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Quick to Learn DIY Sailor Knot Tying

Knot tying is not strange for us, it’s very common in our life. There are many kinds of knot tying, for instance, rope knot tying, sailor knot tying etc. today I am going to share an easy knot to tie – sailor knot. Please follow me to see how to make it!
Step 1:
We need a 20cm white nylon cord and a 20cm red nylon cord, and fix one end of both cords, for the convenience to tie. Besides, we put the white cord on the left.
Step 2:

Put the adjustable end of the white cord under its fixed end forming a counter-clockwise loop. Showing as picture below.

                                                                                                  Step 3: Form a clockwise loop with the red cord and the adjustable end of the red cord is under the adjustable end of the white cord.
Step 4: let the adjustable end of red cord under through the white loop, the turn is under white cord, over red cord and then under white cord. Shown picture below.

Step 5: pull both of ends tightly as the picture shows.
Have you got the skills of sailor knot tying? Practice makes perfect! Believe in yourselfand try it now!


Different Types of Magnetic Clasps

You cannot undermine the important role played by magnetic clasps in jewelry projects. They are a must consideration whenever you are working on any jewelry project. You will be confronted by several situations where making hard choices will be a necessity. As such, you will be required to choose these clasps for your project and there are many types to have a look at before making the final choice. Go for those that match your preferred size, style, shape and color. That is the only way to get satisfied.

  • Spring ring clasp- this is very common among users of magnetic clasps. It is made of metal and has the spring mechanism for functioning. It will close automatically once the lever has been released thus securing your chain firmly in place. You will like it for its high versatility as well as guaranteed security.
  • Lobster clasp- this one is loaded with a spring and closes on its own. You will get these clasps in different styles and sizes to choose what best meets your demands. The stand out feature of these magnetic clasps is the swivel style that makes sure the clasp gets to rotate at 360 degrees without causing any disturbances to the jewelry.
  • Barrel clasp- there are twin metal pieces that make up this clasp. They are screwed together to come up with something resembling a barrel after closing. In using the clasps, you will have to attach each end to the jewelry on its own. The good thing is that they offer a variety of finishes and sizes to make your choices easier. It’s highly versatile.
  • Toggle clasp- these magnetic clasps will be the ideal selection for adding some elegance to your jewelry. They are designed using two pieces with one end coming in a “T” shape and the second end is circular or open. They come with multiple embellishments thus will be best suited to add some touch to the design of your jewelry pieces. You can use them on any type of jewelry that you feel like without interfering with your looks.
  • S hook clasp- these qualify to be among the oldest clasps in the market today. They are very simplistic in their “S” shape and are used through attaching to single end of jewelry then they slide into a ring on the second end. These clasps are very basic and will be a good decorative option to consider for your jewelry. The hook must be completely tight all the time in such a way that they will not end up damaging your clothes with sharp cuts.
  • Side lock clasps- you will get to use these magnetic clasps in multi-strand bracelets and necklaces. There is a long tube found on both ends plus rings to make it easy attaching to the jewelry. You can use a wire, chain, cord or thread to attach these clasps and the choice will be all yours to make.

Depending on how you make your considerations once in the market, there are all chances that you will not miss out on your favorite magnetic clasps. 


Easy Steps to Make a Bracelet with Beads!

Hi guys, you must love wearing bracelet, i also believe you love bracelet making! Today I am going to share a tutorial about making bracelet with beads. Please see bracelet making supplies in details:

Glass beads strands, wood beads, swallow brass links, pendant cabochon settings, resin cabochons, snowflake spacer beads, brass eyepin, brass jumprings, iron chain, a set of 3 pliers, DIY jewelry tool sets.

Now please see the steps of making bracelet with beads.

Step 1: slide the beads on eyepins.
(1) Slide a glass bead on 4 brass eyepins respectively.
(2) Slide 2 snowflake spacer beads and a red wood beads on 4 brass eyepins respectively as picture shows.

Step 2: trim the unnecessary brass eyepin and make a loop as picture shows.

Step 3:Connect the resin cabochons to the pendant cabochon settings, as picture shows.

Step 4: hang the beads, pendant cabochon settings and the swallow brass links on the iron chain.

Our elegant bracelet with beads has been finished here, it’s very easy, right? Hey guys, let’s do it now!


3Steps to Make Your Own Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

Do you have a strong interest in wearing chandelier earrings lately? If yes, I’d like to share with you a tutorial in making DIY cheap chandelier earrings with orange acrylic beads. The teardrop chandelier earrings can be finished within 3 steps and what’s more, it’s so beautiful to match with any skirts. Now follow to see the procedure to see HOW!. Now I can’t wait to share the procedures of making it to you!

1. The materials we need are Tibetan style links, flat round acrylic beads, jumprings, and earring hooks.

2. Open jumprings and slide one bead on each of the jumprings.

3. Attach the bead dangles on the loops of the Tibetan links
4. Add the earring hook, and repeat to make the other earring.

So, the cheap chandelier earrings with orange beads are very easy for us, right? If you follow the instruction above, you must have a strong sense of success!

Customizing your Jewelry with Wholesale Buttons

The good thing with wholesale buttons is that they will allow you to customize your jewelry project in the best way possible. That will offer you the rare opportunity to come up with a jewelry project of your liking. If there is a better way to have your jewelry needs fully satisfied and in a way you can’t live to regret, it’s through customizing using buttons. There are very many ways to customize jewelry with wholesale buttons and the alternatives you will get to consider include:

  • Themes- you will look to be trendy if the buttons you have denote a certain theme. With wholesale buttons, it will be easy choosing the ideal theme that brings out your personality in the right way without compromising on general looks. Choose themes depending on whether the buttons will be used with casual or official wear.
  • Material- all types of materials available for making jewelry projects come with their unique qualities. Thus, each material will demand a certain type of buttons which is an opportunity to customize. Choose a button type that goes well with your type of clothing for uniformity reasons. Whether it’s wood, velvet, polyester, metal or acrylic materials that your buttons are made of, ensure they match with your apparel.

  • Designs- naturally, wholesale buttons have varying designs and it’s easy to customize your looks by choosing those that you are okay with. Don’t just fall for any design. It can be traditional or ethnic wear you will use the button with and it’s important you match them well. Some recommended designs are handmade, vintage look, hand painted, floral and laser cut buttons.
  • Colors- these are very fascinating and wholesale buttons come in as many colors as possible both bright and dull options. For your looks, colors are more of an attraction factor and choosing ideal ones for your jewelry will remain to be very critical. You can go for single colors or mix several but ensure the overall design is perfect.
  • Type- what type of wholesale buttons would you prefer for your jewelry project? Well, they come in very many types to allow you ease of customization. Shank, slide, closures, two holes, clasps and toggle buttons are some of those that you can consider to customize your jewelry project. You have to get your choices right if you are serious about getting the right and satisfying results.
  • Size- in very many things, size is not always a concern but it will be a top concern when you are seeking to customize your jewelry project using buttons. Your looks with any garment will be determined hugely by the size of buttons used so don’t have any guesswork on that. Go for the right sized buttons and you will get the best looks. By buying in wholesale, you will have many sizes to consider thus it will not be a problem choosing the ideal size.

Once you have put all these into consideration, you will have an easy time customizing your looks with buttons. Do your homework right and you will not get frustrated.  


Making Easy Halloween Skull Earrings for Women

Halloween is coming, do you need any Halloween skull earrings to enrich your holiday life? Then the skull jewelry is the best for you. You will recognize that it is easy to make Halloween skull dangle earrings for women after knowing the tutorial.

Things needed to make Halloween skull earrings
1. Flower aluminum beads
2. Skull beads
3. Headpin
4. Earring hooks

First, you need to cross the skull bead and the flower aluminum bead onto the headpin.
Second, make a loop over the flower aluminum bead and then cut off the extra wire.
Finally, hook the skull bead with the earring hook.
Yeah, you must be unbelievable! Making the Halloween skull earrings is so simple yet suitable for the coming festival. If you worry about finding an easy but nice Halloween skull jewelry, just try this one.


Crafting Ideas with Glass Beads

The festive Christmas season is around the corner again and you will want to have decorations at home. You will definitely have many options at hand for your consideration but glass beads will stand out very well. Any celebration without decorations is not satisfactory and you should put that into serious consideration this festive season. There are very many ways in which you can use glass beads for decorations at home. The following are some of the top ideas you can think about:

  • Making wreathes- these are good when hung on the doors to create the best first impression. You can purchase a plain wreathe and then decorate using these beads. Choose the color that matches that of your wreathe to ensure uniformity. It will help you to save on time.
  • Making cards- the best gift to send to a friend or loved one during festive season like Christmas is a card. You have possibly been sending these cards each and every year and 2015 needs to be a bit different. That is possible through decorating using glass beads because you can customize as per your needs or those of the people you are targeting. The cards should also have customized messages that reflect the season.
In general, glass beads are very ideal for making decorations when you have a festive season approaching. The decorations vary and you will have the freedom of choosing the one that is in line with your satisfaction. Outdoor hanging décor is yet another option that you must consider for your festive season. This is what will help give your friends and visitors the best impression about your home and preparedness. The décor that you hang outside your house should be colorful and attractive.

It can be hung anywhere that eyes will have an easy time grasping. It can be on a tree or walls of the house as long as visitors will see that as the first thing once they arrive. Don’t place it where eyes will struggle a lot to see. With that, you will have the best use for glass beads as far decorations at home are concerned. When you hang, make sure the decorations are not on the path of wind. You will have nothing to complain about when seeking the best way to decorate for your festive celebrations.

Consider widely

Unless you are not keen on considering widely, chances are that you will easily settle for the best crafting ideas. You have to be creative in the choices you make. One of the biggest advantages of using glass for beads is that they are durable when handled with care. You should not mishandle glass beads because the material can break easily. Durability of glass material is assured but you must make the effort of ensuring that is upheld.

Don’t take anything for granted just because durability is assured. You must be seen to go out of your way in making sure your beads are durable and serve you for long.


Buying Guide for Wholesale Charms

You can buy charms in wholesale or retail. Go for the choice that you feel is best suited to satisfy your needs. In any case, wholesale charms will be the best alternative because they help to save costs and offer wide selection. When you engage a dealer offering charms in bulk, you will get to enjoy some of the lowest market prices. If you are buying for commercial reasons, your operational cost will be relatively down while profit margins will be favorable.

Go for quick deliveries

You must take a look at the delivery period when choosing a company to offer you charms in bulk. There are those whose shipping duration is high thus not suitable for immediate purchase. It will be good to buy your charms from a dealer whose delivery is prompt. You will find that some companies charge for shipping and the more your consignment takes to deliver, the more expensive it will be. You will have to do some delicate balancing act in getting the right wholesale charms.

This is because you are keen on high profitability while at the same time not compromising on volume of your consignment. You should consider going for minimum orders because price per item is very low. You have to put that into serious consideration when buying wholesale charms. As a buyer, you must take time to study the market and determine the prices that sellers are willing to offer you for a bulk consignment.

That should be your primary goal when making purchase. You will come across those with high prices and others with low prices. At some point, you might get confused on which one to go for in case you are not well prepared on your decision making. To meet your targets, you should go for the one with the highest margin for profits. You don’t choose just any type of dealer but the one with the best price deals. Your preferences as a customer equally matter and should not be ignored when buying wholesale charms.

Consider personal preferences

You should not buy what other people prefer but what you prefer unless it’s for commercial purposes. If you are buying charms to sell, it will be good that you consider preferences for your customers. What do they want? What don’t they like? By considering that, you will be in a position of choosing the best charms as per the needs of your customers. If you make purchase without such a consideration, you will end up messing up big.

You should be able to determine trends in the market prior to purchasing. This will help you know the type of charms that are selling big in the market and what is in line with modern day needs. You should not buy wholesale charms that are out of fashion. You have to look fashionable by buying recent charms that are trending in the market. You must always go out of your way in buying the best wholesale charms for your needs satisfaction.