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Saturday Inspiration: Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons

Happy Saturday! And happy Sunday for tomorrow! :)
Whether you're looking for new project inspiration or not, whether you have an idea or not, whether you spend the day with your family, kids, best friends or pet, I hope you are having a happy weekend! And here are my favorite post of the week! Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons - share with you. Enjoy!
Cabochon Jewelry with CabochonsDo you love wearing something special in this summer season? Well, cabochon jewelry are definitely your best choice. Cabochon jewelry is a kind of chunky and colorful-look jewelry which make of cabochons. These cabochons generally have a flat back and undrilled feature, which also in a rainbow of colors, from transparent, translucent to opaque; and in different shapes like flat round, oval, heart, star, square, drop or else shapes. You can use them to create cabochon bracelets, cabochon necklaces, cabochon rings, cabochon earrings, etc. You can also use clear glass cabochons to glue onto letters or photos for a glass cabochon craft. Today I will share some cabochon jewelry with all you guys. Let’s enjoy and get inspired.
#1 Cabochon Bracelets
The multicolor cabochon bracelet (pictured below) uses polymer clay cabochons and glass rhinestone cabochons to decorate a vintage charm bracelet. These flower shaped beadings are great mix of peach and cream.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#2 Cabochon Rings
DIY nail polish rings with cabochons could be a great idea in this summer! Prepare the materials as polishes, base coat, top coat, clear glass cabochons, and ring banks. Then you can DIY your own style of cabochon rings by yourself!
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#3 Cabochon Earrings
If you are looking around for some pretty cabochon earrings, here they are! Main jewelry making supplies: resin cabochons and ear stud settings. With the feature of vivid color, flower shape and a completely flat side, resin cabochons are perfect beadings for adhering to flat components to make beautiful earrings.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
#4 Cabochon Necklaces
There are other kinds of jewelry – cabochon necklaces, which are made of glass cabochons or resin cabochons. Super simple craft – stick on a pattern, then cover on the glass. Use these cabochons with any flat components on a cord or a chain to be a delicate necklace.
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
Cabochon Jewelry with Cabochons
If you are always wondered cabochon jewelry ideas, here it is! In the meantime, enjoy some information about cabochons. Each jewelry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. How do you plan to make any kind of cabochon craft? Share with us!