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Making Easy Halloween Skull Earrings for Women

Halloween is coming, do you need any Halloween skull earrings to enrich your holiday life? Then the skull jewelry is the best for you. You will recognize that it is easy to make Halloween skull dangle earrings for women after knowing the tutorial.

Things needed to make Halloween skull earrings
1. Flower aluminum beads
2. Skull beads
3. Headpin
4. Earring hooks

First, you need to cross the skull bead and the flower aluminum bead onto the headpin.
Second, make a loop over the flower aluminum bead and then cut off the extra wire.
Finally, hook the skull bead with the earring hook.
Yeah, you must be unbelievable! Making the Halloween skull earrings is so simple yet suitable for the coming festival. If you worry about finding an easy but nice Halloween skull jewelry, just try this one.