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How to Make Exquisite Wire Wrapped Chandelier Earrings

Hi, all my ladies, do you wear earrings today? If you are worrying not find a proper or favorite one to wear. Come here to look for inspiration. I’m going to share a pair of exquisite wire wrapped chandelier earrings with you, which might be just to your taste. Let’s see the details together.
Here’ s what I’ m using :
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
2mm Colorful Iris Seed Beads
0.2mm Clear Fishing Thread
2mm Golden Aluminum Wire
0.3mm Silver Copper Wire
3mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm Red Faceted Bicone Glass Beads
Brass Earring Hooks
11x8mm Light Blue Faceted Drop Glass Beads
4mm Natural Oval Pearl Beads
3mm Light Golden Round Acrylic Beads
Golden Eyepins
Brass Headpins
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
4 steps to make this beads dangle earring :
Step1: Cut off a proper piece of golden aluminum wire and twist it as a hoop shape like picture shows. Next cut off a strip of long enough cooper wire and wrap it around the aluminum wire. Then thread an iris seed bead to it and wrap it as picture shows. Finally thread more iris seed beads until the wire hoop is filled.
Step2: Slide a 3mm white pearl bead on the copper wire and fix it between the two iris seed beads like picture shows. Next add more pearl beads in the same way until the wire circle is full. Then thread the light golden round acrylic beads in the same ways and remember to cut off the excess wire in the end. 
Step3: Cut off a piece of copper wire and twist it at the quarter of the earring bottom. Next slide one red glass bead, one golden acrylic bead in sequence and add more like that until it is symmetrical to the start point as picture shows. 
Step4: Thread an eyepin through eleven 4mm white pearl beads, three drop pearl beads and a light blue faceted drop glass bead respectively like picture shows. Secondly connect these pearl beads into pearl drops like the upper-right picture shows. Next hang the five pearl beads drops at the bottom of the earring as picture shows. Then connect the blue faceted drop glass bead with the earring hook by tightly wrapping the copper wire around them. Finally repeat the above steps to make another pearl dangle earrings.
WOW, so wonderful! Do you like this pair of wire wrapped chandelier earrings?
These gorgeous pearl dangle earrings are suitable for any occasion. No matter you are going to a party or go shopping, these wire wrapped chandelier earrings will let you full of elegance and charm. Wanna show off your unique style? Just have a try now!