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A Collection of Eye-Catching Beads!

Good afternoon dear friends, today I am going to introduce you a collection of stunning beads, which won’t let you down I promise, ok, let’s get down to business now~
1.  Agate Triangular Prism Bead Strands
Wow, fabulous! Clean and pure luster which makes me feel pretty cozy, really wanna have a touch on it. Besides, its column shape looks so unique, do you think so guys? In addition, I love its green color, because it is the symbol of vitality, which suits youngsters very much!
2. Faceted Glass Abacus Large Hole European Beads
How do you feel like the European beads? Pretty colorful and cute, right? And i have a special preference for transparent glass beads. The kind of glass beads is a good jewelry making supplies. It can be used for earrings, bracelets, necklaces eat. So it is adored by most of jewelry making designers or stylish girls.
3. Feather OX Bone Pendants
The feather OX bone pendants with platinum tone brass findings and polymer clay beads looks really cool and unique, especially the feather shape. If you wear such a pair earrings, you must stand out among crowds I promise! Just try it guys~
4.   Handmade Porcelain Round Beads Strands
What a bright and beautiful porcelain beads strand. If you love the beads strand, you can make it yourself and the beads are kind of cheap beads but pretty nice for jewelry making. Besides, if you have any confusion, you can search a tutorial to learn, good luck~

Hey guys, which one leaves the deepest impression in your mind? To be honest, I love the first one most! Anyway, hope you love today’s beads and wish you a happy day~