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3 Wire Wrapped Hair Accessories Must See

Some girls are too shy to wear statement hair accessory. If you are not one of them, you should better read on the post of 3 wire wrapped hair accessory and create your own headbands without spending too much money on materials and tools.
My hair is getting longer and longer this summer, and these tutorials were very useful for me. They are very stylish, delicate and fancy, and when your hair is messy you can still put a headband or a hair clip and you will look gorgeous. Enjoy and fun!

#1 Floral Hair Clip with Jewelry Wire and Beads
This is a delicate form of hair accessories and is very stylish. You can use a few of beads, wire and blank hair clips to create such an exquisite floral hair clip. You can wear it at many occasions, from work, to an evening out or to the gym.

#2 Wire Pearl Beaded Bridal Headpiece with Colorful Seed Beads
DIY a handmade wire headpiece for bridal is becoming a fashion choice now. Take a look at this tree branch pearl bridal headpiece, it is made up of 6mm white pearl beads, colorful 3mm seed beads and 0.3mm copper wire. This headpiece gives you a delicate look and emphasizes your face.

#3 Beaded Wedding Hair Accessory for Bride
Apart from above wire headpiece, here is another piece of beaded hair accessory for bride. Be creative and wear the hair accessory across your hair. Welcome the wedding with a romantic and hippie look.

If you want to add a girly and fashion touch to your boring outfits, above 3 hair accessories could be the best way to go. Create it to fit your face shape and you can wear them without any edition. Which one do you like most? Share your comments with me. :)