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Making Lilac Quilling Paper Flower Necklace with White Pearls

Love quilling paper flower necklace? Here I will share a lilac quilling flower necklace with white pearl beads with you all. This DIY quilling necklace is really easy to make but it is quite fashionable and elegant, just follow me to see HOW~

Supplies you’ll need in making the flower quilling necklace:
DIY Paper Quilling Strips Sets
10mm White Round Pearl Beads
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
White Flat Round Pearl Cabochons
Cross Chains
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Headpins
Silver Eyepins
11.5x6mm Silver Round MagneticClasps
Needle Nose Plier
Step 1: cut a piece of lilac quilling paper and roll it into a circular bead and glue the end with white glue.
Step 2: Pinch the circular bead into a drop shape and make other more such quilling drop patterns.

Step 3: Glue 5 quilling drop patterns together to form a flower, and make other 2 such quilling flowers and glue a pearl cabochon onto middle of each quilling flowers as pictured.

Step 4: Add a round pearl bead (10mm pearl, 8mm pearl and 6mm pearl) to an eyepin and make a loop at the other end of it, then make more such pearl bead patterns.
Step 5: Make several small circular quilling beads and glue 2 quilling circular beads to two sides of 2 quilling flowers and glue 3 quilling circular beads to another quilling flower as pictured.
Step 6: Connect the 3 quilling flowers with jump rings and add 2 6mm pearl bead patterns to left of the quilling flower while add a 10mm pearl bead pattern to right of the flower.

Step 7: Connect 3 6mm pearl bead patterns, 2 10mm pattern and an 8mm pattern together and attach them to the third quilling flower with a jump ring.
Step 8: Cut 2 pieces of cross chain and hang one end of them to 2 ends of the pearl bead chain and connect the other end of them with a magnetic clasp and jump rings as pictured.
Now this lilac quilling necklace is finished, do you like it? Try to make such a chic and elegant quilling flower necklace now! Have a wonderful time~