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Using Wholesale Seed Beads and Bugle Beads in Jewelry Making

Wholesale seed beads have become a firm favorite for jewelry makers. Although they are simple beads, they can be used to come up with amazing jewelry pieces. The jewelry items you make from seed or bugle beads can be used to compliment different forms of attire. So, whether you are in casual or formal wear, you can be sure that accessories made from seed and bugle beads will adorn your look tastefully.

-    What are seed and bugle beads?

When many people hear about wholesale seed and bugle beads, they often ask for more information about seed and bugle beads. Some people mistakenly think that as per the name, seed beads are made out of different types of seeds. This is quite funny and completely off the mark. The truth is the terms is normally used to refer to uniformly shaped spherical beads often used in beaded weaving made from different materials. They are often strung together to make simple jewelry items or used as spacers between other types of beads in jewelry making. Most of the time, these beads have to be strung together using beading needles because their holes are quite small. However, the finished product is always pleasing to the eye because these beads are available in different colors, finishes and coatings.

-    What about Bugle beads?

Another question you get when dealing with wholesale is what are Bugle beads? Many people think that Bugle beads are some exotic form of beads, but they are simply a type of seed bead. They are normal seed beads and the only difference is that they are not short, round and circular but long, cylindrical and tube-like. They range in size between 1.5mm and 35 mm and are available in various finishes, colors, and coatings. They are often used for bead weaving and clothes embroidery.

-    Importance of buying wholesale seed and bugle beads

Purchasing items on wholesale is buying them in large quantities that warrant a cheaper price than you would get with retail purchases. The purchase of beads on wholesale is a common practice with jewelry makers, bead sellers, and craft lovers. This is because they can make higher profits by reselling the beads or products they make from the beads than if they purchase the beads on retail.
The prices of wholesale seed and bugle beads are much lower than retail because the middle-man costs are cut out. Retail prices are higher than wholesale prices in bead markets because retail sellers have to factor in the middle man. These middlemen costs trickle down to the jewelry makers, bead sellers, and craftspeople that purchase beads on retail.

When jewelry makers purchase wholesale seed and bugle beads, they have a lot of beads available to create a variety of jewelry items using the many seed and bugle beads at their disposal. These beads are not just for jewelry making as they make beautiful lamp shade fringes, curtain partitions and can also be used in clothes embroidery. So purchase your seed beads and bugle beads today!