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4 Charming Beaded DIY Crafts

Beads are decorative and are used for various types of artwork including DIY crafts. Beaded DIY crafts become more and more popular among craft lovers. Today I want to introduce 4 beaded DIY craft ideas to you, which I myself like very much, hope you like them, too.
Beaded slipper

I have to say this pair of slipper is so dazzling and eye-catching! Beads add much glamour to the slippers, it would be so dumb and boring without the sparky beads.
Beaded curtain

I love this design so much! Made by beads, the curtain looks so beautiful and unique. If there is such a beaded curtain dangling at my home, I feel like I’m living at the princess room. I couldn’t wait to get some wholesale beads to make one myself.
Beaded spider

I’m always scared at spiders, while the first time I look at these beaded spiders, ”lovely ” this word came into my mind suddenly. Beads are the main materials, which makes these spiders so lively and lovely instead of horrific. I’m sure this kind of beaded craft will be loved by kids if make some for them.
Beaded wreath

Don’t miss out on this brilliant beaded wreath. This unique wreath made by many kinds of beads will definitely add much sparkle and blaze to your door with the bling red.
After appreciating those 4 charming beaded DIY crafts, what do you think of them? Do you have an inspiration and crush to make one yourself? In fact, those beaded crafts are easy DIY beaded crafts with not so complicated skills, what you need is getting some beads for jewelry making, I’m sure you will be amazed at the artworks you have created.