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How to Make Pink Skull Earrings for Halloween

Hello, everybody, Halloween is approaching, so today Im here to share you a pair of pink skull earrings, which will be great for Halloween parties, or you can give it to your friends as a Halloween gift.

What are you going to need for this pink skull earrings:

8mm Mashan Jade Beads
0.8mm Golden Copper Wire
0.5mm Golden Copper Wire
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Step1: cut off a piece of 0.8mm golden copper wire and twist it as picture shows. Then thread two pink jade beads to the wire. Next cut off a piece of 0.5mm golden copper wire and wrap it around the left pink jade bead. Finally make a semi-circle around the pink jade bead and wrap it like picture shows.
Step2: wrap the copper wire around the right jade bead to form a square as picture shows. Then make a semi-circle like the left one. Finally wrap the wire around the beads to make loops like picture shows.
Step3: When you finish your pink jade beaded drops, its time for you to do the last step, wrap the 0.8mm copper wire ends together and make a loop, then add an earring hook to the loop. Repeat the same steps for the other drop pattern.
Let s check the final look of these pink skull earrings! Really chic and beautiful, arent they?
Do you like these wire wrapped earrings? Skull is one of the most classic Halloween elements, if you want to make something special in this Halloween, these pink skull earrings could be a great choice. Just have a try and happy crafting!