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Different Types of Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads for jewelry making are small objects with holes at the center that are strung together to make beaded jewelry. Beads can be made using different types of materials such as wood, glass, acrylic, bone and metal among other types of material. Beads go back a long way to when they were first used as currency and as cultural talismans. Today, beads are widely used to make jewelry and also in a variety of craft projects.

There are many kinds of beads for jewelry making available in the market. The variety of beads available means that any jewelry maker can design and create unique jewelry pieces to suit any taste. The choice of jewelry beads used by a jewelry designer will depend on cost, shape, color, durability and how they fit into one’s design. Buyers of jewelry, buy beaded jewelry based on cost, design, durability and comfort.

Different types of beads used in jewelry making

When it comes to jewelry beads, there is no shortage of materials available. Some of the beads you can use in jewelry design include:

-    Wood beads

As the name suggests, wood bead are made from woods of different types. There are beads made from softwood and hardwood. Some good examples are rosewood beads, ebony beads, sandalwood beads and palm wood beans among others. Wooden beads make excellent organic jewelry pieces especially when combined with earthy material such as bones, hooves, feathers, and metals. Although wood beads are not as expensive as gem beads, they still make amazing jewelry items that can be worn on any occasion.

-    Acrylic beads for jewelry making

Acrylic is a material made out of plastic that sometimes resembles glass. Beads made of acrylic are available in the clear form or colored form. Acrylic beads are often used to make faux jewelry items. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Acrylic beads make excellent necklaces and earrings.

-    Metal beads

Metal beads for jewelry making offer a wide selection to choose from such as those made from silver, gold, copper, brass and pewter. Precious metals make expensive beads hence not everyone can afford them. However, beads made from base metals such as brass, bronze and copper are much more affordable than those made from precious metals. Metal beads are quite versatile; they can be used as spacers or as the main material in different kinds of jewelry. Metal beads are used to make earrings, necklaces, and bangles.

Buy beads online

Other examples of beads to purchase for jewelry making are crystal beads, glass beads, and clay beads. Whichever type of beads you desire the best place to purchase beads is online. Online beads for jewelry making are affordable, and purchasing beads online is convenient. You save a lot of money when you purchase beads online because you don’t have to move from brick and mortar bead shops. Online shops also sell beads on wholesale that will reduce expenses even further. Purchasing beads online is easy and convenient so why not make your beads purchases online today!