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Quick to Learn DIY Sailor Knot Tying

Knot tying is not strange for us, it’s very common in our life. There are many kinds of knot tying, for instance, rope knot tying, sailor knot tying etc. today I am going to share an easy knot to tie – sailor knot. Please follow me to see how to make it!
Step 1:
We need a 20cm white nylon cord and a 20cm red nylon cord, and fix one end of both cords, for the convenience to tie. Besides, we put the white cord on the left.
Step 2:

Put the adjustable end of the white cord under its fixed end forming a counter-clockwise loop. Showing as picture below.

                                                                                                  Step 3: Form a clockwise loop with the red cord and the adjustable end of the red cord is under the adjustable end of the white cord.
Step 4: let the adjustable end of red cord under through the white loop, the turn is under white cord, over red cord and then under white cord. Shown picture below.

Step 5: pull both of ends tightly as the picture shows.
Have you got the skills of sailor knot tying? Practice makes perfect! Believe in yourselfand try it now!