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Different Types of Magnetic Clasps

You cannot undermine the important role played by magnetic clasps in jewelry projects. They are a must consideration whenever you are working on any jewelry project. You will be confronted by several situations where making hard choices will be a necessity. As such, you will be required to choose these clasps for your project and there are many types to have a look at before making the final choice. Go for those that match your preferred size, style, shape and color. That is the only way to get satisfied.

  • Spring ring clasp- this is very common among users of magnetic clasps. It is made of metal and has the spring mechanism for functioning. It will close automatically once the lever has been released thus securing your chain firmly in place. You will like it for its high versatility as well as guaranteed security.
  • Lobster clasp- this one is loaded with a spring and closes on its own. You will get these clasps in different styles and sizes to choose what best meets your demands. The stand out feature of these magnetic clasps is the swivel style that makes sure the clasp gets to rotate at 360 degrees without causing any disturbances to the jewelry.
  • Barrel clasp- there are twin metal pieces that make up this clasp. They are screwed together to come up with something resembling a barrel after closing. In using the clasps, you will have to attach each end to the jewelry on its own. The good thing is that they offer a variety of finishes and sizes to make your choices easier. It’s highly versatile.
  • Toggle clasp- these magnetic clasps will be the ideal selection for adding some elegance to your jewelry. They are designed using two pieces with one end coming in a “T” shape and the second end is circular or open. They come with multiple embellishments thus will be best suited to add some touch to the design of your jewelry pieces. You can use them on any type of jewelry that you feel like without interfering with your looks.
  • S hook clasp- these qualify to be among the oldest clasps in the market today. They are very simplistic in their “S” shape and are used through attaching to single end of jewelry then they slide into a ring on the second end. These clasps are very basic and will be a good decorative option to consider for your jewelry. The hook must be completely tight all the time in such a way that they will not end up damaging your clothes with sharp cuts.
  • Side lock clasps- you will get to use these magnetic clasps in multi-strand bracelets and necklaces. There is a long tube found on both ends plus rings to make it easy attaching to the jewelry. You can use a wire, chain, cord or thread to attach these clasps and the choice will be all yours to make.

Depending on how you make your considerations once in the market, there are all chances that you will not miss out on your favorite magnetic clasps.