wire Rings

Hi, guys, I have been sharing earrings and necklaces tutorials with you these days, today I want to share something different, wire rings. Have you ever make DIY wire rings? I bet the answer is no, right? Here is a wire ring tutorial, now follow me, let’s get started!
Materials and tools needed in the DIY wire rings:

White Pearl Beads
Light Cyan Pearl Beads
Aluminum Wire
Jewelry Wire
Bent Nose Pliers
At first, trim off about 25cm aluminum wire, bend it in half, then bend it again as the picture shows and fold the two top sides into loops.
Then slide an 8mm white pearl bead, 6mm light cyan pearl bead, and 6mm white pearl bead on the 0.3mm jewelry wire in order and attach it to the bottom side of the aluminum wire separately;
Next wrap the two bend places of the aluminum wire with some jewelry wire; slide 2 pieces of 4mm light cyan pearl beads, a 6mm white pearl bead on three jewelry wires separately, then add them to the top sides.
At last, slide an 8mm white pearl bead and 4mm light cyan pearl bead on the jewelry, then attach them to the middle part of the wire finger ring.
A fashion and pretty wire ring is instantly finished, so easy, right? You can wear it yourself, or send it to your friends, since there are various finger ring designs you can choose other beads as your friends like. Don’t be hesitated, I’m sure they will love it and appreciate that you spend time making gift for them.

Unique Facts to Know About Wooden Beads

Facts never lie and you will understand the heat of that statement better when you are considering wooden beads for your jewelry work. Wood is just one of the materials that are used for making beads but the facts attached to it are just amazing and unique. They are what you will rarely experience with any other material. It will be very important for you to grasp these facts prior to making any purchase move for your wooden beads. They will help in the decision making process.

  • Light in weight- dry wood is light in weight while wet wood is heavy. When making beads, the dried wooden material is used which means the resulting beads come with light weight. Therefore, it is a fact that beads made of wood are light in weight. There are many types of wood material used but hardwood is the common one.
  • Versatile- unlike other materials, you can curve any type of beads out of wood with ease. Whether you want an oval shaped bead, rounded beads or cylindrical beads it will be all possible. It remains a fact that wooden beads are versatile and that is something you cannot achieve with materials like metal or plastic.
  • Durable- wooden material is capable of withstanding very many damaging effects especially minor ones that other materials will not. For instance, wooden material will not be affected by scratches which are visible on glass or plastic materials. Unless they come under intense pressure from actions like hard hitting, wooden material is durable and cannot get damaged that easily. That is a clear fact.
  • Unique properties- wood as a raw material for making beads comes with very unique properties that make it stand out from the rest. For example, wood comes in very different colors as well as texture which is determined by the type of tree it has been sourced from. Some trees have dark wood while others have light wood. Also, there are those trees which are naturally smooth and others rough in texture. Those are some of the properties that only wooden beads come with and it’s yet another fact to digest.
  • Attractive- by nature, wooden material is very attractive and that is why many people prefer it for jewelry works. Actually, you might not even have to paint your beads in any color since the natural attractiveness of wood is enough. In cases where you will want to enhance the aesthetic value, wood can be painted to different colors and even change that without problems. Just count any other material that can withstand that. Possibly very few or none thus wooden beads are just unique.

These facts are so many that you cannot exhaust them. It is heartening to know that making wooden beads at home is one of the simplest tasks to accomplish. You will not need to have any expertise in accomplishing that unlike other materials where some skills will be necessary. For instance, you cannot just cut metal like that but it’s vital you know how to use cutters and many other aspects. 


Jewelry Making Supplies to Consider Buying

If there is one thing that you will never fall short of is jewelry making supplies. They are in the market in their numbers and varying types. Your main task will be making informed choices on the ideal supplies for your jewelry work. Your fascination with beautiful things will be replicated when you are looking for these supplies because they are just good for that. Due to the many choices at hand, it might confuse you to make wrong decisions.

But, that should not be a worry once you have made good use of this guideline. It will touch on the most commonly used jewelry making supplies for your consideration. Choose the ones that suit your project but only after studying and understanding them very well.

  • Cords and wire- the role of these supplies is pretty simple and they are suitable for any type of jewelry project. They are used for stringing beads and will be vital when you are out to create necklaces as well as bracelets. It will be easy adding and removing beads from the cords or wire so they are not problematic using.
  • Cutters- these are supplies that do all the cutting work whenever you are doing your jewelry work. They include blades, scissors, pliers and many others that must be sharp enough. Don’t use blunt cutters because they can damage the material you are cutting. You must use the right cutting tools for your jewelry material so never use just any tool that you come across.
  • Hooks and clasps- these jewelry making supplies are very critical in that without them your jewelry project will be incomplete. Their main work is to fasten the twin ends together in a way that they cannot get loose. If they are not there, the beads will fall off and you will have nothing to call a necklace or bracelet. If you want to come up with different styles, make sure you have used varying hooks and clasps. It will be good to purchase them in bulk so that you enjoy good selection in relation to color, size, style and shape.
  • Beads and spacers- these are at the center of attraction in jewelry projects. You might have the cords or wires and even hooks but without beads there is nothing to do. Beads come in different materials and it will be upon you to make a choice on the ideal one for your project. In any case, you have to go for durable materials that are attractive to create the best impression. Also, it will be good if you buy these jewelry making supplies in bulk for quality selection.

Before you go to the market for consideration on the right supplies to buy, it will be of great value that you decide on the type of project you intend to create. That will make sure the jewelry making supplies you end up buying match very well with your project. That is by far the best way to have your needs satisfied.