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3Steps to Make Your Own Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

Do you have a strong interest in wearing chandelier earrings lately? If yes, I’d like to share with you a tutorial in making DIY cheap chandelier earrings with orange acrylic beads. The teardrop chandelier earrings can be finished within 3 steps and what’s more, it’s so beautiful to match with any skirts. Now follow to see the procedure to see HOW!. Now I can’t wait to share the procedures of making it to you!

1. The materials we need are Tibetan style links, flat round acrylic beads, jumprings, and earring hooks.

2. Open jumprings and slide one bead on each of the jumprings.

3. Attach the bead dangles on the loops of the Tibetan links
4. Add the earring hook, and repeat to make the other earring.

So, the cheap chandelier earrings with orange beads are very easy for us, right? If you follow the instruction above, you must have a strong sense of success!