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The Wonders of Seed Beads

Seed beads are what you literally need to meet your goal of being a super elegant woman. They are tiny but have the ability to cause tremendous transformation in your style. Uniqueness is the cry and yearn for every woman. On the other hand men want to associate themselves with women of class. A lady who possesses an individual style is worth every attention. Whatever it takes you should be determined to access the seed beads since they contain the charm that you need so badly. These kinds of beads are a staple part that can be integrated into a comprehensive variety of craft as well jewelry designs.

What are the Production techniques of seed beads?

There are two prominent techniques or methods if you like that are used to produce these beads. They include the wound method as well as drawn method. The wound method is a traditional method that is considered to be time consuming. For that reason it is not highly regarded in the production of modern beads. However this traditional technique entails heating a chunk of glass on an iron bar until molten. In glass making the chunk of glass is referred to as gather. Another bar of iron is put into the gather after which the two bars separated resulting to a long glass rod, which is then divided into shorter rods to ease handling.

The next step involves reheating one of the rods and wound around an extremely hot metal wire forming a ring of glass, which is in turn shaped and made smooth and round. This process is repeated severally resulting to a series of glass rings. The wire is left for sometimes to cool after which the rings are removed and used as beads,

The drawn method is more simplified thus preferred in modern  beads production. It is not time consuming as the initial method. In addition it produces quality and beautiful beads. The method involves creating an air bubble in the gather. Once the iron bars are separated they form a long tube contrary to the rod formed in wound method. The tube is either cooled or just left for some time to cool after which it is cut into rings. Finally the rings are rolled over and over with the aim of terminating the sharp edges before they are rendered ideal for use as seed beads.