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Tips on Choosing Pearl Beads for Your Project

It is acknowledged that pearl beads are great in all ways, and with them you can use to make virtually any jewelry. They can be used as accessories, too.  In other words, with these kinds of beads you are always guaranteed of creating necklaces that stand the test of time. If you are into making bracelets, buying these beads in bulk is quite advantageous. In as much as most are a little bit pricey compared to the other beads, the quality is never compromised at all. If you are thinking of making quality dangles and earrings, look no further. Here are some important tips for you to consider when choosing pearls;

Touch the pearl

This is one of the best ways that you can actually distinguish a genuine pearl, and one that is a fake. Take note that the market is flooded with both, and if you are not careful you might end up losing money. In this case, a genuine pearl will feel cool in your hands. However, when you are buying online and have no opportunity to feel the pearl, always ensure that you’ve read what buyers of the site say. A quick online research will save you time.

Use magnifier and luster

There are times that you will order pearl beads and they arrive in no time. What you are supposed to do is use a magnifying lens to figure out the cuts, and with genuine types you’re sure to determine growth striation. It is also recommended to determine the luster of the beads irrespective of whether you are a seasoned jewelry maker or not. As a matter of fact, genuine beads will always have an amazing luster and is perfect in all manner of ways. Do not hesitate to return the beads from wherever you bought them in case you find out that they are a fake.

Other important elements

  1. There are other important factors that should be considered at all time, and these are;
  2. The larger and rounder a pearl is the higher the grade and quality
  3. Color and cleanliness is something that must be of top priority. Remember, the probability of a clean bead being genuine is always high.
  4.  You can use direct vision; consider color shape and size-you will be safe and not lose on money.

As stated before, the quality of pearl bead you choose has a direct impact on the project you are working on. It’s for this reason you are advised to buy in bulk.