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Customizing your Jewelry with Wholesale Buttons

The good thing with wholesale buttons is that they will allow you to customize your jewelry project in the best way possible. That will offer you the rare opportunity to come up with a jewelry project of your liking. If there is a better way to have your jewelry needs fully satisfied and in a way you can’t live to regret, it’s through customizing using buttons. There are very many ways to customize jewelry with wholesale buttons and the alternatives you will get to consider include:

  • Themes- you will look to be trendy if the buttons you have denote a certain theme. With wholesale buttons, it will be easy choosing the ideal theme that brings out your personality in the right way without compromising on general looks. Choose themes depending on whether the buttons will be used with casual or official wear.
  • Material- all types of materials available for making jewelry projects come with their unique qualities. Thus, each material will demand a certain type of buttons which is an opportunity to customize. Choose a button type that goes well with your type of clothing for uniformity reasons. Whether it’s wood, velvet, polyester, metal or acrylic materials that your buttons are made of, ensure they match with your apparel.

  • Designs- naturally, wholesale buttons have varying designs and it’s easy to customize your looks by choosing those that you are okay with. Don’t just fall for any design. It can be traditional or ethnic wear you will use the button with and it’s important you match them well. Some recommended designs are handmade, vintage look, hand painted, floral and laser cut buttons.
  • Colors- these are very fascinating and wholesale buttons come in as many colors as possible both bright and dull options. For your looks, colors are more of an attraction factor and choosing ideal ones for your jewelry will remain to be very critical. You can go for single colors or mix several but ensure the overall design is perfect.
  • Type- what type of wholesale buttons would you prefer for your jewelry project? Well, they come in very many types to allow you ease of customization. Shank, slide, closures, two holes, clasps and toggle buttons are some of those that you can consider to customize your jewelry project. You have to get your choices right if you are serious about getting the right and satisfying results.
  • Size- in very many things, size is not always a concern but it will be a top concern when you are seeking to customize your jewelry project using buttons. Your looks with any garment will be determined hugely by the size of buttons used so don’t have any guesswork on that. Go for the right sized buttons and you will get the best looks. By buying in wholesale, you will have many sizes to consider thus it will not be a problem choosing the ideal size.

Once you have put all these into consideration, you will have an easy time customizing your looks with buttons. Do your homework right and you will not get frustrated.