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DIY Handmade Red Felt Flower Pillow for Your House Decor

Hello lovely readers! Wanna make some handmade crafts for your house? Next I will share a red felt pillow instruction with you all. This is an easy pillow that even a green hand can make it with a short time, so follow me to see!
Jewelry making supplies you will need in making the red flower pillow:
Felt (Red, Yellow and Green)
Cotton Threads (Red and Green)
Saw Scissors
Glue Gun 
Step 1: Tailor 2 pieces of round shape red felts with saw scissors, then tailor 3 pieces of rectangle shape red felts with saw scissors, and their length is the perimeter of the round felt.
Step 2: Sew the 3 pieces of rectangle felts together with needle and red threads as pictured.
Step 3: Sew the rectangle felts with the round felt together like a basket, then put enough cotton to the basket and sew the other round felt with the basket together as pictured.
Step 4: Draw about 4 circles on the surface of the round felt, then tailor 4 pieces of leaves with green felt, draw some veins on the leaves and sew along the outline of the veins with green thread.
Step 5: Sew 2 pieces of green leaves together with green thread and needle, and repeat to make another green leaf with the same way.
Step 6: Draw a bullet shape on a red felt and tailor it along the outline, then make other more such felt patterns like this one.
Step 7: Glue the bullet shapes to the round felt along the circles as petals, and then tailor several pieces of yellow felt chips with saw scissors.
Step 8: Roll the yellow chips and glue them on center of the felt pillow firmly, then glue the 2 green leaves to the pillow as pictured. 
Now this red flower pillow is finished, I love it so much, and you? You can also add some seed beads to décor this felt pillow if you like, thus it will be lovely, so do you wanna have a try?