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3 Types of Handmade Crystal Jewelry Collection

Love the whole collection of handmade crystal jewelries, especially the chic headband! Get me in the mood and can't wait to create one!! Thanks!

via Three Typical Types of Handmade Crystal Jewelries

Hello guys! Today I am going to show you three types of impressive handmade crystal jewelries. I don’t know how much do you guys like crystal jewelry, but for me, it’s really hard to resist the temptation of those sparkling things. And I can bet that most girls cannot say no to those beautiful crystal jewelry sets. If you don’t agree with my point, then finish reading this article first, and show me your new points later.
crystal jewelries
How about these crystal jewelries shown in the picture? You can’t deny that they are pure and fantastic, right? If you are not so satisfied with them, it doesn’t matter, we’ve got more. Let’s see some specific crystal jewelries made by our customers, I bet you’ll definitely love them!
Crystal bracelets
crystal bracelet
This crystal bracelet is designed by our customer Amanda Klingstedt. Besides the handmade transparent crystal beads, she also used brass rhinestone beads which make the bracelet seems much cooler. And apart from its gorgeous appearance, another reason I love this bracelet is that it’s easy to match any kinds of clothes.
crystal bracelet
What’s your first impression about these two colorful bracelets? Well, when I first saw them, the blue and green glass beads of the left bracelet just reminded me of the beautiful sea beach in summer days, and the lively red of the right one made me think of Christmas. They are designed by Julija Dukate and Надежда Жмакина, different styles, but the same adorable.
Crystal earrings
After seeing impressive crystal bracelets, let’s take a look at crystal earrings.
crystal earrings
The designer of these lovely earrings are Radka Bílková, Marina Akinina, Jacob Stumpf, Subbu Vaithy, Veronica Malchevskaya, and Jana Morgo?ová. As you can see, these earrings vary in shapes, colors, and even styles, the only thing they have in common is that they are crystal. How changeable crystal jewelries are! Don’t you feel more interested in them?
Crystal necklaces
At last, let’s see some glaring crystal necklaces.
crystal necklace
The designers are Monica Benz, Марина Кириченко, and Olga Evgenievna Lebed. Among all these three necklaces above, which one is your favorite? The first one is elegant, the second one is lovely, and the third one delicate, it’s really hard to make a choice, right?
After seeing all these splendid crystal jewelries made by our customers, do you have any impulsion to make one by yourself? If you have any crystal jewelry designs, or ideas, welcome to share them with us!