Crafting Wires


DIY a Pair of Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings

Wire Wrapped earrings are always popular, so here I wanna share a simple heart earrings with you guy. The wire wrapped heart earrings are so easy for even a green hand to make, so if you like, follow me to make a pair yourself.
Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the handmade heart earrings:
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Twisted Chain
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Step 1: Snick off a piece of silver aluminum wire, twist it to a heart shape, then repeat to make other 5 heart shape patterns with blue and purple aluminum wires.
Step 2: Prepare 2 pieces of twisted chains and attach them to earring hooks respectively, then add a blue wire heart, a purple wire heart and a silver wire heart to each chain as dangles.
Then this pair of wire wrapped heart earrings is finished.
It is so easy to make this pair of handmade heart earrings that I finish them with only 10 minutes. However the heart dangle earrings are so cute and chic, yes? So if you have fallen in love with the wire heart earrings, follow my instruction to make you own now! Anyway, Have a nice day~