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How to make a Purse using Wholesale beads?

I have been crafting for several years and I love to do it. I have a large collection of different wholesale beads as I am addicted to different sorts of beads and buy them anywhere I find them. Recently, I saw a beautiful color of crystal beads in the craft store and got an amazing idea to convert those beads into a purse, so I bought those crystal beads to practically implement what I had in mind.
Here I am sharing my idea of the purse with you so that you can also make your own unique purse using any kind of wholesale beads.
Things you will need to make crystal beaded purse:
You will need plastic thread or fish wire, lining fabric that will be used in the same color as of the beads, needle and thread, sewing machine, crystal wholesale beads of any beautiful color of your choice and a zipper for the purse to close its opening securely.
Making beaded chains for the purse:
1st of all you need to measure the height of the purse you need and cut the plastic thread 3 times longer than the height of the purse. String 3 beads into that thread set them on the center of the thread. Now, string 1 bead on both sides of the thread. The thread is divided into 2 sections; at this moment, thread 1 bead on each side and repeat the previous step of threading 3rd bead from both ends of the thread. Do it again until you reach the required length; once the required length is reached, thread the last few beads to lock the beads on the thread.
Make as many beaded chains as you need to complete the purse. Place these beaded chains side by side horizontally to attain the required width of the purse. I used 8 crystal chains of wholesale beads to complete my purse. Be careful that all the beaded chains are of the same length.
Join the beaded chains to make purse:
Again take a string of plastic thread 3 times longer than the height of the purse and thread a single crystal thread into it, place it in the center of the thread. Now place 2 crystal beaded chains parallel to each other and insert the string into the beads of each of these two chains and keeping the already threaded bead in the center. Thread another bead from both ends of the thread after threading the beaded chains side by side. Repeat the process again and again to reach the other end. At this point, thread wholesale beads randomly to lock them.
Join all the chains using the same techniques. Join the sides of the beaded chains to make the body of the purse. Fold the beaded mat into equal halves. The same technique will be used to join these chains too.
For making the interior of the purse:
Cut the piece of lining fabric for the interior same in size to the purse. Fold the interior piece into half and attach zipper of matching color. Sew the sides and turn the side of the fabric out.

Attach the exterior beaded purse to the interior and stitch it using needle and thread. Gibe the final touches by cutting the edges of threads and your beautiful purse made up of wholesale beads is ready to carry.