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Valentine’s Day Gift: Making a Leather Cuff Bracelet for Him

How time flies! Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you thought up what gift for your boyfriend? How about a Leather cuff bracelet? Maybe your financial status makes you unable to purchase the big-branded sophisticated products, why not choose to DIY a handmade leather cuff bracelet for him? Here is a leather cuff bracelet tutorial, which will help you make a perfect Valentine’s Day for him.

Beads and tools for the leather cuff bracelet:

10mm black hematite beads
4mm black leather cord
0.8mm silvery jewelry wire
Cord ends
Jump rings
Lobster claw
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun
At first, cut 4 piece of about 25cm black leather cord, fasten the cutting ends by tape and glue them into one silvery cord end ending; then cut a length of 18cm brass wire and coil it around the leather cords 5-8 times; next trim off the needless brass wire and tuck the sharp end.
Second, trim off a piece of long brass wire and coil it around the bottom two leather cords 3 times; then trim off the extra wire and coil the rest wire around the middle leather cords with leaving tails at both ends; next coil around middle cords 3 times’
Third, slide beads onto both tails and coil them around sided leather cord 3 times; then trim off the extra tails and tuck sharp ends.

4th, repeat the above step to braid the length of the bracelet as you like; then trim off a length of 18cm brass wire and coil it around all the leather cords; next trim off the extra wire and hot glue bracelet end onto another cord end finding.

At last, attach jump ring and lobster clasp to both ends.

Well done!! A cool leather cuff bracelet is instantly finished. Time to send it to him! I bet your boyfriend will love it very much and appreciate that you spend time to make gift for him even though he doesn’t wear it all the time. Just get more wholesale jewelry supplies and you will enjoy the process of creating. Hope all of you have a nice Valentine’s Day!!