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Easy Steps to Make a Bracelet with Beads!

Hi guys, you must love wearing bracelet, i also believe you love bracelet making! Today I am going to share a tutorial about making bracelet with beads. Please see bracelet making supplies in details:

Glass beads strands, wood beads, swallow brass links, pendant cabochon settings, resin cabochons, snowflake spacer beads, brass eyepin, brass jumprings, iron chain, a set of 3 pliers, DIY jewelry tool sets.

Now please see the steps of making bracelet with beads.

Step 1: slide the beads on eyepins.
(1) Slide a glass bead on 4 brass eyepins respectively.
(2) Slide 2 snowflake spacer beads and a red wood beads on 4 brass eyepins respectively as picture shows.

Step 2: trim the unnecessary brass eyepin and make a loop as picture shows.

Step 3:Connect the resin cabochons to the pendant cabochon settings, as picture shows.

Step 4: hang the beads, pendant cabochon settings and the swallow brass links on the iron chain.

Our elegant bracelet with beads has been finished here, it’s very easy, right? Hey guys, let’s do it now!